Exactly how to pick a thermos

Often a thermos is often called that, it just seems that these low quality phonies, not holding temperature, and also simply immiteret look thermos, and also the majority of them, simply no deep vacuum in between the walls of the thermos.

The history of the flask is connected with both brands Thermos and also Stanley. Thermos was the very first who invented and also began to produce glass Cup, and also the second of Stanley is a popular reality that prior to anybody figured out how to do the thermos solid steel. Steel thermoses, even more dependable and resilient.

A thermos is essentially a bulb that has the inner part and also the outer wall surface of the housing. As well as thermos is «« light bulb », which is between the flask and also the wall surface of the housing, no air. Ie there is a vacuum. The lack of air avoids the transmission of temperature from the inside bulb to the outdoors, and also from outside to inside. Just how deep a vacuum between the walls, so it is far better to have

the thermos insulation. There are numerous other elements that affect the retention temperature level in the flasks from different manufacturers:

  • Basic loss temperatures of the flasks have the valve-cover, to improve the warm insulation, cover make from and with vacuum cleaner layer
  • Try to stop the transfer of temperature between the bulb and also the external wall utilizing a selection of products as well as layers.
  • Tiger thermoses, as an example, optionally in a vacuum cleaner put a layer of copper foil, which even more stops the transmission of thermal radiation, which passes through the vacuum.
  • Each producer has their own «« secret innovation» » for insulation, which he did not disclose. The selection of thermos, it is much better to count on unbiased evaluations, tests and of program the age of the brand.

There is a small list of world-famous brands of thermoses, which have actually gotten popularity due to its top quality, the approach to innovation and layout. And obviously, thanks to the main point: the examination of time!

Various other brands on the marketplace multitude of these brand-new emerging products, which have their very own favorable and negative sides. Yet so far none of them failed in their attributes as well as results of examinations and variety of positive client evaluates to obtain closer to the leading 4– Thermos, Stanley, Tiger, Zojirushi.

An intriguing feature a lot of the leading brand names from the «« Japanese. » Thermos in 1989 began to create along with Japanese thermos brand name thermos Nissan(Nippon Sanso), and in honor of this remains in the series of a couple of thermoses so called «« Thermos Nissan ».

Tiger is a household– run Japanese firm, began manufacturing vacuum flasks since 1923. A large range of items from thermochromic and thermoses to slow stoves and also pots and pans.

Zojirushi is a Japanese producer of vacuum flasks because 1948.

And also just mark Stanley, showed up in 1915 in the United States, continued to be «« American» stamp » on today. Although the manufacturing in 2002 was transferred to China. Naturally, under special guidance by the head office in Seattle (Washington state).

The majority of thermoses are made in China, and also it’s not bad! Now all the huge companies– any kind of from the building kits to cellphones as well as TVs, are harvested/produced in China. Yes, there are «« Bad » however there are «« Good» China » and also « Brand China ». All of it depends on the level as well as control of top quality standards that are installed in the workplace. Of course all of the above brand name leaders thermos — — Thermos, Stanley, Tiger, Zojirushi is manufactured in China for its one-of-a-kind modern technology and also very reverent technique to top quality.

Keeping the temperature level of the thermos. This concern is tough to promptly navigate, as each model has its own particular characteristics and conditions described in the attached directions.

Still there are attributes that you may desire to recognize:

  • The greater the better of the thermos, the longer it keeps the temperature. If you are interested in longer time of warm insulation of the thermos as well as the measurements are not important– take a thermos flask with a quantity of 1.5 l and above.
  • Maintain the temperature of the day! When a maker says that a thermos maintains the temperature level 24 hrs, this does not imply that temperature is, for instance, coffee will coincide via the day. According to European regulations «« warm » is if in 12 hours the temperature level of the components of the thermos dropped from 100 ° C to 70 ° C, as well as by American standards are enabled for 12 hours to 50 ° C. Of program, it is much better to look at those even more specific pledges that are composed in the handbook for each design.

« « Good » retention temperature for various types of flasks that can be considered:

  • insulated cups (0.4– 0.5 l)– warm — — 8 hours/cold —
  • 12 hrs thermos of 1 l and above 24 hours

Here is an instance of «« terrific values» » had by some designs of thermos:

  • Stanley Master 1.3 l— maintain warm: 40 hrs/ maintains cold: 35 h or 160 hours frozen components.
  • Thermos NCB-18B Rocket Black 1.8 l — — keep cozy time: 48 hrs/ maintains cool: 48 PM
  • Tiger MHK-A120 XC, 1.2 L. temperature after 6 hours: 78 ° C/ temperature in 24 hours: 55 ° C

* It is important to keep in mind that these terms differ from each other truly is trivial. The difficulty is, usual standards for this. As well as offered temperature level, for example, is valid for Stanley at the exact same temperature of the ambient air, and Tiger in the other. And also relative examinations give a minimal distinction of 3-5 ° C.

Decide what kind of tasks you need a thermos?

  • Thermo— for day-to-day usage in the city
  • Thermos for sporting activities
  • Thermos 1 l 1, 2 l— universal service for the city, the suburbs, and going
  • Thermos 2 l or even more— for camping or homes
  • A thermos with a broad neck for very first as well as second programs in Hiking on nature
  • Portable flasks for tourism
  • Little cold box— for a small lunch to function

Do not fail to remember to examine with the seller what kind of insulation is used in the required model when you purchase thermos. Pick only those models that make use of vacuum cleaner insulation– other options are not thermoses.

Examine the flask for splits, discolorations, and so on, Pour the liquid into the thermos, close as well as invert the flask should not leak. A similar experiment repeat with the boiling water.

The examination flask after the purchase:

  1. Pour right into a thermos of boiling water (with the thermos), and also wait 3-5 minutes. If the outdoors warms up thermos, after that the thermos is declined.
  2. Other than a thermostat to inspect just how the temperature transforms the material of the thermos, you can not. However worth a try!
  3. Theromos rinse with boiling water.
  4. Close and let stand 2-3 minutes. You heat the flask inside.
  5. Drain the boiling water as well as carefully put your favorite tea or coffee in a thermos.
  6. Shut the thermos and also don’t open it for 6-8 hours
  7. And afterwards try the coffee if you it’s still warm– so this is a great thermos!


  • Don’t drop the thermos on the flooring. Such screening will not withstand also a trustworthy thermos. Can sprinkle it, then pass will not, but his laser soldering joints broken and also a layer of vacuum in between the light bulb of the mi corps will certainly be loaded with air as well as a thermos of stop to maintain cozy
  • Do not attempt to specifically warm or cool in the fridge freezer for your thermos. The vacuum cleaner room will certainly not permit you to heat food in a thermos, but if you freeze a thermos with fluid inside, it is most likely due to displacement of ice will damage thermos cover
  • Rare version of flasks can be washed in the dish washer (usually on the top shelf). Make sure to take notice of it when reading the directions
  • None of the thermoses you can’t reheat in the microwave. The exemptions are some cool boxes for Lunches, which have inside a ceramic or plastic containers. These inserts are specifically made for leak-proof transportation of food as well as heating in a microwave oven.

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