Hakko BED-17-30 MR-02 collimator

Collimator view of closed kind with four switchable sighting marks: marksman can choose among 4 alternatives luminous spotting mark depending upon a scenario without taking your eyes off the objective.

Multicoated lens offers high illumination and also picture quality under all problems of view. The inner lens is coated with an unique 27-layer layer, completely eliminating the distortion of the image of the intending mark and its « ghosting ». The inner surface of the housing of the view is subjected to special therapy to stop representations of the occurrence light and the light given off by the led. Kind of reticle you can choose practically without disturbing with a well-positioned 4-stage button. The illumination of the mark set 11-speed controller(

located in the top component of the sight). Kind of view indoor Holographic view no Mount extent weaver Reticle kind 1 MOA dot

, dot in circle, go across The power is CR2032 Lens size/ lens dimension in mm 26 A magnification of 1x Switchable reticle, 4 Modification

  • the brightness manual
  • Adjustment reticle Yes Modification
  • of spotting mark’s illumination handbook with 11 steps Suitable with evening vision no The price of department of the system of input of amendments 1/2 MOA The size of the Central tube, mm 30
  • Measurements, mm length 138 Weight, g 137 Wetness is

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