Fishing with ultralajtovogo RENZO

Today, out in the city of Miass in Chelyabinsk. The main function of today’s angling was the very first test sticks SPRUT RENZO 190UL. This is already a production design that will go on sale.

Wand came out stunning as well as unified. Exactly how she will act in work!.?.!? That’s what I was

ready to learn. Weather condition is usually good, Sunny however a gusty wind blowing. Anyway, what’s the weather going wrong. Two days ago it was 16, and also instantly yesterday it snowed as well as got chilly once again.

Naturally, it really did not react also well to the fish and also started to behave very capricious.

Start fishing with 2 grams, stick already well filled at this weight, every little thing is quite well regulated. He started fishing with a tested competitor SPRUT HIROKO orange as well as overload colors. Outdoors fish does not want to show themselves, but from under the bridge caught a small perch. Well, that oribil RENZO.

In the hope that the perch based on the point not one, continue to sh in the area. But, alas, say goodbye to bites saw. The water is gloomy, so I determined to place your favored coloring, which works especially well in muddy water– it MGR-UV. As lure was vibrohvosta HIDOKU. First exploit the area around the bridge is vacant. Stand under the bridge captured a single perch.

A similar scenario is duplicated better. Just this time I used the bait SPRUT HIROKO in marsh tinting. Decided to go down river and examine a pair of points. The hours committed to these jobs, yet have not seen any kind of bite. Currently grows dark, the sixth hour … Large bass does not go to the factor where I was waiting for him. Decide to attempt to capture a pike, the battle goes quite substantial for its size vibrohvost SPRUT MIZUKO 50 on the ogruzka 3 grams. Stick and also to cope with it without troubles. And here’s one more uploading takes place the bite and afterwards the Assembly, wearing down the lure at the tail cuts from the teeth.

Well, the pike is discovered, it is only essential to capture. Attempt to dolomite it on the same vibrohvost, after that attempt to SPRUT KAGAMI in purple color, however the outcome is no. Again make a decision to focus on the bass MGR HIDOKU once more in UV, and in the location where there was a nibble of a pike, I really feel a stab, and the slack of the cord… … well, a pike that was discovered, yet did not dolevel.

The point discolors. Rely on the bridge, unexpectedly the bass was obtaining way too much. Bite on virtually every cast. Okoshki greedily consume HIDOKU. Soon he attacked off the tail, but a striped pecked without it. You obtained 7-8 full checked the stick on a tiny bass– all very good.

Got tired and determined to go once again on another indicate wait on the perch. However perch I did not wait. Or possibly he was, however the bait under it is not gotten. The pike I caught, well, like a pike, an extremely fine shoelace. However I was wishing for a various size.

On this complete angling. Generally, the result appeared excellent. RENZO 190UL after the very first fishing expedition left only positive impressions, really decent stick out for their rate.

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