Blow up boat, PVC

Diverse deliberately, «« naduvnoj » feature as the secure movement of the water with numerous areas (at the very least 3) that offer standing.

PVC boat love vodnomotornikov for compactness, simplicity and ease of usage.

What is the distinction in between PVC boat

The material for the test, we began to gather in advance. If evaluating a single circumstances can be sorted out during the day, to share a couple of similar watercrafts in groups and contrast their attributes — — not a simple task. For beginners, we classify the choice requirements.

The size of the boat. It depends upon the size of the storage tank of use, number of travelers, the electric motor, the schedule of suitable cars for transport (normally the trunk of a station wagon, or house trailer).

The product of the soles. This is usually waterproof plywood with edging of Al-profile and metal stringers. Much less — — cellular steel deck, inflatable bottom, low pressure (NDND), or high (Airdeck). Slatted floor covering small rowing boats, difficult light weight aluminum, or fiberglass all-time low of RIBA left out of the short article.

Contours. Given the huge size as well as the specifics of the bonding material, it is possible to designate principal part of the reduced body. The most common subcrenata timeless form with Central keel, as well as modest deadrise at the transom. Passages with air discharge provide skagi on the cyndrical tubes to obtain a screen effect. Inflatable bases vary from entirely flat to keeled. For severe problems all-time low of the boost («« data » )high molecular weight polyethylene.

The cylinders of product– PVC textile of various thickness. Hypalon inadequately dispersed because of the high cost(the major advantage — the capability to make it through for long periods under the sun). Rubberized material in the last century, considering that it required better attention as well as care.

The approach of securing the cans-seats as well as attachments the hinges on the cylinders, or connecting Lectro-likes. The last is extra comfy and also practical, so be useful the large bulk of makers.

Select to contrast

If you come close to the problem in one of the most meticulously, this examination will certainly lead to a whole book committed to «« rezinomotornaya fleet.» » At the exact same time to judge all the watercrafts of PVC on a solitary instance is wrong. Consequently, we selected one instance of each prominent size of 360-370 cm

After the traditional models depended defend proven «« Cayman N-360 ». Inflatable base low pressure — — the Flagship carrier of ardeca picked Badger, not missing out on the chance to check its adjustment with metal soles.

Model Kind bottoms Weight, kg PLM, l/s Ø of the cylinder, cm
Kayman N-360 Plywood soles, 2 stringer 70 kg (2 x 35) + stringers 25-30 46
Badger SL370AL Light weight aluminum soles, 4 stringer 80 kg (2 x 40) 25 45
Badger FL360AD Airdeck 55 kg 15 43
The flagship 360U NDND 45 kg 20 47

Expectations relieve from the watercraft with light weight aluminum soles compared to plywood is not warranted. Partially responsible for this design. If «« plywood » Cayman for cylinders as well as bottoms utilized a various product with a density of from 850 to 1150, the Badger all made from PVC 1100 g/m2.

Fall workshop

The starting point for the navigation in the «« air » variation is develop boats. To contrast the moment, we were split into teams of two and began to work.

Unloading from the automobile. In this category leads Paolina timeless design as the package is in two reasonably small bags of approximately equivalent weight. Removing 2 seats to 35 kg it is a lot easier for your back than one, however weighing 50 pounds.

Spread our wings. When the team NDND completed to expand the covering, ««» Pionki » remained in the process of setting up the deck and also setting up the stringers. Airdeck was in the center, because in order to insert a few boards, a lot of the time not required. Triumph in the classification for inflatable bottom reduced pressure.

Always prepared! Pumping up the boats needed to be carried out in 2 phases. The reality that the first teams with blow up bases utilized two-stage compressors « Bravo» » and Pioline — normal «« frog ». We considered the conditions of competition are unequal, and all began to pump routine foot single chamber pumps. This turn of occasions, the group with NDVD accepted without excitement, consequently, it was on the penultimate location. Because «« stuff » ardek to the ticket pressure as well as did not work — — decreased the pipe.

In a great way. Initially wanted to hold a race at optimal rate under power 25 power. However as it turned out, in a comparable size version with inflatable base have a reduced optimum power of the engine. So I needed to opt for trusted ««»Amahai » -15. This PLM is still very easy to put on one, however four people with confidence slide.

Of unique reference is the bring case. Everyone suched as the top quality and strength of Cayman plans, nonetheless, if you need sanctuary from the climate with waterproof material Badger, regardless of the reduced toughness, has the advantage.

Full speed ahead!

We checked the watercraft with one captain, together with the passenger on the front Bank, as well as with four passengers. Rate efficiency reflected in the table.

Watercraft 1 person 2 individuals 4
Kayman N-360 40 38 36
Badger SL370AL 38 35 32
Badger FL360AD 36 33 32
The front runner 360U 39 35 31

«« Maximum speed»». All subjects revealed themselves quite well. Obviously, to the characteristics as well as rate of 48.5 km/h Caiman with dvadtsatipyatiletnih motor was away, however, nevertheless, the individuals managed the job. Since the objective of screening was not the basic research study of the class of vessels, and examination of consumer high qualities, that we have not made accurate measurements of pressure in the cylinders, the place of the bikers. Although the experiment download To-360 showed a very significant influence modifications weight at rate.

Timing. Setting up alternative with duckboards will not take greater than thirty minutes. To disassemble, wash and also clean the layout after angling, you will require about an hour. This plan has the CLEAR benefit. The Assembly and disassembly you will certainly spend two times much less time.

Features. Speaking about the Airdeck, we note the requirement to buy an electrical pump. To inflate all-time low of the routine «« frog » — lesson for the attentive. Despite a small pressure at a rate over 30 km/h airtek slightly curved, that the vessel might not achieve optimal efficiency. The same applies to complete tons. The engine power also ought to not exceed, as to crazy about four-stroke engines.

Impacts. The bottom of the low pressure surprisingly excited positive feelings. It was quite tough, people stood with confidence. But it is preferable to hide the carpeting from dropping cigarette butts, blades, and additionally from the scorching sun.

Maintainability. Abundant bases, in contrast to paialnik, virtually beyond repair. When left in the sun the housing will certainly rupture at the very least a couple of connections between the top and bottom «« sandwich », the deck will become shapeless «« sausage ». And if Airtec can be replaced by plywood or light weight aluminum soles, NDND is an essential component of the design. This deserves remembering, leaving the boat on the beach or the deck of a yacht.

Sum up

Overall this test validated the purpose of the various subjects.

  • ««» Pajaki » great as the only mobile kit that matches the tough situation.
  • ««» Airtek » will attract fishermen, who do not require a drive of the optimum PLM.
  • NDND glissirovat with marginal motor, softens the blows of the waves, going quickly. Useful as a tender for huge watercraft or luxury yacht in the visibility of a pump or a questionable room for storage.

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