Weapon MK-400

Manufacturers pleased with the expert hunters and novices shooting arrows such models, which permit you to adjust depending upon the elevation of the external criteria, which makes certain higher benefit and convenience during procedure.

With making use of modern innovations as well as developments in the framework of weapons and also materials for their manufacturing boosted essential parameters such as capability, reliability and safety.

And also amongst peers need special interest in a range of weapons from the man Kung MK-400, which is well confirmed and has numerous positive proprietor evaluations.

Overview of the gadget

The modern-day shape of the design MK-400 stands out, and also technical characteristics enable to get the most full suggestion of its capabilities. Standard surprised by the existence of all necessary: numerous arrowheads of numerous lengths wax for the treatment of crossbow mechanism, a band for attaching to a weapon that increases the comfort of traveling.

And also by assessing existing models of benefits in comparison with the same selections presented in the market today, one can imagine the degree of capability as well as benefit being used.

Disadvantages and benefits

The reasonably little weight of the model well permits you to hold the weapon, also the female, as well as the bow range that might surprise even the professional that guarantees the flexibility of the bowstring and also a large procedure of its freewheel.

The most crucial characteristics that can be credited to the advantages that include the following features of the design man kung MK 400:

  1. the stamina of the product of the string as well as guarantees continuous use the weapon;
  2. the range is identified by the manufacturer, which has actually proven effective previous designs, the unit of which was the adjustments that made them more trusted and reliable;
  3. the combination of expense versions as well as performance provided a high degree of need for this weapon.

Carbon arrowheads that included the fundamental kit, very durable. They lie at the front of the crossbow, which figures out the convenience of usage as well as quick installment of arrows.

Lightweight (just 3.6 kg) enables you to have no difficulties when carrying the crossbow, as well as the quality of the materials from which is made the body ensures its security from scratches.

According to the proprietor testimonials of this version, shortages in the model MK-400 is not exposed. A large number of advantages allows us to call it particularly prominent.

Enhanced shoulders for weapon MK-400

  • Purpose To utilize thedesign for professional searching, and also for the advancement of accuracy for enjoyment. The strength of the hull ensures the opportunity of utilizing a crossbow in any weather, and special coating
  • helps to prevent scrapes. The traditional style makes the weapon prominent, and also a great deal of advantages makes the design specifically prominent among those that seek to get high quality implementation and also a high capability.

The marketplace today, you can see numerous varieties that vary somewhat in their technological qualities however they all have high integrity and security. Most preferred versions:

  1. the recursive crossbow male kung mk xb21;
  2. version mongoose;
  3. Scorpio.

These varieties have the most optimal combination of top quality, performance as well as price, which is budget friendly for every person as well as makes them particularly popular.


The most complete image is presented the technological features of the weapon guy kung MK 400. After evaluating them, you can see how trustworthy the mechanism of the crossbow, a high degree of reliability as well as degree of comfort during its operation.

Specifications Weapon male kung MK 400
Manufacturer Taiwan
The weight of the design 3.6 kg
The preliminary rate of the arrow when departing 110 m/s
The variety of arrowheads in the base collection 4
The size of the arrowheads 20 inch
Width as well as size of the crossbow 86 cm x 36 centimeters
Guaranteed period 12 months

Sufficient development string (39 cm) offers the optimal variety of flight of an arrowhead, as well as its toughness allows you to be certain in the quality work of the mechanism of the crossbow. Describing the block sort of the weapons, the taken into consideration design is the most trusted, high level of performance as well as makes certain safety when using.

Device weapon MK-400

Made from resilient plastic, the weapon is sturdy, very easy as well as dependable to make use of. The feature of the weapons of comparable versions:

  • housing;
  • shoulders;
  • arc;
  • guide;
  • the barrel of light weight aluminum, reinforced and also covered with an unique coating to avoid scratches;
  • the telescopic sight of a high course, with outstanding performance results.

Provided total carbon arrowheads have a size of 20 cm with changeable ideas.

Packing and choosing

This model exists in a cardboard box, the package (basic) includes four arrowheads with changeable suggestion, wax for the treatment of crossbow and also band. which is utilized for lugging the weapon.

Extra extended completion suggests the possibility of raised capability with the setup of another optical view, the shoulders.

Exactly how to make use of

The simplicity of the tool implies the use of the weapon, even by non-professionals without any troubles. Installing the boom, you need to see the goal in sight.

Optical view permits as plainly as possible to send out the arrow, as well as its top quality guarantees a high hit possibility.

  • Press on the trigger has a really smooth flight, and also pressing it specifies a quick shot.
  • The possibility of breaking the arms of the weapon allows you to make use of it much more comfy.
  • The performance of the shot depends upon the use of top quality sight, as well as the shooter’s abilities.

Rate and also proprietor evaluations obstruct weapon MK-400 (Man Kung MK-400) is presented listed below.

The product cost

The worth indication of the version makes the crossbow guy kung MK 400 are popular since the combination of its efficiency as well as superb striking capability with a fairly cost effective cost is specifically important for buyers. Today, the crossbow man kung MK 400 is offered at a cost of 18 750 19 to 380 rubles in the base collection.

Assume the rate too high? Try to make on your own a crossbow.

Proprietor examines

According to owner evaluations, weapon MK-400 has verified itself in the quest: high efficiency as a result of the lethality of the design and the adhering to complimentary activity of the bowstring firing crossbow precise. Train your accuracy with it, and also the application remains in the hunting and arrow the novice as well as the specialist seeker.

Additionally obtained favorable testimonials as the appearance of the weapon: the classic look, use of one of the most long lasting materials and the use of modern innovations has ensured a constant need for this model. A democratic worth in comparison with the very same varieties additionally includes advantages to the crossbow.

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