EOTECH-XPS2-RF collimator

Holographic view EOTech XPS2 RF the tiniest and lightest in its course. To significantly reduce the dimensions allowed transformed the system of power supply of the device. Currently the sight is powered by one CR123 batteries.

While functioning holographic sight on a solitary battery lasted as much as 600 hours(continuous operation brightness quality 12 level)– 25 days! Holographic view EOTech XPS2 relates to open up views, so the shooter

can utilize when firing both eyes. Using field of vision gives a higher field of vision and allows you to quickly react to arising purpose. It needs to be kept in mind that the rate of shooting with a holographic view is much higher than optical, so it is often used when firing relocating targets. An additional particular feature of EOTech views is that they can be made use of in any type of weather– in fog, snow, and rainfall. The reticle is clearly visible even in that situation, if the result

home window will be plastered with snow or mud, and even damaged. The smaller size of the view is allowed to leave more room on the installing rail weapons (Picatinny or Weaver )to install extra equipment such as magnifier (enlargers multiplicity )or monocular night vision(for intended capturing in low-light conditions ). RF index indicates that the sight has integrated placing bar of the type « Dovetail ». Special protective housing constructed from resilient and also light-weight aluminum alloy safeguards the housing and the optics of the view from bumps.

EOTech XPS commonly shocks with its vitality. And even if the glass is damaged, the view will function by producing a reticle on the remaining fragments in the monitoring window. The main point and also advantage of this sight prior to any other– the modern technology of formation of the aiming mark. Holographic mark consists of small dots integrating in a solitary picture– this brand name is transparent, which permits far better control of the goal(it does not overlap). Functions: Using one CR123 battery Sight reduced base needs just 7 cm in size installing tires Battery cover and latch made use of in the designs EOTech 552 and 512 is gotten rid of and also changed with a basic o-, located on the inner cover of the battery compartment. Thus is accomplished a high thickness of connections and rigidity. The ordinary length of the view from one of the


  • when the illumination degree of the reticle 12 is 600 hours. Views EOTech XPS2 is not suitable with evening vision tools
  • . View design EOTech XPS3 if you are interested in this function. Grid 2-RF with a factor size of 1 MOA in the facility of a circle with a diameter of 65 MOA Sort of sight exterior Holographic sight Yes Attaching of the view prism 12mm Food 1хСR123 Lens size/ lens dimension in mm 30Х23 A magnifying of 1x Modification the illumination manual Modification the intending mark no Compatible with evening vision no The cost of division of the mechanism of input of modifications 1/2 MOA Range of input
  • of changes -40/ +40 MOA Measurements, mm 88.9 х50.86 х60.96 Weight 227 g Running temperature variety -40 ° C/ +65 °

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