Hunting, with goose dummies

For successful searching for a goose the lure is necessary. The best impact is offered by profiles and also packed geese. They attract their loved ones, providing the perception of a vibrant flock.

Seeing the birds, a flock rests near them. At this point, the seeker opens up fire.

Making stuffed foam

The printed or attracted image of the goose is cut off and also outlined its summary: on one sheet the entire body, on the other — — only the wing

. Connect the themes to the foam sheet and overview with a pencil. To produce one packed animal you will need 2 accounts of the whole body of the bird and also 2 profiles of the wings.

Next, carry out the complying with activities: Cut out the profiles on the markup.

  • Extruded foam sheet is very easy to reduce with a building blade. We glue the accounts with a canister of foam. Place the connected parts under journalism.
  • An additional option: we secure the parts right into clamps. After about 35-40 minutes, when the parts get hold of, you can start to refine them. We start with roughing the surface with a construction knife. Additionally level the surface with sandpaper.
  • In order for the goose to be steady in water, you will need a keel. We make it from a fragment of a metalplastic pipe. Owners for it are mounted in pre-made openings in all-time low of the designs. Fixed with foam.


Keep in mind! Embezzled geese need to have one of the most realistic look.

It is recommended to impregnate plywood accounts with linseed oil. This will make the product waterproof. After all, even if the dummy is not in the water, it will certainly still be subjected to moisture in an open location. Extensively require to be treated with linseed end components of the format.

Paint ought to be applied just on an entirely dry surface area. Most often, layouts are repainted with oil formulations with the addition of a percentage of kerosene. This component will certainly permit you to obtain a matte surface area that will certainly not radiate.

A great option — water-based paint. Pigment of the wanted color is included in the white base.

The resulting finish will certainly be boring. Sample layout Metal

profiles removed with unique scissors. Next off, we clean the sides from burrs. Prepared components align with a club.

Beginners are wondering whether to choose galvanized iron for making a version. The paint on galvanizing does not hold too dependably, so the models have to be tinted regularly. Yet galvanized metal nearly does not rust. In non-galvanized iron, the merits are turned around. The rustic surface area in color looks like the plumage of the mallard and, in addition, does not radiate. Although it must be kept in mind that tinted products last a lot longer.

Alternatively, some steel masters select aluminum or plastic. The negative aspect of these materials is that the paint does not adhere well to them.

All set packed foam plastic for example ducks

Placement regulations

The success of searching depends on the correct setup of baits. Accounts need to be mounted at various angles of sight, to make sure that, depending upon the approach side, the group sees solid photos of birds, and not end parts. In the facility, photos of feeding geese are usually positioned, and also at the edges, guards.

Before growing, a flock of geese makes 1-2 circles to make sure the security of the site. If flocks are circling around, but do not take a seat, and this is not the very first time, you require to think of the performance of the lure.

Geese do not remain on the edge of the field, they pick a location 200– 300 m from the border or closer to the center of the story. A small flock( as much as 20 birds )is kept in a heap, at a range of 2-3 m from each other. In a little flock there go to least 1– 2 security guards. Huge flocks are much less compact, here the birds are divided from each various other at distances of 3– 6 m.

Note! Geese never relocate a line.

Stuffed geese are urged to arrange the arc, horseshoe, comma, in the form of letters V or J. This plan will enable the birds to sit down promptly to discover an area amongst the versions. Layouts require to be transformed headlong into the wind.

Searching will require a great deal of stuffed accounts or animals — — at the very least 30– 40 devices. The even more impressive the group, the far better, given that geese prefer to sit down at huge concentrations of birds. The attractions themselves should be as practical as possible, ideally full-volume. An instance of a correct fit is displayed in the number listed below.

Experienced hunters put dummies in tiny “families” — — 10– 12 systems each. There is a tiny distance between households (as much as 10 m). Seated in a semicircle, the location of the proposed touchdown is inside this figure. Below and outfit hunting ambush (zasidku).

Moving designs are always better to static ones. They develop the effect of a living bird, so geese take a seat more willingly to such dummies.

Shiny packed pets frighten wild birds. Such products are often found in the affordable price category. Radiate can appear on the most costly stuffed pet, if you leave it at evening outside. By early morning, the surface of the design is covered with frost, as an outcome of which it begins to shine.

Goose hunting will certainly not succeed if the birds are positioned too near each other. For them, this is a clear signal of threat, since a group behaves this way when something intimidates her.

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