Ice screws for winter season fishing

Approaching an additional season of ice angling, and also hundreds of hundreds of fishermens are preparing your main tool for wintertime angling ice screws.

But so prepared for the brand-new season, anglers with experience, as well as beginners who for the very first time in my life I want to fish from the ice, tormented by the inquiry — just how to select ice screws for winter season — angling? These anglers have much experience or deep expertise on the topic. Try to understand regarding what are ice-axes, and also just how to choose an ideal on your own. The primary attributes of ice screws Sorts of knives for ice screws. What where to apply? Experienced anglers preparing for fishing, I attempt to know ahead of time the top quality of the ice on the

fish pond, where they collect to fish. They want thick ice or otherwise, completely dry or wet, if damp, just viscous or still flaky? Depending on the condition of the ice screws is a certain type of knives. The stores that sell fishing devices, you can detect the following kinds of blades:

direct; hemispherical form; two-stage, three-stage; gear.

  • There


are not all sort of knives on the racks, you can find new kinds, because engineers are frequently functioning to improve existing versions and develop new ones.

Usually, followers of winter angling on your picks place straight knives. They are quite effective for drilling of any type of ice, only, as an example, to pierce them raw ice would certainly be much heavier than dry.

In the spring, when the ice becomes soaked and damp, the angler will have to invest wonderful initiative to drill also one opening. Anglers chasing bass, occasionally for fishing nasverliv two or 3 dozen holes. A number of them placed screws in the spring of serrated blades. They are suitable for drilling crude and viscous ice, due to the fact that they have a smaller get in touch with location of the cutting edge with thick ice than other sorts of knives.

Two-stage as well as three-stage blade developed for drilling openings in extremely dry ice. The reducing sides of such blades are arranged in 2 or three levels, they are not cut, and fall apart, frosty solidified carbon dioxide.

Spherical knives, along with straight, global, they can be pierced any kind of ice. The huge disadvantage of such blades is they are really difficult high quality to sharpen by hand. It is practically impossible, without unique devices, to keep equal angle all along the semicircular surface area.

The auger of the ice: what are what to take note?!

The primary purpose of the auger of the ice — — elimination of friable ice during the drilling of wells. The diameter of the auger figures out the size of the hole that the angler drills out.

Typically, the auger is welded to the axis of the ice-drill with place weld or continual line throughout the call with the body.

As already pointed out, depending on the size of the auger and also knives, relies on the size of the pierced hole. Both residential and also foreign manufacturers generate models that can be drilled hole diameter:

  • 90 mm;
  • 100 mm;
  • 110 mm;
  • 130 mm;
  • 150 mm;
  • 200 mm.

When choosing the size of the ice must be aware that:

  • tiny holes much easier to pierce than big;
  • in a small hole not fit large fish like the bream.

The most preferred amongst anglers are the devices to drill openings with a diameter 110 as well as 130 mm. With openings of this size will fit most types of fish, also pike considering approximately 6 pounds. Fishermens specializing in capturing big fish, it may be suggested to utilize ledoburami that enables traders to make in the ice openings with a diameter of 150 mm.

The deal with of the ice and also instructions of turning throughout drilling

To pierce an opening the Patriotic ice screws, it is needed to revolve counterclockwise around its axis, imported ice screws right turning, that is, it is required to turn clockwise. For the novice in ice angling this subtlety practically doesn’t matter, as well as the angler with the experience to relocate from the domestic imported instrument will certainly be tough routine issue.

Until recently, the Russian choices packaged with plastic manages that did not tolerate severe frosts and also harsh therapy — — split. Experienced anglers they were covered with air duct tape and band-aid, therefore raising the stamina. Recently the circumstance is transforming right — — a domestic ice-axes were fitted with a «« cozy » as well as rubberized manages that are not afraid of chilly and also shock.

The linking nodes have ice screws

The size of any ice screws not much less than five feet. So that an ice pick can be conveniently transported in automobiles, as well as it is their measurements do not interfere with other individuals, it is equiped with systems to momentarily reduce the length of the tool. This outcome is attained either with the assistance of a telescopic tool connecting the lower as well as upper device or with the help of the system, enabling to fold up the device in fifty percent. The majority of anglers acquiring a brand-new drill, prefer tool that can be folded up.

The sorts of ice screws
Manual screws

Certainly, many fans of winter angling favor hand devices. Hand-picks several times less costly, lighter, much more portable their mechanized equivalents. If the angler moves the storage tank walking, not with lorries, not with his hands will pull MOTOBLUR, which evaluates considerably extra hand devices. Motorized equipment creates more noise that can scare fish.

Nonetheless, there may be scenarios when it is far better to make use of Motomura, obviously, if economic possibilities enable the angler to have it. For instance, when there is a need to drill a few loads openings in a viscous as well as thick ice, obviously, it is much better to use the current success of technological development — — motoraduni.

Fuel ice screws for winter angling

Most typically, motonori for fishing producers set the two-stroke fuel engines from one to three horse power. Two-stroke engines motobaro work with a blend of gas and oil in the ratio of 40:1. Engines motobaro for angling from widely known business adapted to winter problems as well as wind up in any frost. Weight gas auger can get to 10 kgs.

Electric ice screws for winter months fishing

Electric picks have a variety of advantages over gasoline ones, they:

  • have a reduced expense;
  • run basically quiet;
  • have less weight.

The motor of an electrical drill is driven by using the internal battery. Generally, supplied to the Boers is, with the aid of the battery can be recharged from the cigarette lighter of a car or various other motorized transport cars. In most models of electro-drills the possibility of replacing the regular screw on one more higher or smaller diameter.

Screws with a drill for wintertime angling

Recently, among the fans of ice fishing is acquiring in popularity use for piercing ice auger mix plus screwdrivers. In order to use this mix, fisherman along with the screw as well as screwdriver have to obtain an adapter adapter. With his aid interconnect the screw and also screwdriver.

Imported hand-picks, as an example, companies Mora, do not call for modification of the adapter, they have the opportunity of utilizing the screw along with the screwdriver, or another engine — electric or petroleum. Adapt domestic screws for the defined combination can not every person — needs proficient hands to remodel the adapter.

To pierce efficiently could be used in mix with a screw, it requires to have the complying with qualities:

  • the battery voltage is not less than 18 V, more would be better, if voltage will certainly be 36V;
  • battery ability is not much less than 2, 5 Ah;
  • torque is not much less than 80 H/m.

Experienced fishermens are advised to make use of drills with Nickel-cadmium batteries, although they are much heavier than lithium ion batteries, but it is much better holding capability in the frost. It is preferable to use screwdrivers from well-known companies such as:

  • Makita;
  • Metabo.

From domestic screwdrivers great for ice angling have actually shown themselves the items of the business «« Interskol ».

Top 5 best ice screws for wintertime fishing

Do not recognize what to pick ice screws for winter season angling? On the pages of fishing websites, you can discover several rankings ledoburov, which show the prevalence of some designs over others. Reviewing these scores, you will certainly notice that there are a couple of names of the designs, gasoline as well as electrical ice screws, relocating from ranking to ranking, right here they are:

  1. Mora Expert Pro
  2. UR-Rapala
  3. Tonar LR-130 classic
  4. Rapala Vortex 33CC-8
  5. Mora Ice Elecric 140
Swedish hand-operated ledobur Mora Expert Pro

Fishermen applaud this model for its sturdiness, performance and also lightweight. Available choices of this version is able to drill openings with a size 110, 130, 150 mm. Geared up with a round knives. The cost of these models from 7000 to 9500 RUB., the price of an extra collection of blades nearly 2,000 rubles

. Mora ice Expert Pro 130. The examination was done on damp ice with a density of 55-60 cm
Finnish hand-operated ledobur UR Rapala

Available in numerous modifications, which are made for piercing openings of different sizes -100, 115, 135, 155, 205 mm. Blades these ice screws are affixed to the removable composite head. The weight of the ice 3 kgs. The price of the Finnish tool is very little greater than domestic samples — — 4-5 thousand rubles, the cost of an extra set of blades not much less than 1500 rubles.

Test screws, Rapala UR EVO. Examined different compatible heads: composite, metal.
The product of the plant of Barnaul — «— « Tonar LR-130 classic »

Little substandard in its integrity and also performance Western equivalents. Its weight is 2.5 kg. the Cost of residential ice — 1400-1500 rubles. Ice-axes TONAR (Barnaul, chooses)

Finnish MOTOBLUR Rapala Vortex 33CC-8

Popular in Russia. It is completely adjusted to the winter months cold — begins in any type of frost. Equipped with two-stroke engine with a capability of 1, 3 HP weight 12, 5 kg. screw diameter 200 mm. Its approximated expense is 21 thousand.

Presentation motoleggera Rapala Vortex V33cc
The drill of Sweden Mora Ice Elecric 140

Honored is a leader in numerous rankings electric ice screws. Below are its abilities: it can run from inner battery as well as from outside source of power, as an example, from a network of snow sled, which in his variation includes a cable television size of 3.5 meters. Battery ability enough to pierce regarding twenty openings with a size of 150 mm ice density of one meter. The product evaluates (without screw) 10 pounds. Approximate cost is 19 thousand rubles.

Demonstration of the Mora Ice drill Electric 140

How to choose ice screws for winter season angling

There is no question that of the main requirements for the choice of ice screws for lots of fans of winter season fishing will certainly be the price. And the present series of devices for drilling ice, provided on the racks of the fishing stores, enables you to make a good selection of items to the fishermen with various economic capacities.

The owner of the Russian version of ice screws «« Tonar» » for fifteen hundred rubles can not get on the ice in a more beneficial setting than the angler, puncturing the ice with the costly imported tool, as domestic knives is a lot less blunt, if what the pressure frozen in the ice the trash. And are Russian knives more affordable than imported equivalents.

If the claimed things of capturing smaller fish, it is not needed to purchase screws with a screw of huge diameter, it will certainly be more difficult to pierce than a smaller sized diameter tool.

The angler happens on the ice a couple of times during the period, it is unlikely you require a pricey MOTOBLUR. Bring for a mechanized technique he will certainly be hard if the fishermen moves on the water angling just on foot. However the fishermen who has motocoach or any various other snowmobile, and you have one angling to pierce numerous loads holes, bensabeur or an electric drill will certainly can be found in useful. Anglers strolling angling sustainable business can together to buy an expensive mechanized drill.

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