Docter Sight III 3.5 collimator

Reflex sight open type a DOCTER-Sight can be established virtually on any tool of any caliber (withstands a tons with a velocity of 1000g!). Due to the absence of zoom rifle scope DOCTER-Sight has a huge field of view as well as offers monitoring of the target without distortion.

The optical system of the sight DOCTER-Sight includes two glued with each other lenses. Finishing that mirrors the picture of a luminescent factor is between the lenses and also thus safeguarded from mechanical damages. All components revealed to mechanical loads, constructed from sturdy products: stainless steel as well as anodized aluminium alloys.

Integrated digital control gadget takes into consideration the various illumination problems in sensible applications. The illumination of the intending point is automatically changed based on the setting illuminance in the direction of the target. When the measurement device is focused on the sensitivity of the eye. The brightness of the aiming mark is significantly lowered if situated on the front side of the view scale is closed. The information of the weapon have to not cover the sensing unit.

Unlike its predecessor, Docter Sight III, together with an automated illumination change factor according to light conditions in the direction of the target, there is the opportunity of individual adaptation by picking from 3 various modes of operation (features). The current mode of operation is shown using an extra indication.

Mounting base/bracket is not included and also should be gotten individually depending upon the version of the gun.

  • Sort of sight outdoor
  • Holographic view no
  • Mount a Docter sight system
  • Nutrition CR 2032
  • Lens size/ lens dimension in mm 21 x 15
  • A magnifying of 1x
  • Reticle red dot 3.5 MOA
  • Adjustment illumination immediately
  • Change the intending mark no
  • Modification of spotting mark’s illumination automatically, 3 modes
  • Compatible with night vision no
  • The price of division of the mechanism of input of modifications or 1 MOA 30 mm at 100 m
  • Variety of input of changes altitude +/- 360 centimeters at 100 m width +/- 270 cm at 100 m
  • Measurements mm 46 x 25.4 x 23.7 per
  • Weight, g 25
  • Moisture is
  • Running temperature variety from -25 to +40

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