Holosun PARALOW on Weaver HS403B collimator

PARALOW НЅ403В is a compact red-dot sight with a red dot. Working from a solar battery as well as batteries. Powered by its own solar cell, it is regularly in the on state. In low light conditions, when solar power wants to run the led, lack of power kompensiruet battery.

The sight can be mounted on different types of arms: shotguns, guns, rifles, air rifles and also weapons. For setup you can make use of a reduced bracket (not biloshapky) or high. The setup is executed on bench Weaver/ Pikatinny. The placement of the batteries makes it tough to evaluate.

Exterior battery compartment remains in the form of tray in which the battery is ingrained and also retracts right into the body of the collimator. There is the movement sensing unit that consists of view.


  • Automatically turn on when movement.
  • The absence of parallax with limitless eliminate of the student.
  • Lowers the time of fire as well as conserve ammunition.
  • The hull shape and also ergonomic control switches develop minimum disturbance with the testimonial.
  • The opportunity high/low of the arrangement.
  • Recommended for use night and day.
  • The capacity to install on the bar Weaver/ Pikatinny. The brace is crushed on CNC machines from light weight aluminum alloy Т6061-T6.
  • Increase the elevation of the spacer, raising the optical axis of the sight on a 41.5 mm over the installing plate.
  • Tray batteries: Double plate spring & & locking system batteries offer constant as well as reliable power supply when drinking the gun.
  • Loaded with nitrogen.
  • Kind of sight interior
  • Holographic sight no
  • Mount extent weaver
  • The power is CR2032
  • A magnification of 1x
  • The seeing range without parallax Parallax is missing out on.
  • The reticle Dot (2 MOA).
  • Modification the aiming mark no
  • Suitable with evening vision no
  • Measurements, mm 67х35х63
  • Weight, g 124
  • Water resistant degree IP67
  • Running temperature level range -10 C to 50C.

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