Hooks for fishing– the distinctive features, size and also numbering

In equipment for Amateur and also sporting activity angling to hook and also line, play one of the most important role. If nothing else components and can be given, without both — — method. The hook holds the fish and discovers, and he is a service provider lure, and in some cases it is.

Having a hook for fishing and also solid string, currently you can fish, though not such as we would such as, but appropriates to satisfy hunger in problems of wild nature. That is such a primitive means, making use of wooden hooks and angling as old individuals in the Paleolithic era. Historical finds validate that fisheries that showed up later on and also collecting hunting wild pets, occupied in the life of primitive people a very important place and existed long

prior to the arrival of agriculture. Discovered in Japan the earliest fishing gadgets, similar to modern angling hooks, there are no less — 22,5 thousand years. The age of the artifacts is developed by the method of radiometric Dating

, to ensure that the concern can not be– to fish with Chrysochou take on was from — prehistoric times. The part of angling hooks and their distinguishing attributes If angling hooks our ancestors differed little bit from each other, the appearance of the modern-day items are so diverse that also a beginning fishermen it is difficult to figure out the selection of this important quality snap, which depends not only angling success, but the qualities of its process. The General design of the angling hook is comprised of separate components, each of which performs a designated function. (see Figure 1.).

Undoubtedly, the intensity and longevity of this accessory are important top qualities that characterize it, but besides them there are a variety of indications that sistematizirovat entire selection of fish hooks as well as which guide their choice.

1. The type of hook is figured out by the variety of brand names or piercing ends, in which the hooks are separated into single, double and also three-way.
Conventional items with one stinger are most widely applied in all directions of fishing. If you desire to increase the tenacity of the appeal, it provides you double and triple hooks — «—» « doubles » and « trebles ». Most typically this demand emerges in angling predatory fish, when it is required to furnish the man-made bait and dead fish, crayfish, frogs as well as newts, used in this capability. 2. The shape of the hook is the primary specification whereby producers of products alter it, suitable under different heads, styles of angling and for specific types of fish. The General form of a fishing hook has a straight partnership with the setup and also dimensions of its individual components: the ear, the sting, forearm and poddevom. The shank or leg– section from the base of the lug to the start of the development of poddevom(Fig 1 -1). The shank can be straight, original and curved.

  • Standard size — straight forearm proportionate with the size of the hook as well as corresponds to twice the value. The discrepancy of this proportion in essentially defines the forearm, as shortened
    or lengthened. Devices with a long stem is used for fabricated and also natural accessories elongated form– bait fish, worms, lampreys, etc. Because the leg of the hook is the basis for the manufacture of fly angling flies and also slave drivers, items with lengthy forend remain in great need for these functions.

  • Ear or head— piece fishing hook made for link with fishing line (Fig 1-2), is carried out in the form of a ring or tapered end, like a shovel. Its distinct feature is not only the look however additionally the placement about the axis of the lower arm.
    The tilt may be absent or be guided to the within (idea) or outside. Doubles and tees are available with straight heads looped shape.

  • Prising– a characteristic steeply-part of any kryuchochkov components made use of not just in angling however also in other instructions (figure 1-3). It holds things in place which typically not just fishing, but additionally the anglers. The elevation, the form of the poddevom impact the rigidness of the hook, his perseverance and holding home. Despite the fact that hooks with high as well as angular poddevom have much less zatsepistost, they observed smaller sized celebrations and they better maintain the nozzle.
  • Hurting— puncturing end of the hook for angling that provides it permeating power. The lack or existence of small teeth (“barb” Fig 1-7) stops release of the hook as well as quickly the fish with it, is the major identifying feature of the stinger. On top of that, it can have both straight as well as rounded type, as well as the variation in both instructions from the plane of the forearm.

3. Precise dimensions and sturdiness (an examination) of the hook is identified by its size, width, size of the cable where they are made as well as the optimum load which this fishing accessory is able to stand up to (Fig-2).

Not all manufacturers show this info on the product packaging of items, several are restricted only to loved one dimension — — “Size”, expressed as a number or numbers. Each of the countries-leaders in the manufacture of fishing products, have their own numbering.

Despite the fact that it is considered one of the most typical worldwide system adopted in England, the Russian is a lot more acceptable to residential fishermen.

In contrast to the worldwide numbering, which is the smallest angling hook with a width of 1.7 mm corresponds to the largest space — — No. 24, Russian standard numbers are designated in rising order of size from No. 2 to No. 12, and also the number value represents the size of the product in millimeters (see tab.).

4. Finishing— a corrosion-resistant layer that secures the item from oxidation. As layers are widely made use of bluing, chrome-plating, zinc, anodizing and nickel. Smudged hooks include a black, chrome– mirror-white, anodized yellow or bronze, galvanized silver matte.

5. Profile— a geometric shape representing the random sample of the angling hook. The bulk of Kruchonykh products produced from cord, so it has a circular random sample, but forged accessories with oval and rectangular profile standing for the item of boosted toughness, not considered an exemption.

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