MK-80 recursive crossbow

Recursive handgun crossbow MK-80, manufactured by the Taiwanese company Man Kung, is a collection of 3 versions having the same technological attributes, however varying structurally.

Gadget summary

Compact– turn shoulders 40 cm, length 50 cm– recursive crossbow gun type. When making use of high-impact plastic, there are versions with light weight aluminum rail.

As ammunition made use of aluminum and plastic Darts with a size of 6 inches.

Disadvantages and benefits
  • One of one of the most effective crossbows handgun kind. The tensile pressure is 36 extra pounds. Is reasonably simple. All-in-one bow, made of enhanced plastic, is protected by a screw with a tiny allowed backlash. Severe accuracy can not be gotten to.
  • For comfort, there is a stress stirrup and also, most significantly, arm (right as well as left of rail) by which the weapon can be cocked also kids.
  • Integrate automobile, its check box has an outlet on both sides of the body, so a weapon handy as well as left-handers. The trigger device unregulated, with one sear. The descent is not insightful and tight.
  • Developed sights– adjustable in two planes and also flexible back sights and taken care of front sight on the front safety and security clip– not outfitted with tinted fiber-optic strands which makes complex intending.
  • There is a degree weaver for mounting optics, but with such an effective variety (as much as 15 meters)– it is instead a tribute to fashion. Installing optics is possible without eliminating the rear sight.

Bundle does not consist of stringer– auxiliary cord to mount the bowstring, so the Assembly process is quite difficult, many users take care of to bring a weapon in a fight situation just with someone’s aid.

At distances up to 10 meters crossbow danger to people as well as pets. To trust to his children, as well as poor personalities is not worth it. You can get real enjoyment of having a weapon that can make a hole in the plate fiberboard.

Weapon handgun with bar Man Kung MK-80-A4PL

Purpose This is an entertaining weapon, but to arrange showing off competitions in shooting at a brief range with him.


There are three models differing in layout, the first two was so tiny that it can be disregarded.

  • MK-80 A1 and also A3. All-plastic construction, including the overview. Pistol grip with a typical angle. Brace made use of for simplicity of loading, curved metal poles with brilliant decorative finishing. Branches tension bar with upright hooks for the string situated along both sides of the body. The backplate of the manage they go into the brace that requires to be drawn back to draw the bowstring. All-in-one bow, pushed against the real estate by one bolt through three gaskets. The safety and security clip base front sight– u-shaped.
  • MK-80 A4. This model of crossbow extra graceful, the shoulders are strengthened. Arm she has a better incline and transverse notches for convenience of grasp. Instead of a stirrup on the Shoe made a pointed estimate that when filling you require to cling to some crossmember, stick it in the ground or hold in hand. This technique of dealing with is specified to ensure that the tension of the string, use a plastic bar, rotated down, wherein the hooks move backward. A completely plastic version is shown by the index PL, as well as an aluminum rail– AL. Clip-the base flies round.
MK-80 A1 A3 MK-80 A4
Kind Recursive
Type variable Gun
The supply material High-impact plastic Plastic/aluminium
Bow One-piece, strengthened PCB
Tension pressure (kg) 36
Swing arms (cm) 40
Shooting range (m) Up to 20
Sight Front view, back sight, strap weaver
Fuse Automatic
Size with brace (cm) 50
Weight (grams) 900
Device crossbow MK-80

Recursive crossbow with entire onions, with the swing arms 40 centimeters type variable of the weapon, a take care of with a moderate incline, in models A1 and A3 is smooth, A4 transverse notches for simplicity of grip.

Bow is placed on the shank of one bolt with 3 pads– 2 shock-absorbing and also steel. Front versions a1i A3 to the deck stirrup placed (hinged) made of thick steel pole. The model A4 it replaced by a conelike projection, which is a continuation of pads.

All models on Board are mounted the security clip is premises for flies.

Along both sides of the lower arm stacked steel bars to the stress of the string. In versions A1 and A3, they end the clip by pulling which you can cock the crossbow. At A4 there is a revolving arm constructed from effect resistant plastic.

The trigger mechanism with one maintaining tooth. It is uncontrolled, with one sear. Fuse automatic, with a flag in the type of a rod available for the control of both the right and left sides.

Sights include a brace weaver as well as strengthened at its forward end flexible in 2 planes pillar (without a fiber-optic strings) and also flies to the safety clamp (without backlight).

As ammunition made use of six-inch arrows light weight aluminum or plastic Darts of the very same length.

Packing as well as picking

Like all Man Kung weapons, they are Packed in a box with a lively vivid print and digital photography. Within box lined with foam absorber with recesses, optionally Packed in a sealed plastic bag. The Assembly manual is located on the back side of package.

Bundle includes weapon unassembled (body, the stirrup, the base of the front sight bowstring bow), and three light weight aluminum arrows and a collection of bolts with keys.

How to utilize

Assembled. The bow fits inside pads on the dangers made use of it. To him both sides are glued rubber gaskets (adhesive layer applied as well as secured with tape) to shield from damages by bolt on the front collection metal gasket. The bolt is tightened up without fanaticism, without deformation of elastic components of the bolt.

The setup of the bowstring can be bothersome because the shoulders of the bow is quite solid, yet short. If there is no stringer, it is much better to do it with each other. The brace with the front sight installed hereafter procedure.

The string is extended with claws on the bars located on both sides of the forearm. For this design A1 and A3 should hold for the foot brace and also bring up the brace situated at the backplate of the take care of. Version A4 is cocked or else. The front cone-shaped end of her pads is taken care of the arm or in between the huge structure, after that it is required to lower a bar.

The arrow is laid in the trench to ensure that it hinged on the end with feathers in the string as well as pushed by the flexible strap.

To fire, package guard progresses, then pull the trigger.

Costs and also evaluations on weapon gun with bar Man Kung (male Kung) MK-80-A4PL (MK-80) is provided below.

Prices and testimonials

Crossbow MK-80 are fairly affordable. It costs, relying on the product of the body, from 1200 to 1700 rubles.

The proprietors keep in mind that the use of this weapon is rather straightforward. With the tension of the string can take care of any kind of. To use it easily as well as the process is a satisfaction, because it is felt that this crossbow is not really a toy. At a range up to 10 meters easily penetrates the chipboard with thickness up to 10 mm (not with). Aluminum arrows can stand up to 5 or 6 hits in a solid target.

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