Every little thing You Need To Know About The BioSpawn ExoRibbon

We wished to create an one-of-a-kind take on a bow tail worm as well as after experimenting as well as checking different styles, we found that this shape developed a few of the most effective fluttering action we have actually ever before seen.

As one of the very first lures ever developed for BioSpawn, the ExoStick has been an attempted and also true lure for us for a very long time. After many hours fishing with this bait, we decided it was time to tip it up a notch. We had a look at the body of the lure as well as made small tweaks to choose an evil curled tail to create the BioSpawn ExoRibbon.

When fished, this brand-new tail is visually pleasing both to the eye and also. Instead of choosing the usual crinkle you see on bow tail worms across, the ExoRibbon took its style from the “S” in the BioSpawn logo design.

Our Take On A True Bass Classic

Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs, as well as shaky heads are the three most prominent and also reliable means to fish this worm. Weightless is additionally a wonderful alternative when fishing near superficial lawn.

A bow tail worm is conveniently among one of the most popular and also favored soft plastic bass baits on the market as well as it has actually been for several years. From pond jumping to prominent competitions, ribbon tail worms are practical. Usually Texas rigged with a bullet weight, this bait can be fished in almost any kind of conditions and also at any depth.

As new methods remain to appear annually, we in some cases forget just how efficient a lure similar to this can be. The gorgeous flutter developed by the tail of the ExoRibbon looks equally as good whether the bait is moving straight or vertical. We are extremely excited to see the big fish catching capacity this lure has when in the hands of fishermens across the nation.

When creating this lure, we understood we desired a standard dimension and also keeping that, we created a 7-inch ExoRibbon. This wasn’t enough though, so we rapidly began job to tweak the bait in order to produce a 10-inch variant. We spent a lot of time going back and forth between our office as well as local waters to ensure we got specifically the activity and look that we knew would catch fish. Component of capturing both numbers and size is why we intended to have both a traditional 7-inch in addition to the larger 10-inch dimension.

Angling The 7-Inch ExoRibbon

7-inch ribbon tail worms assist supply enough mass for lengthy casts yet enough skill to help evoke strikes from even more unsure bass.

The 7-inch ExoRibbon is a killer no matter when or where you are angling. It is tiny enough to be fished early spring, while still large sufficient to be made use of throughout the year. With a variety of colors, this lure will quickly match the hatch anywhere you are fishing. When utilizing this in the spring, downsize and attempt on weights and also hook dimension to function the bait with a little bit even more finesse. The flutter of the tail when slowly hopping this bait or crawling is an awesome method to get suspicious bass to grab it.

One more fun way to fish this is to use it as a trailer. The length suffices to get the tail past completion of a skirt so that you can add a lots of action to a chatterbait, swim jig, or spinnerbait.

Angling The 10-Inch Exo Ribbon

Upsized worms help press even more water while giving a bigger profile that big wheel type in on.

The 10-inch ExoRibbon is for when we want to bulk up to those larger weights and hooks as well as work the deeper water for large starving summer bass. Be careful not to go also big on weights, however sufficient to get the bait down right into the deepness you want.

You will lose some of the action as the lure will certainly drop too fast if the weight is too large. On the various other hand, you could be shocked just how common it may be to hook a reasonably small bass on a big 6/0 hook.

When you get the lure to where the fish are, you can drag it, swim it, or jump it to cause those large attacks. An enjoyable means to fish these can additionally be to eliminate the weight entirely and also let the lure fall insubstantial in shallow water. This can be a great choice when angling around anchors where bass love to conceal from the sun.

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