Holosun PARALOW on Weaver HS403GL collimator

Compact reflex view with upright positioning of the batteries on the side of the collimator. With the use of sophisticated led technology service life of the batteries is CR2032 50,000 hrs.

A fairly very easy transfer to goal was entailed, because there is a motion sensing unit to automatically activate. The sight can be installed on various types of arms: shotguns, guns, rifles, air rifles as well as crossbows. Attributes: The lack of parallax with limitless eliminate of the student.

The view will immediately activate when driving. To present amendments can covers of the drums going into changes. The capacity to install on the bar Weaver/ Pikatinny. The brace is crushed on CNC devices from aluminum alloy Т6061-T6.

No extra high spacer-bracket.(R15). Automatically switch on when activity. The reels allow you to get in modifications gloved hands.

Sort of view indoor Holographic sight no Mount

scope weaver The power is CR2032 A zoom of 1x The checking out range without parallax Parallax is missing out on.

  • The reticle Dot (2 MOA)
  • . Adjustment the intending mark
  • no Suitable with evening vision no Dimensions, mm 67х38х45
  • Weight, g 86 Waterproof degree IP67 Running temperature level array -10 C to 50C.

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