Just how and also what to catch redfish in our waters

Perch — — a fish that has long been called so for huge eyes (from «« Oka » ). One of one of the most common fish in our waters. Discovered in Russia, virtually widely, chooses the warm climate, big amounts present in lowland rivers, lakes, and also brackish components of the White, Baltic as well as Azov seas.

The dimension of the perch can be vary substantially depending upon the details kind of fish. On average, its length has to do with 20 cm More than half a meter giant sizes just get to a deepness Humpbacks.

Perch is a fish of prey. Ichthyologists say that the fish varieties might proactively search both night and day. Yet frequently hunting perch tries to visit the duration of twilight (early morning or evening). Commonly live in off — — the bass fell to the preference of seaside vegetation in such conditions the fish are easier to disguise. Typically perches concealed in the recesses of the piers, jetties, piles under water. Right here the fish are not so warm in the summer season. Deep-sea perch to sanctuary try to look for snag pits, deep pools and high cliffs.

Just how to choose the nozzle and also lure for perch

Bass is «« omnivorous » killer: you might eat numerous small animals: little crustaceans-gammarids, larvae of insects, worms as well as leeches, and also little fry, little young frogs, gobies as well as shipovymi. Bass is not specifically enumerates in food, which can be a tip to a novice angler.

When angling for perch you require to pay attention to the period: various times of the year fish may provide choice to any type of certain «« special ». Let’s attempt to comprehend the fundamental kinds of lure.


This kind of bait anglers frequently select: it is very easy to locate in the barnyard in places where perepelova manure. The worm is red-brown shade has a really distinct fragrance that will certainly bring in perch. Before fishing this lure, you need to lie down in a box with turf. If you are hunting for a major deep-water bass on a solitary hook is better to put the bait on multiple worms.


Fishing for perch on bloodworm is a fantastic option for the fisherman. The reality that this kind of lure is for fish, health food, given that the larvae Dergunov and also mosquitoes frequently conceal in the muddy base of fish ponds, lakes, rivers. Bloodworm is best to use throughout wintertime angling. For angling you will need unique hooks for add-on of such lure. One hook is typically worn approximately 3-4 baits bloodworm in one package.


This sort of lure represents the blowflies. They have a cone-shaped form, qualified by brilliant white, or light yellow color. Maggots are well kept the hook. And their survivability enables the angler to cast into the water mixing the bait, which is drawing in bass. Maggots are often made use of throughout the summer season catching bass when other lures observed a smaller bite.


Use leeches as lure is suggested only in case that you are hunting for huge deep-sea perch. The nozzle is also well fit for summer fishing. Leeches also responsible keep adequate wheelchair. This sort of bait is recommended to fishermen who execute fishing for perch in the forest lakes.

Larvae of dragonflies

This sort of lure can be found in standing waters or river bays. Gather the larvae in the stems of marine grasses where they frequently creep. This lure is great in April-may. It was throughout this duration larvae from the water relocated to the Staley plant, where and also end up being a special to coastal fish.

The bull-sandy

In recent years, this tiny fish is particularly typical in fresh water, where it becomes «« food » for bigger fish. To capture a lure in the sandy shallows in lots. As the nozzle of the bulls clinging to the hooks. In the process of fishing, nonetheless, need to make certain that the bait does not jumped as well as not dived into the rocks at the end of the storage tank. Attempt to maintain the rod at a distance from the bottom of the pond.

Obviously, you can select for perch and also other baits — — we have actually listed only one of the most common variations for summer season as well as winter season angling. By the way, is the bait to our data source you can get already on arrival to stockpile on it beforehand is not required.

Perch angling in the estate «« Maksimikha »

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