Crossbow MK-250

Modern and trendy, the crossbows of the brand-new models already thrill fans of recreational capturing as well as seekers. This kind of blades enables to immobilize in the much distance the victim has a stylish style as well as has a distinct array of sores due to the high rate of an arrowhead, rich fundamental equipment as well as budget-friendly expense.

Use patterns and also the structure of the weapon MK-250

And also the mix of these features makes the current versions of weapons are specifically prominent.

Introduction of weapons

The diversity represented in the sale versions of weapons may cause obstruction in the option, nonetheless, the brand crossbow MK 250, a reputable and also proprietor evaluations and technical specifications, especially attracts attention.

On the surface, the version appears really sophisticated, as all the parts of the mechanism are made from extremely resilient plastic and have a portable size, which positively affects the process of utilizing the weapon: its low weight makes it easy to lug it and to manipulate it. Additionally customers report good quality of the material utilized for the string: its high toughness as well as significant development can offer the optimum rate of the boom, which additionally influences the range of its trip and the eliminating power of the weapon.

Because of the considerable quantity of advantages according to its technological in contrast with analogues, the design MK 250 occupies among the starting points in the position of comparable types of crossbows, which are made use of as budding fanatics shooting arrowheads, and experts who favor searching small game and also birds various other outside tasks.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

The most important positive top qualities of this design, according to the proprietors evaluations, ought to include the adhering to characteristics crossbow MK 250:

  • budget plan the price — — price index plays an essential function when choosing the best sort of crossbow, and also the expense version MK 250 is a rather inexpensive as well as tiny for the majority of purchasers;
  • typical shoulders. This indicates that the dimension of the shoulders in this version corresponds to the standard that provides optimum efficiency weapon in the initial information;
  • a certain toughness as well as reliability of the string;
  • the simplicity of the process the substitute string in the resource setup, particularly in contrast to comparable models of crossbows;
  • the simpleness of the design, which permits as a replacement string, and also other fixing as well as maintenance works even in the absence of suitable skills;
  • the lack of supposed «« shoulder exhaustion» » that additionally assures ideal operation of the system throughout the whole time of its use.

High quality specialist optical view permits to make racking up shots: making use of this sight allows shooting from a crossbow accuracy optics in the scope are not exposed to the negative impact of the setting and resistant to mechanical stress and anxiety. The absence of cloudiness even over the long time making use of is ensured by the supplier.

The downside, according to the viewpoint of specialist seekers and lovers of shooting with a crossbow, can be considered a suggestion to change the supplied string. And also although it is durable, yet the degree of tension it is not perfect, and also substitute as a result of the simplicity of the gadget of the crossbow and also relocates quickly without much trouble.

Reinforced shoulders for crossbow MK-250 (picture)Purpose Model MK 250, having a great capability that can be used in searching medium-sized animals, along with for enjoyment: capturing arrowheads to the development of accuracy. This sort of weapon is suggested for Amateurs who intend to learn a new sort of fatal weapons and to understand the principle of its activity.

This suggestion is offered due to basic operation crossbow, economical rate and also excellent technological features, which are necessary for effective shooting of it.


Comparable versions can be considered weapons that have similar structure, not extremely different technological criteria, along with comparable approach of use. The varieties MK 250 include:

  • crossbow MK 52;
  • weapon mongoose;
  • Leopard;
  • MK 400.

These designs are well-proven as well as noted by customers that have exhibited for their quality while utilizing the highest ranking.

Concerning the features of the weapon MK-250 (MAN KUNG MK-250) see below.


The presence of such high qualities, as the bowshot as well as the long solution of the weapon because of a combination of technological specifications, which identify these high qualities of the crossbow. For their analysis it is feasible to examine preliminary information of the model MK 250, one of the most essential in any type of this sort of knives.

Requirements Weapon version MK 250
Country of origin Taiwan
The initial velocity of the arrow 65m/s
The power of fire 43кгс
The variety of arrowheads in the base set 4 PCs
The dimensions of the crossbow 95 centimeters x 42 centimeters x 19 centimeters
The opportunity of changing the shoulders There
The warranty from the maker One year

Needed repairs intertwined bow for MK-250 has actually been noted by many owners of the crossbow, since its much better to change it with more sturdy and have more cost-free play option (advised heavy-handed bowstring).

Device crossbow MK-250
  • The body of the crossbow is the primary part, which in this version is made of long lasting plastic.
  • The barrel is made from aluminum that makes the total weight of the gadget.
  • Handguard and also sight, and overview — — also elements of a device of any kind of contemporary crossbow.
  • Begin switch has a smooth activity that offers the ease of pushing and also launching arrowheads. It is equipped with a fuse which does not allow to make unnecessary (blank) shot.
Picking and packing

There is a sophisticated and also fundamental kit, with the fundamental spec is characterized by the presence of the necessary components to start the most comfortable use of the tool.

The basic package consists of:

  • the weapon;
  • strap for using;
  • boom in number of 4 pieces, are made from carbon.

The entire set is marketed in cardboard packaging.

Just how to utilize

Using the weapon version MK 250 is established by the device, and given that the device of the device under evaluation, the weapon is quite straightforward, its operation will certainly not trigger troubles also for novices educating precision with shooting arrows.

Prior to utilizing you need to set up the arrow, after that draw the string and make the shot. Best effort due to using top notch and with a significant sign of the progress of the bowstring.

The item rate

It’s time to speak about reviews and also costs on substance crossbow MAN KUNG MK-250 (MC-250).

The price model MK 250 must be thought about as one of the most budget friendly amongst peers: this weapon is used at a price of 16 to 19 250 120 rubles.

Proprietor reviews

Thanks to the testimonials you can obtain one of the most in-depth picture of the version.

  • As well as a lot of the purchasers have actually left favorable reaction for version MK 250, the starting point to place the opportunity of its secure procedure due to the existence of the guard on the trigger and adequate speed of flight of an arrow for training accuracy.
  • Weapon MK-250, according to the feedback, can be efficiently utilized not just for enjoyment yet additionally for searching small video game and birds.
  • Full conformity with the conventional demands to this kind of blades permits you to really feel excellent the entire mechanism of the crossbow, where everything just functions and also is totally readjusted.
  • Available price as well as happy customers.

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