DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP evaluation special of our lure

As there are new versions of appeals DUO? Never asked such inquiry? Task them on the computer system? Maybe copy it to fish? Certainly not. Do human hands. Painstaking grind and also solder side of the work surface up until you obtain what you wished to infuse in her master.

A model is already working Wobbler appropriate form. It turns out that each brand-new Wobbler is a changed old. I’ll write the extremely tough fact — — also one of the most renowned versions of DUO attractions were developed by the «« educated » guesswork.

Take, as an example, DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP. Its growth contributed to the President of the business DUO Masahiro Adachi. The advancement team has actually set a goal of developing the most effective lure for jerkbait (dash electrical wiring), and, according to them, quickly reached it. On the Jerkbait 120 SP, obviously, had high hopes, due to the fact that the game he was wonderful, yet to presume that he terminated in various components of the globe as well as the really different fish, the Japanese, naturally, can not.

It ended up that this model failed in terms of style and in regards to the game, as well as in regards to organization. Suched As Jerkbait 120 SP’s in Ghost Gill shade CCC3158 as well as our pikes, perches and also Zanders, yet not only to them. I had the ability to use it to prompt an attack of such fish as Chub, Chub and IDE. Wobbler this Japanese high quality produced and, as it ended up, extremely reliable.

In my box it looked like a substitute for Asura O. S. P. Rudra 130 SP. At the shop, so straight as well as stated — — this is analogous to «« Rudra ». In favor of the DUO likewise played the cost is 30% reduced and the colors under a perch, even more genuine than the RPO-69 Real Perch O. P. S. Weight DUO to 2 grams much less, and working a little bit deepness much less than 2 meters. But it is also a jerkbait is very comparable in type to the well-known lure from O. S. P. Asura

The attributes of the Wobbler DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP
  • size — —
  • 120 mm; weight — 18 g; immersion depth of 0.8-1.5 meters;
  • type of crank — — sm
  • ; the variety of tees is 3.

The producer offers 47 shades and patterns of the Wobbler DUO Realis Jerkbait 120. The series has pop-UPS, entices, and also unique pike version with 2 big treble hooks. By the way, the equipment on them is exceptional as well as does not call for substitute.

Appearance DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP

Body shape lure a timeless minnow. Wobbler completely tight side to side and look fat from behind. Has a little and thin blade, is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the axis of the attraction. Complete style 3 tee (No. 5).

Inside Jerkbait 120 SP is a noise electronic camera system lengthy actors. Someplace I check out that the balls inside the lure of 2 kinds: titanium and also stainless-steel. As well as forever reason. The combination of the sound qualities of the metal components are permitted to extract a distinct sound. When potrazivanje Wobbler DUO is not the most loud, but the audio of it is actually unique. At the same time as well as high and low.

Video Game DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP

Wobbler established particularly to dash electrical wiring, as well as it is seen after the first potager. Start it with ease. And it plays throughout also little jerks «« bold » and sweeping. The electrical wiring is the Christmas tree at 5 plus. Sleepy shiver — — the very same roundabout with the indicator «« + ». Moreover, DUO Realis Jerkbait permits 100% to repeat the previous trajectory of the transaction. It is seen that unscientific method, the engineers took care of to achieve the highest possible efficiency. I have the feeling that the appeal floats for a given program. To control her pleasure. When it comes to me, the video game DUO Realis Jerkbait brighter than Rudra 130 SP.

In trip, DUO Realis makes just one transformation in the preliminary stage of the flight. In the future flies like an arrow. Flies 45 meters, 0.17 mm. cable Unambiguously in array and precision is not substandard to the much more substantial «« Rudra »

. Circuitry, when and also where to use DUO Realis Jerkbait

I especially such as to spend it in the design of dead shiver, moving it essentially centimeters. As DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP is able to hang over the place, can not no one. For brief ranges you can play them for a very long time and actually drive you insane fish brief patikami. Naturally, it can not prompt. As well as this understanding is causing a genuine buzz.

Ideal problems for the crank — — calm incorporated with superficial bays, bayous and lakes. DUO does not such as current as well as wind, it requires precision, as well as this is most likely his only drawback. However it can be used as a tool for dolove.

Even if the pike obtained stuck, to stand before the game, DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP she can’t. I had a situation: initially, the pike cut bait on a jig a few mins later, I bait currently picked out from her mouth. Jerkbait with a steel chain gave her no chance.

Best of all, this attraction benefits «« cozy » water in the layer as much as 1.5 meters. In my experience, the deepest dive — — dive to 2 meters. Keep in mind, this jerkbait can be controlled completely when raising the rod up — — you can animate the appeal almost to the surface area, as well as lowering the tip to the water — — you can force the DUO to surf the perspective below 1.5. So basically, all the places where you can hold the lure at midsts much less than 2 meters — — the target for DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP.

This is not a simply pike Wobbler and also captured various species of predatory fish (species structure captured his fish I cited initially of the write-up ), yet the lineup is pike and also pure alteration. At the start of this year, along with well-known in the past years the DUO had obtained his sibling REALIS JERKBAIT 120SP PIKE. Crazy-realistic shades ACC3820 Pike ND. And he has done this season! The number captured him a pike, spreading, eloquently discusses it. Although, honestly, seriously with him not competed not «« Rudra », not «« perches» » brother Jerkbait. They simply typically do not reach the hands. The movement of the attraction in the water of such a case is not presented, as well as it is commonly DUO to conserve the angling.

Pike’s variation is perfectly handled his task all period. Pike at him effectively captured, not humiliated by them either 120 size or enlarged tees. Sorry, the mass of the catch was less than 30 centimeters long (there were cases of capture of cables the size of a Wobbler). The most significant fish, the toughness of the installations, was polutorametrovaya a Donk. Metal was for her.

Actually, it’s the same Jerkbait 120 SP, but with two bigger the size of the tees. It supplies unique shades, mimicing the pike and a little less weight. In all other facets he completely copies trehgroshovaya sibling.

Best or otherwise — — it is that the concern? Probably by far the below is hard to address. I will try to put his assessment. I would certainly take a fishing DUO Realis Jerkbait 120 SP as the only lure. And also the catch would certainly not have actually experienced.

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