Hakko BED-Black H1 collimator

Reflex view Hakko BED-mini H1 WP (waterproof, change of illumination grade). Nacco, H-1 is the latest collimator from a Japanese business, Hakko.

The view is developed to fit both the rifled and smoothbore weapons and also is utilized for fast aiming and also shooting at tiny and also moderate ranges.

The main feature of the H-1 is a new lighting system that acts as a container for the battery of the type CR1620. The lighting system is intuitive as well as weatherproof to utilize. The changing is accomplished using either of the two switches. Interference is likewise carried out by utilizing any kind of switch when held down for more than 2 secs.

The classic solution for the collimator sights Hakko– built-in Weaver kind install that permits installment on many designs weapons. In the version H-1 install is quite narrow as well as lies practically in the facility, which boosts the variability of the installation.

Reticle: red dot(1 MOA or MOA 2.4)

  • Type of sight indoor
  • Holographic sight no
  • Mount extent weaver
  • Kind of intending mark dot 1 MOA dot 4 MOA
  • Food CR1632
  • A magnification of 1x
  • Reticle Dot red
  • Adjustment the brightness guidebook
  • Modification the aiming mark no
  • Suitable with night vision no
  • The cost of division of the device of input of modifications of 1 MOA
  • Dimensions, mm 92 x 48 x 48
  • Weight, g 140

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