Fobos block crossbow

Crossbow and INTERLOPER Phobos, has long been verifying its prevalence over various other similar options block crossbows from various other companies, provides its owners the joy of utilizing all of its attributes as well as useful features, while supplying full safety even for models Teens.

Layout features a block weapon Phobos and its technological capabilities

Existing models of weapons combines unique technological capabilities as well as a high degree of integrity. Producers delight their followers with a range of models, giving the proprietor the satisfaction of its operation and also the possibility of striking the target, also at a substantial distance.

Summary of weapons

Thanks to the technical capacities of the weapon INTERLOPER Phobos might shock those who look for to disclose the optimum indications of the version. The arrowhead’s array, offered a distinct level of extending of the string and the preliminary velocity of the boom barks the capacity to strike the target not only at a significant range, however in movement.

The case of the crossbow, made from high quality resin product, with the ability of standing up to heavy loads as well as even a mechanical effect that enables you to operate the crossbow, despite having adjustments in ambient temperature level as well as active setting.

Low weight due to the compactness of the version enables its usage for shooting females and teenagers, and also a straightforward tool mechanism provides convenience of use. Light-weight, hassle-free to deliver weapon, which is helped with in the base of the belt.


Use the weapon INTERLOPER Phobos can both for hunting and also for training accuracy, but likewise in sporting activities shooting. Exceptional useful features and technological qualities ensure the effectiveness of each shot.

Advantages and negative aspects

One of the most essential qualities that need to be thought about advantage of this design consist of:

  • exterior design, which immediately draws in the interest of customers as a result of the existence of inserts in the housing, with the painting «« camouflage »: contemporary and also elegant, it enables you to constantly be the focal point as well as offers camouflage while hunting;
  • smooth walking the trigger switch guarantees the lack of unpleasant sensations throughout the shot;
  • abundant tools enables you to begin making use of the version immediately after its acquisition;
  • high quality products that were made use of in the manufacture of the hull and also bow and arrows consisted of in the fundamental bundle, makes certain lengthy life of the crossbow and its resistance to mechanical anxiety;
  • fairly affordable, that makes it possible to connect the model to the economical procurement as well as its offered for clients with any financial possibilities.

Because to utilize the weapon INTERLOPER Phobos simply and security is guaranteed by the supplier, it is advised to begin with this sort of knives with this model having most of the above benefits.

The visibility of rubber inserts in the body of the model makes it feasible to supply the greatest fit of butt supply to the hand during shooting, which provides the possibility for every single shot to create as precisely as possible. Also inserts enable you to not obtain cold hands while making use of the weapon in winter and also at high moisture. In the point of view of most of proprietors, the shortcomings of the design were discovered.


The most important specifications that figure out the top quality and also performance of any version of crossbow block type, the power score, the bowshot, the overall measurements of the crossbow, the force of string stress that the manufacturer as well as the warranty from the manufacturer.

Requirements Crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos
Country of origin Russia
The dimensions of the crossbow 114,8 cm x 73,1 m x 12.1 centimeters
The first velocity of trip of an arrowhead 112,4 m/s
The variety of 45-51 m
The force of string tension 46-71 kg
Instance product Polymer GRP
Guarantee 24 months

Via the analysis of existing technological characteristics it is possible to obtain one of the most complete photo of the version that enables to examine its performance and functionality.

Tool weapon Phobos

Because of the truth that the model has a relatively straightforward gadget, its operation is quite straightforward as well as even novice shooting with a crossbow. The major structural parts of the version are thought about to be the instance, quiver, lower arm, overviews.

Picking as well as loading

The fundamental package includes the weapon, wax, designed for the care of a bowstring to maintain its elasticity as well as toughness, the band for bring the tool, shako, optical view and also foregrip. All Packed right into a carton box of small size.

Exactly how to use

Making use of designs can be taken into consideration easy.

  1. Before choosing a goal embeded in the predestined put on the bowstring arrow.
  2. With the help of an optical view the picked target.
  3. The string is extended as snugly, fire a round by pushing the trigger.
  4. The existence of a guard stops unexpected solitary shot, as well as smooth trip of the beginning switch supplies convenience when shooting.
Exactly how to enhance

Reinforcing and also enhancing such aspects as the force, power and also rate of flight of an arrowhead, possibly with the help of particular alternatives of particular architectural components of the mechanism of the weapon.

  • Hence, by varying the level of stress of the string, you can alter the indication of the power of the shot. As well as installing optical sight 3rd party as opposed to the one supplied in the fundamental arrangement, it is feasible to boost accuracy of each shot.
  • It is likewise feasible to replace the guide as well as the shoulders of the weapon Phobos. Comparable designs provided by this manufacturer might have interchangeable parts: that implies, establishing the weapon INTERLOPER Phobos a certain part with one more with similar qualities, designs, modification as well as performance.

Rates and testimonials on crossbow INTERLOPER (Interloper) Phobos is offered below.

The product cost

The cost of the design might be various relying on the size of the trading extra cost developed by the firm. Today, the weapon INTERLOPER Phobos can be purchased at a rate of 10 750-11 210 rubles, many purchasers think sufficient inexpensive cost.

Owner examines
  • Owners as well as buyers discuss the version as a very safe and also pleasing to their abilities. Specifically noted the power of the arrow as well as the shot’s range, which determines mainly the efficiency of the shot. It is likewise noted ergonomic shape and rubberized for weird inserts, includes convenience in the operation of the crossbow.
  • Likewise the crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos is recognized as one of the best for novices: easy cocking, smooth its training course allow you to make the shot much more full time and with fantastic comfort.
  • Light weight, small dimension and also shocking even professionals ability allows you to utilize the weapon to a specialist hunting.
  • Quality materials as well as offer lengthy string life and also outstanding performance of each shot.

Comparable designs consist of the crossbow block type of the same producer, which has actually already confirmed itself as a reputable and also routinely enhance their weapons. Weapon and INTERLOPER Phobos can be considered «« progressed» » variation of the precursor version, the Cheetah.

The same is to be taken into consideration the adhering to options:

  • weapon INTERLOPER Coyote;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Legat;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Ifrit.

They are identified by high shooting rates, have a high degree of power, as well as the body has high functionality as a result of the form of the butt. On the whole, exceptional option!

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