Equipment for catfish

Som is the biggest freshwater predator of Russian water bodies, which not only novices, yet likewise experienced fishermens dream of catching.

Properly set up tools for capturing catfish, in addition to an excellent expertise of the qualities of the actions of this fish will permit the fishermen to come to be the owner of

a worthy prize. Description as well as behavior In big tanks with a great forage base, catfish can grow up to 3 m in length and evaluate over 200 kg. It is easy to differentiate it from various other fish on a number of premises:

  • complete lack of scales;
  • the visibility of lengthy whiskers;
  • large flattened head;
  • little, high set eyes;
  • huge mouth.

The color of the killer mustache depends upon the shade of the bottom dirt in its environment and also on the age of the fish. The coloration often contains dark tones, however sometimes there are soma albino.

Unlike many other freshwater fish, catfish chooses to lead an inactive way of living and also can live all their lives in one pit, leaving their refuge only for the time of feeding. Numerous all-natural catastrophes, resulting in a significant shallowing of the water body or impoverishment of its food base, can require the mustache to leave their habitat.

This aggressive fish is found in water bodies of different kinds:

  • medium and also large rivers;
  • deep-water lakes;
  • tanks.

For permanent home, catfish chooses places with midsts from 8 to 16 m. ««» Usatiy » eats both at night and also in the daytime, however reveals specific activity at night.

His diet regimen consists of: fish; mollusks; crayfish; amphibians; worms. Big people have their hunting grounds on the storage tank and also do not permit other relatives there. Grown-up soma can form teams only throughout the winter period on the region of the wintering pits.

Area as well as time of fishing

The outcome of catfish fishing depends greatly on the expertise of those put on the tank where the killer goes to feed.

One of the most promising places for capturing catfish are:

  • exits from the pits;
  • river banks;
  • flooded snags;
  • seaside swimming pools;
  • deep bays.

In standing bodies of water one ought to search for areas with abrupt drops of depths. When fishing on the river, it is essential to pay attention to locations with opposite circulation, along with deep reaches. The deepness at which catfish like to feed might differ depending on the time of year.

April May 2– 5 m
June August 5– 10 m
September — — November 10– 16 m

In spring, little anglers frequently become victim for anglers, which concern their senses quicker after hibernation. Large samplings begin to drop on fishing gear 1-2 weeks after spawning, which typically occurs in late June — — early July

. The period from July to October is the most beneficial time for catching captured catfish. During this period, the killer mustache is stably caught on different deals with. With the cooling of water, the catfish becomes less active, begins to slide into wintering pits, however still continues to reply to the all-natural lures as well as synthetic baits supplied to it. After the water temperature level drops listed below 8 degrees, the mustache quits pecking and also falls into anabiosis prior to the onset of springtime.

Som reluctant to respond to the lure in the warm afternoon hrs. It is a lot easier to capture it in the days when the warm subsides as well as the relaxed fish come out of the daytime shelters. One of the most efficient is taken into consideration night angling, throughout which the angler gets a possibility to capture a really big predator.

What equipment is needed

On catfish angling, there are raised requirements for equipment, which is gotten in touch with the plus size of the catch that can be captured on the hook. Properly set up tackle will certainly allow you to quickly toss a snap into the angling zone as well as make certain dependable fishing of the fish.

Coastal equipment

The timeless donka is one of the most typical take on for the mustache killer.

This angling gear for catfish contains several aspects:

  • durable fiberglass spinning;
  • coils of any kind of kind;
  • monofilament line with a diameter of 0.6– 0.8 mm;
  • level freight with an eye weight of 40-200 g.;
  • silicone grains to prevent damages to the node by the weight;
  • angling carbine with swivel, endure a load of at the very least 50 kg;
  • lead from fluorocarbon 1m long and 0.7 mm in size;
  • hook number 1.0-8.0 (according to the worldwide classification).

Fiberglass pole has a huge margin of safety, which makes it feasible to fight with big samplings. When diving, a spinless or inertial reel installed on a spinning pole will certainly permit you to throw the lure much away as well as will certainly aid the angler. The bite of a catfish can be extremely rough, for that reason for its catching it is much better to make use of coils equipped with a baytranner system, which will certainly not permit the fish to pull the take on into the water. If such a system in the coil is missing out on, then you require to loosen the rubbing brake, which will certainly make certain the unhindered descent of the fishing line from the spool.

The setting up plan of the completing gear is as follows:

  1. The primary line is gone through the eye of a lead sinker.
  2. A silicone stopper bead is put on the main angling line.
  3. A swivel with a carbine linked to the end of the monofilament.
  4. A fluorocarbon leash is connected to the carabiner with a hook attached to it.

Somov’s mouth is littered with lots of small teeth that can harm also the thickest monofilament line, dramatically weakening its toughness. Fluorocarbon monofilament is extremely immune to rough tons and conveniently resists little catfish teeth. The duty of the bite alarm system is played by a bell hanging on the major line.

Fishing devices for steep fishing

Kwok angling is likewise really efficient and is extensively made use of not only in Russia, however throughout the world. The KVOK itself is made from metal or hard wood.

Such tools for catching catfish is characterized by maximum convenience of assembly as well as includes the list below elements:

  • wood reel regarding 40 cm long;
  • nylon cable 1.5– 2 mm thick;
  • weight «« olive » evaluating 40– 60 grams;
  • big triple hook.

Nylon cord is travelled through the opening of the weight “olives”, after which, a three-way hook is affixed to its end. The sinker «« olive » actions 1 m over the hook and also is locked with the assistance of a tiny lead load, secured on a cable. When fishing for bots, chains are usually not utilized. At the very least 20 m of cable must be wound on the reel.

Equipment for evening angling on feeder

Feeder tools for catching a catfish is considered more stylish and also permits you to get the optimal satisfaction from carrying fish.

The collection of feeder somovy equipment consists of:

  • effective feeder pole with an examination series of 100-150 g.;
  • Inertia-free coil with baytranner size 4500– 5500;
  • knotted cable with a diameter of 0.16 mm;
  • feeder feeder weighing 50– 150 g.;
  • shock leader of fluorocarbon angling line with an area of 0.4 mm as well as a size of 8– 12 m;
  • silicone stopper grain;
  • fluorocarbon leash 0.3– 0.35 mm thick, regarding 1 m long;
  • swivel with carbine;
  • single hook № 1.0– 3.0.

In catfish fishing, sliding feeder devices is made use of, which fits in according to the exact same principle as the ending up version, only a feeder is mounted rather than a level sinker. A firefly is used as a bite alarms, placed on the idea of the feeder and allowing to see attacks in the dark.

Angling devices for catfish from a boat

Soma can be efficiently captured from the watercraft utilizing trolling.

Trolling equipment enables you to swiftly capture big locations of the tank and also consists of:

  • casting rod with dough to 100 gr.;
  • power multiplier coil;
  • knotted cable 0.16– 0.18 mm thick;
  • fluorocarbon leash with a diameter of 0.3 mm;
  • wobbler with a deepness of 6– 12 m.

«« Pletenka» » directly tied to the chain with the counter node, which gives the breeze extra strength. When using trolling fishing, a thick monofilament line ought to not be utilized, since such monofilament will certainly not enable the wobbler to drop to the functioning depth. Furthermore, a thick monofilament will certainly break the lure video game.

Coast Fishing

The simplest fishing gear from the coast is a piece of thick angling line or knotted cable with a hook tied at the end. The lead weight is dealt with 50 cm above the hook. The complimentary end of the monofilament is linked to a lengthy flexible pole, cut exactly on the coast as well as firmly penetrated the ground.

Hook snap bait lure or frog as well as thrown right into the coastal pool. Such equipment does not call for consistent tracking. Fisherman can check simple coastal deal with 2-3 times a day. The pecked fish typically hooks itself. The fisherman can organize numerous of these equipment at the same time, which will considerably enhance his chances for success.

The technique of capturing catfish directly depends upon the kind of devices utilized. In the daytime, the very best outcomes show the energetic techniques of fishing, that include trolling and capturing the bob. During the night, it is easier to catch a classic bottom or feeder gear.

In the mid-day

For daytime fishing for catfish, the angler will require a trustworthy watercraft, with the help of which he will certainly have the ability to reach the vehicle parking places of the killer. If the fisherman is going to catch trolling, after that he will need to pre-select the area on which to catch. In the chosen location there needs to be a complex bottom relief, the majority of suitable for the habitat of catfish. Having actually cruised to the designated area, the angler throws a wobbler 50– 70 m from the boat and starts slowly to paddle versus the current.

The main point in trolling fishing is to choose the ideal speed of the boat as well as choose the proper sort of wobbler. It is feasible to depend on the bite of a catfish if the wobbler goes no greater than 40 cm from the lower ground.

For angling per 2nd, it will also be necessary to select the area in which there are pits or a flooded grab. Having cruised to a certain place, the fisherman reduces the take on to a deepness of 3– 5 m and begins to quiver. Drawn in by the sounds of a kvok, som climbs to the surface as well as sees bait hooked on an incorporate the water column. After the poklevka it is not essential to hurry with the hooking, it is required to allow the fish swallow the nozzle deeper.

In nighttime

At night, it is more suitable to use lower or feeder equipment. Fishing on a donk is fairly basic and consists in the reality that the angler tosses several takes on simultaneously right into the viewpoint area and also regulates them while waiting on a bite. Once in a while the fishermen should check the condition of the bait on the hook as well as, if required, upgrade the nozzle. The bite of a catfish to donku resembles a sharp line of angling line, after which an instant hooking should follow.

Feeder angling for catfish is a bit harder, but at the same time far more efficient, as the angler regularly lures fish with lure mix blocked in the feeder. The main thing in feeder fishing is to continuously obtain the trough in the same place, which is not so simple in total darkness. Attracted by the scent of bait catfish specifies of fishing and is tempted by the bait provided to him. If in the angling zone there is not a large build-up of barkers, where the fish might have left throughout the haul-out process, after that you ought to not overload the deal with as well as attempt to get the catfish onto land immediately.

Bait and also attraction on the killer

Modern fishing industry creates a variety of lure, focused on catching catfish. The primary component of these lures — — fish meal, taken in fish oil as well as amino acids. Som reacts well to comparable lure mixes and rapidly approaches the fishing area. As pet parts in the bait, you can add cut worms or cut meat of bivalve mollusks.

The option of bait affects the top quality of the catfish bites and the result of all fishing. Consistent trying outs the lure will certainly allow the angler to count on an excellent catch.

Live lure

As online fish, it is much better to make use of carp fish. For bottom angling, cockroach evaluating 100– 300 grams is well matched. When angling for Kwok, choice must be provided to asp or sabrefish. Zhivets will act a lot more naturally if you stick it under the top fin. Zhivets is considered the best nozzle for snoring catfish.

Hen liver

Properly prepared chicken liver can provoke even a non-active killer to attack. The trick of the catchiness of this lure depends on its distinct smell, which shows up after the hen intestines hinge on the sunlight for several hrs.

On the frog or cancer cells

Cancer cells ought to be utilized as lure when fishing is conducted in the lower layers of water. This arthropod is a habitual food for catfish, specifically during the molting duration. On the hook, you can fit both the entire cancer and the cancer cells neck.

The frog is a versatile lure that works well throughout the summer season. It is more suitable to use this amphibian when burning in seaside pools and also backwaters. The frog remains on the hook behind the upper lip.

Safety measures when catching large fish

Captured on the hook big fish with inappropriate handling can drastically injure the fishermen.

To stay clear of undesirable situations as well as maintain your health, you need to understand a couple of safety policies when angling:

  • you must never ever wind the line or cable on the hand, because when you bite huge fish, everything can wind up with a major cut of an arm or leg or even the fatality of an angler;
  • A big catfish, taken under the reduced jaw, can conveniently dislocate the angler’s hand, so the fish has to initially be stunned with a baton, and just then be dragged right into the boat.
  • Fish considering more than 70 kg must be towed to the shore, not securing of the water, as it has tremendous power and, being dragged right into the boat, can cause hefty injury to the angler.

Compliance with these straightforward guidelines will certainly stop feasible injuries. To capture a big catfish is far better to visit the business of a relied on good friend.

Tips experienced fishermen to raise the catch

Experienced fishermen can always give some valuable tips to a newbie associate.

When angling for catfish, comply with these standards:

  • the fisherman must constantly lug several kinds of lures;
  • fishing you need to constantly keep an eye on the high quality of the lure responsible;
  • great knowledge of the bottom relief of the tank will enable you to count on a rich catch;
  • in the bait must be present the exact same animal parts that remain on the hook;
  • Before catfish angling it is required to very carefully check the deal with for the stamina of knots and also various other links.

Effectively put together devices for catching catfish will enable you to cope with trophies weighing numerous 10s of kilos and also will certainly provide the fishermen a genuine pleasure in taking care of large fish.

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