Guy Kung SB-75 (MAN KUNG MK CB75B)

Compound bow, Man Kung CB75 is a tossing tool of the middle cost segment, which is because of the breadth of settings is «« available » and adolescent and an adult male with an elevation under two meters. When setting to the optimum force it is feasible to hunt.

Man Kung SB-75 (MAN KUNG MK CB75B) — — substance bow for novices and also professionals

The description of the weapon

Substance bow with 2 equal-diameter eccentric– the supposed system of the Quad. The deal with made of aluminium with plastic insert for simple grip.

He looks much various from the classic bows– flexible shoulders are practically parallel to the boom.

Advantages as well as disadvantages

The advantage of this bow is the large opportunity of modification of force and also length of stretch marks. With it can handle both teenagers and adult males.

  • Aluminum manage has a plastic insert instead of the grip that makes the bow hold is much more comfy as well as hassle-free.
  • It has a rod-damper of resonance of the string, which allows to accomplish excellent results in firing, it considerably lowers the size of the spreading ellipse.
  • In the bundle there is a release. Although it does not relate to devices expert degree, utilize it rather convenient. It can be adjusted in five positions.
  • Luke wall surface (stress and anxiety relief) gets to 70 percent. He gets to efficiently the height of the initiative is practically not felt.

The obvious disadvantage is that consisted of with the bow is not peep site on the string is not marked notch factor (the emphasis of the shank of the boom). There are four rings that facilitate the positioning of these components.

  • A loophole for a release will have to do on your own, as well as skein of thread is not offered. It must be noted that some on-line stores these drawbacks are made up for by placing and loop, and peep the site (its setting will certainly need to control themselves).
  • To stabilize the bow you need to get the rod-stabilizer, as well as for simplicity of usage– holding stropko (it can be done on your own).
  • On the handle of the bow no installing holes for a quiver.
  • View with 3 pins can be found in the plan, does not have a lighting system. If you intend to obtain this choice, after that acquire a flashlight for which to frame the osprey has a place.

The wire for MAN KUNG CB-75

Purpose This bow is suitable for target capturing and also hunting. Ranges MK-CB75 includes manage as well as take on black or camouflage colors. Maybe a combination of a camouflage handle with black shoulders.
Feature The worth
Type Block
The scheme of building and construction Kvadro, 2 equivalent eccentric
Layout shoulders 2 plates of carbon fiber
The range between the facilities of the blocks (centimeters) 88,9
Base bow (centimeters) 19,7
The maximum tensile pressure (kg) 27
Length of stretch (cm) From 66 to 81
The rate of the arrow’s trip (m/s) 82,3
The manage Light weight aluminum
The weight of the bow Assembly (kg) 1,95
The device is a compound bow man Kung SB-75 (MAN KUNG MK CB75B)
  • Compound bow with a long handle and a shoulder is highly tossed back. 2 equivalent eccentric with the opportunity of change by changing the position of the screw quiting block. Each modification block opening identified with the value of the size of stretch in inches.
  • Shoulders carbon fiber, two identical plates (split system). On the manage they are clamped with one screw, loosening or securing which can increase or reduce the stress.
  • The handle is made from aluminum alloy, it is made just for right-handers. Instead of the grasp has an insert of plastic. Placing openings for the launch of no.
  • Bow is geared up with a rod-a vibration damper, whose position can be readjusted.
  • In the conventional shipment package a fold-up shelf and sight-osprey with 3 pins of a fiber-optic filaments (not highlighted).
Packing as well as selecting

Cardboard box with printing on cover. The bow comes pre-assembled with specified shoulders, a cable system as well as string for MAN KUNG MK CB-75, twisted of the 3 macromolecular threads.

  1. Sight-osprey with 3 pins of colored fiber-optic hairs.
  2. The falling rack.
  3. 2 aluminum arrows with svenciausios (sports) suggestions.
  4. Release, adjustable to 5 positions.
  5. Establish of hex wrenches.

The specified equipment is basic. In online stores, a bow can be outfitted with a loophole for a release and also peep site.

Exactly how to use a bow MK SB-75 (SV-75), see below.

Exactly how to use

If you obtained the bow in the base, then after setting up the racks and also sight you need to install on the string peep site, notch point, and a loophole for a launch. The thread of shelves connected with the cable television system of the bow to ensure that, in her damaged she dropped (back) and does not conflict with the flow of stabilizers of the boom.

The setting of the notch factor– the put on the string where it hinges on the shank of the arrow is established by the line perpendicular to the crossmember, which is put on the rack of the bow. It is far better to wrap the high molecular string kind «« Dyneema », which will certainly reduce wear on the bowstring. A loop of the exact same product engaged between hairs of a bowstring, and also to stop it from splitting there are 2 rings that are installed by the maker of the bow. Two are used for videotaping peep-website– ring through which the shooter sees the view pin and completion of the boom.

The range between notch point and also peep site must be such that the line of view alongside the line of pull of the boom. It is better to utilize a peep website with a so-called nipple– rubber cable, chosen the wire, which prevents rotation of the ring because of the twisting of the bowstring under tension.

You can draw the bow in a fixed setting, if a great deal of power and also dynamics. To do this, lift the handle so that the arrow is pointing up. Concurrently with the decreasing of the bow, pull the bowstring with your right-hand man. With this method the stretch of the bow uses both hands.

Top pin sight used for focusing on the target closest range supposed a straight shot (concerning 30 meters). Reduced for far-off targets, the success of which is a flat trajectory of an arrow wants.

The extended bowstring launch connected to the wrist, which his hook with an eyelet. This is one of the most practical method, however you can use the timeless grip shaft arrowheads with 2 fingers (index and center) or the supposed Indian, which entailed unrevealed (it has a shank), the index and center fingers.

Change of the bow

Controlled by the length of the stretch and the effort.

  • The onion has softened, loosen the shoulders a hex wrench provided with no even more than 3 turns. This need to be done on both branches and also to accurately remember the number of changes. Otherwise you will change the symmetry of the initiatives which the precision will certainly be uncertain, and the shoulders can fracture.
  • Size of streamers is regulated by the setting of securing screws in the blocks (they have a yellow safety layer) unusuals. Near each hole specified length of stretch in inches. This operation must be carried out symmetrically on the upper and also lower excentrico.

Rates and also reviews for compound bow, male Kung SV-75 (CB75 MAN KUNG MK) is offered below.

Prices and also testimonials

On the site of the manufacturer, in the standard configuration, the bow is used for 16670 rubles. In other online stores the cost increases to 17,300 rubles.

Individuals report that bow comfy to use. The wealth of adjustments allows to use it as a devices for training in capturing. With sufficient skills you can place arrowheads in a circle with a size of 15 centimeters at distances up to 50 meters. Harmful pressure of the boom is preserved at a range of one hundred meters.

Comparable versions
  • Comparable in layout, however with a different shape of the handle is a compound bow, the very same business Man Kung CB50. It is shorter– 76.2 cm, even more light-weight– 1.4 kg. Maximum tension is 25 pounds. The breadth of settings and also picking Luke the very same.
  • For teenagers can be recommended compound bow Vortex lite, developed according to the «« Quad »(two equal eccentric), from the company’s Barnett (USA), released the renowned crossbow Ghost. His optimum pressure is 13 pounds, stretching can be readjusted from 56 to 64 cm
  • Excellent evaluations and also substance bows Condor, Orion, Hoyt Rampage, Hawk, Rex as well as the Predator. It stays important to make the appropriate option.

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