If You Were Stuck On An Island With One Lure, What Would It Be?

That lure would need to be a marabou jig due to the fact that I have actually captured a wide variety of freshwater fish as well as also some bonefish in Belize on the feathered jig. The attraction is an excellent fish catcher since I can use it to imitate a range of forage including minnows, shad and shrimp.

I have actually never ever been a castaway, but if I ever had the misery of being shipwrecked as well as stranded on a remote island I would certainly want one attraction that would certainly capture both freshwater and also deep sea fish. The attraction is exceptionally versatile as well as can

be used for numerous discussions. I can reel it in gradually as well as twitch my rod tip to swim the jig and attract trout right into attacking. When I let it sink to the base and also rip it up and let it fall again, the jig additionally causes lots of strikes from trout. I have also caught trout by jumping it off all-time low to attract the fish’s focus and after that letting it sit for several secs on the bottom. Which draws the fish to the appeal as well as tempts the trout right into biting when it clears up on the base the jig’s feathers flare out. Letting the jig fall as well as drift with current is another efficient way to provide the lure.

I have actually caught many white bass, trout as well as smallmouth bass in rivers with this discussion. The marabou jig is likewise suitable for upright jigging in cover such as logs, weeds and stumps.

I can drop it into holes of vegetation or alongside logs as well as either allow the jig sit motionless next to the target or slightly shiver it to set off a strike from fish prowling in the cover. A marabou jig can likewise be avoided across the surface area to mimic a baitfish taking off from a predator fish preying on top of the

water. Burning the marabou jig by reeling at a fast pace and after that stopping the fetch as well as allowing the jig fall is an additional effective method to activate attacks. I additionally improve my marabou jigs by tipping the attraction with a small minnow, worm or perhaps a bit of skin from a larger baitfish. This addition to the jig gives some added flash to the attraction and a natural taste. When a fish inhales the jig and live bait combo it maintains the bait much longer and also gives me more time to establish the hook. Since I have captured a broad range of freshwater fish as well as also some bonefish in Belize on the feathered jig,

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