Homemade angling take on for capturing Chub

For the manufacture of spinners you can utilize sheet Nickel silver or sheet brass; you can make use of steel, be sure to covering the edges of the rewriter tin on the steel spoon is very tough to bill double.

The spoon, made of brass or other materials (except tools), be sure to silver.

Just how to make a fishing take on for capturing Chub in the house

For this purpose the spent fixer, where the spoon is dipped for 10-20 minutes. Silver-coated spoon is washed completely with water as well as wipe tooth powder. Afterwards, the rewriter ends up being double as well as black fee the hook with such force that it glided off the rewriters not from unintentional contact with a grab, particularly at the time the grasp of the ASP.

As well as yet, the thinner the cord where the spring-latch and double it, the more all-natural the video game of spinners.

Bait, commonly understood spinner with a rotating petal, but instead of weights put a float of solid foam, and the tee through the spring is strictly chosen the axis of the rewriter.

The float can be made of strong foam; its size must be from 0.6 to 1.2 the length of the flower, the float size from a quarter to a third of its size, the minimal size of the float in the middle section of 0.25 of the length of the petal. The spinner is equipped with a tee number is 8.5 (on residential classification).

When uploading this spinner in the lower layers most likely hooking dramatically decreased. It is practical to make use of when upright jigging in Windows it has no freewheel, sinking it promptly and also straight down.

Depending upon the speed of recover of a spinner in the top layers of its unforeseeable as well as really actual silver color.

The spring-latch is made from spring cord; its shape is figured out experimentally. The double form is likewise necessary to define in technique.

The axis of the rewriter is constructed from springtime cord 0,8 mm, flowers from sheet brass or Nickel silver with a density of 0.7 mm; the size of the petals 45 mm, size 20 mm. the Float can be made of strong foam;

Hunters Chub not a lot busy task, yet I would like to many thanks to my successful experience fans of this dynamic fishing ended up being much more.

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