Crossbow «Archon» from Interloper

Compound crossbow «Archon» going Russian business Interloper from parts Taiwanese business Poe Lang as well as in its original type is called Titan CR-041. This is a powerful tossing tool, suitable for searching video game birds.

The summary of the tool Substance crossbow with the Lodge poliestireno sort of high influence plastic.

Coloring only camouflage, cover, harsh, susceptible to peel. Bearing of shafts made from light weight aluminum profile. Disadvantages as well as benefits The comfort designs of the Lodge is successful, it pricedata as well as well balanced. Much attention is paid to pad the shoulders of the bow held securely and do not shake.

This raises the capturing accuracy.

The tensioner pulley-blocks have a slightly bigger diameter than common at the weapons of this design. This raises the stroke of the bowstring and also increases the kinetic energy of the arrow, its security in

  • trip as well as quiting power. The design of the Lodge is such that it is possible to install the mechanical tensioner of the string. The overview boom is plated, it is carefully brightened. The trigger mechanism with 2 septulae.
  • The force on the trigger is only 1.6 kg. The modification is not supplied. Fuse automated check box is on the right, relocate under the left arm is impossible. Butt Lodge has way too many cut-outs, which minimizes architectural strength.
  • Among the reviews from the Network, there are monitorings that during blog post carriage bed damaged. Covering of the Lodge is rough, it allows you to
  • securely hold the crossbow in one of the most unusual positions. Resistance low to avoid oblezenie box must cover nitrovarnish. In the plan is the quiver for 4 arrows under the block. Consisted of in the shipment established optical sight of low
  • top quality. No highlighting marks, the possibility of the elimination of parallax, lens of acrylic plastic. The permitted tension on the tooth of the trigger is equal to 136 kilos
  • , so you may update and use extra effective shoulders– in stock kind they are designed for a tension pressure of 43 kg, as well as updated to 90 pounds. In spite of the numerous intermediaries of the Lodge, the weapon is
  • really heavy 4.2 kg. The proportion of mass to lethal force he is plainly losing the firearms. For instance, IZH-18 12 scale evaluates 2.7 kilograms. Weapon Titan(Archon hunter) with reinforced shoulders 90 kg Purpose The crossbow is designed for sporting activity shooting and searching « for Peru. » Specifications Feature The worth Type Block Swing arms(cm)55 The course of the string(centimeters)35 Force staff/upgraded(kg)43/90 The rate of the arrowhead’s flight( m/s)85/110 The basic size of boom (inches)21 Bed Polupoltina, plastic Tinting boxes Camouflage The trigger device 2 whispered, the smooth descent Fuse Automatic Security from a solitary shot There Views Planck weaver, 4x diopter Length with brace(cm)92 Weight(kg) 4,2Tool weapon Archon Weapon block type, with 2 odnorodnymi pulley-blocks– the price of tension is equal to two. Bedfrom impact-resistant plastic poliestireno type of big cutouts on stock and forend. In the forearm, in front of the trigger guard, the lug, for simplicity of hold. The finishing is boring, rough, the coloring is camouflage.

Shoulders bow as two parallel plates offlexible plastic.

Block of metal, with openings for lightness. For zakanchivaya Central safeguarding screw has added side screw. Decrease of noiseas well as vibration because of the unique layout of the shoulder places, shock taking in dampers, as MK-380, no.Stirrup for simplicityof packing the taken care of, taken care of to the block by bolts. The layout of the box allows the setup of a mechanical tensioner of the string. The trigger device unregulated, with two septulae. The pressure on the trigger does not exceed 1.6 kg.

Fuse automated check box is on the right.
  • The safety and security clip that holds the arrow has a rubber-like finish. In the collection of discovery devices includes a
  • strap weaver, whose position can be adjusted, as well as four-time diopter sight. Brand name of view is not lit up
  • , there is no possibility of adjusting the parallax. Packing as well as choosing Weapon Packed in package unmarked– simply brownish cardboard and all. The details outlined on branches from the cardboard strips. In the bundle: bed crossbow with band weaver; pad Assembly with the shoulders(43 kg ), bow and brace; fourfold the back view with the adjustment key in a different bundle; four carbon fiber arrows with a length of 21 inches; the keyset of hexagons and placing bolts(without reserve); strap made of artificial belt

(broad with shock absorber-lining )to be worn on the shoulder; the cable tensioner of the string

  • , permitting you to do this effortlessly; a container of wax for scrubing the bowstring; original user’s manual in English; a separate multi-language guidebook for Assembly and use with certificate of conformity civil tool on one
  • of the pages. How to utilize The Assembly of the weapon is produced the images from the instruction manual. The bowstring is pulled smooth and also strong activity of both hands upwards.
A weapon needs to be taped in a foot

set in the stirrup. It is not permitted to prejudice the string, for a tooth of the trigger it is necessary to catch the center.

When setting in the platoon will hear a distinct click. When making use of the cord-tensioner, hook it hooks over the string, setting them the exact same range from the rail, as well as bring up. This method lowers the tensile force in half,

  • yet can be awkward due to the fact that the hands will need to elevate much greater tooth of the trigger– virtually to the butt plate. The boom is placed
  • on the guide so that it relaxed in the string and was the rear end under the preserving clip. If this is not done, the lock is a solitary shot will certainly not
  • permit to shift the trigger. You can shoot just if the line of view there are no people or
  • Pets. Costs Crossbows « Archon » supplied by the Internet shops at the rate from 24 to 28 thousand rubles. Can something like this things, after that the weapon will certainly cost simple cents.

Next will certainly exist the evaluations of the proprietors of block crossbow Archon from the Interloper. Testimonials The owners of this crossbow is a great deal of power. To contend hard targets– boards, plywood, timber, they are not recommended, because the arrowheads break down after the fifth-sixth effort.

With the existing optical view, you can accomplish excellent results in capturing (precision, accuracy )at a distance of not greater than thirty meters. With advanced versions can efficiently contend a distance as much as 50 meters despite the routine shoulder. In the Network there is reference that the decorative layer is not very resistant.

To reinforce the box cover nitrovarnish.

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  1. Among the reviews from the Network, there are monitorings that during blog post carriage bed damaged. Covering of the Lodge is rough, it allows you to

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