Ice screws, option, running regulations

Ice screws for fishing are used just when freezing, it offers to drill openings. The form is right, round, and also this result can not be accomplished.

Ice angling from the ice is remarkable and intriguing; during this duration, tiny baits are made use of to capture fish, as well as they get into the water only after fishermens make use of ice screws. This device is just one of one of the most essential for the winter season fisher; without it, angling will certainly not function. Currently there are several types of ice screws, distinguish them by different qualities.

Using the drill does not scare away the fish, the sound from this device at a low level does not hurt the angling. The device and the principle of operation are very comparable to the crank, which is used in building and construction.

In retail electrical outlets you can find universal versions that are made use of both for angling and also for building objectives. Such ice-drills will not cut off the ice on the fish pond, but will divide off pieces of various dimensions.

Kinds of icebreakers and their price

In specialized shops will offer numerous kinds of ice screws, identify them by kind of drive:

  • Handheld has one of the most distribution. Ice can be drilled using it with your hands. There are one-handed versions, in which the manage is situated on the same axis with the screw. Two-handed differ deals with spaced apart on various sides of the axis. The price of this type of model starts from 1500 rubles.
  • Gasoline powered by an interior burning engine, this version has actually dawned to be excellent at reduced temperatures. With an ice drill on fuel, you can pierce openings of large diameter, yet the exhaust gases as well as the noise from the engine operating can terrify the fish. The cost of the item varies from 25-50 thousand rubles, it depends upon lots of added variables.
  • Electric is driven by battery power. Advantages are reduced sound degree during operation as well as high performance with sufficiently convenient operation. A quality ice drill, powered by electrical power, will certainly cost from 18 to 30 thousand rubles.

Each of these versions has either a telescopic layout, or a detachable handle. These attributes will streamline transportation, will certainly permit to pierce a hole in a reservoir with a considerable layer of frozen ice.

Gadget and characteristics

The device for drilling holes in ice includes the following parts:

  • Handles, for the hand-operated version, they serve straight as a functioning component, as well as in electric or gas they permit you to hold the ice drill in the correct position about the ice.
  • The auger is located below the take care of as well as is utilized to extract ice when exploration. It is a spiral constructed from long lasting sheet steel.
  • The cutting component is the end of the product and is accountable for cutting right into the ice. It can be stood for by knives or a monolithic reducing head.

ProductIce screws are usually produced from cold rolled steel sheets with high-quality layer over the whole surface. There are designs of titanium, but the toughness and also agility of such an item totally crosses out the noise at the office, the buzzing hum scares away all the fish in the area. Additionally, a lot of ice on titanium products is usually frozen with low thermometer analyses.

Iron is seldom used, the strength of such a product will certainly be high, but the weight will certainly not permit to mix over cross countries.

For ease, the handle covered with tough rubber, for such a material is comfortable to hold, it prevents slipping, does not give frost in hands.

Ice screws are made from top quality steel.

Measurements and also weight of ice screws

Essential device sizes will be the screw diameter and also length. The initial indicator influences the dimension of the hole, the depth of boring depends upon the 2nd one.

The average weight of an ordinary ice-breaker varieties from 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg, titanium versions will evaluate an order of size less.

In the unravelled type, the drill can be from 1.5 m to 1.9 m, however this figure can be increased by an unique expansion.

Screw dimensions

The fisherman independently chooses the called for screw diameter, this sign is affected by the size of the fish in the pond.

screw diameter in mm function of the ice drill version
90-100 mm for sporting activity fishing
110-130 mm under the equilibrium weight and also mormyshku
150 mm for zherlits
180-250 mm for big fish

The most usual initial 2 alternatives, the latter is utilized incredibly rarely.

Kinds of blades for ice screws

Ice-screwing is finished with knives by the producer, frequently on the items one can meet two of their types.


This types is found on designs of icebreakers of domestic manufacturing. Amongst the advantages experienced fishermen kept in mind schedule when getting, convenience of substitute if essential, compactness, the opportunity of developing in your home. The disadvantage is the frequent cracking of the edges of knives of this type.


Such knives are discovered in imported icebreakers, the advantages are level of smoothness throughout drilling, the practically complete absence of noise, top quality boring of old holes, superb work also on wet ice.

This type of drill blade is divided by configuration:

  • straight lines are identified by a definitely smooth reducing side;
  • semicircular have a smooth rounded shape;
  • equipments vary in an edge with the cuts reminding teeths;
  • the steps have 2 actions with a straight side on each.

Straight lines as well as ledges are considered universal, it is suggested to use semicircular for hard ice, and also rugged ones will certainly assist in boring wet soft ice.

Which ice drill to choose

It will certainly be tough for a newbie to choose a model option, and a lot more skilled anglers can not always locate the appropriate design. Before you shop, you need to thoroughly examine the marketplace and also all the necessary info, talk with more seasoned associates, read reviews concerning a particular ice-breaking model.

Picking an ice drill, you ought to pay attention to this:

  • The size of the rod, depends on it the optimum density of ice that you can drill. This indication can be boosted with special extenders.
  • The diameter of the screw, the most prominent are the versions with indicators of 100-130 mm.
  • The sound level when drilling, the loudest are titanium products, the remainder of the indicators are about the very same.
  • Schedule of the cutting element, blades particularly. Choosing a model deserves asking if you can discover extra knives in other stores.
  • Weight, you must not choose really light models, in transportation they will certainly reveal themselves completely, however throughout the exploration procedure added efforts will certainly be needed.

If in the future it is planned to use an ice drill for drilling the earth, it is originally needed to clear up the existence of special augers for a certain design.

Check the honesty of the handles on the deal with and the visibility of a casing for blades before getting. These components will help protect the item from damage of numerous kinds.

Rules of operation and also storage space of ice screws

With appropriate procedure and appropriate storage space conditions, the ice drill will certainly serve faithfully for many years. For this you need:

  • upon arrival home after each application of an icebreaker, cover all its parts with a thin layer of engine oil;
  • do not knock the product on the ice, the knives in this situation quickly become dull or break;
  • it is unconditionally undesirable to get rid of frozen freeze open fire, the properties of the metal change as well as the ice drill will promptly become pointless;
  • it is advisable to quickly bring back the damaged auger finishing upon arrival house, or else it will certainly not be feasible to avoid deterioration;
  • it is not recommended to put a wet drill in the snow;
  • Do not knock on icy knives with a hammer or various other objects.

Store the product in a completely dry trendy area, at the end of the period it ought to be thoroughly inspected, lubricate all knees as well as threaded joints, paint scrapes on the auger and handles. Only cautious care will certainly assist to extend the service life of ice screws for a long period of time.

Ice screws are an important device for the angler, without which there can be no winter months fishing whatsoever. Correctly picked model and also careful treatment will certainly enable you to enjoy your favored activity.

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