Nanodrug and mortising

Such direction spinning fishing as Nanodrug and mortising appeared relatively recently and at present occupies a very important role in the competition, when it is necessary to use the most delicate gear to catch his fish.

Personally, I started to learn that fishing in the last two or three years and at the moment we have some idea when and how most effectively to apply the tackle. I want to share with you.

First of all, I would like to talk about gear.

So, in order:

1. The rod.
Probably the most important and most costly in morrisine this rod. Basically, many fans of this fishing arinya use sticks which have a slow system, thanks to which it is easy to throw light in weight and quite simple to animate the bait. But lately in the blanks with an insert tip and a test range of up to 2-3 grams , which in my opinion fit more than arinya «noodles». It is of course all a matter of taste, as they say someone like that, because the presentation of mortising are different. The main thing is to feel comfortable throwing a jig from 0.4 grams and is comfortable to animate it.

2. Coil.
It can be any suitable balance coil size 1000, 2000, 2004, which will not throw loops and evenly laid with a thin cord.

3. Cord or fishing line.
There is an opinion that it is necessary to use the line, supposedly it is springy and animating the jig becomes easier. I am totally against it, on the contrary, any monofilament has stretch and is the main problem. On the line will never get to ask the exact wiring that you want. Will be unnecessary hesitation, or on the contrary will not need the game of bait. I am a supporter of the use of cord diameter #0.2-0.3 or nanofil 0.02-0.04. Especially at such fishing the cord will not «grieve» and it will last for quite a long time.

4. Jig.
Jig you can use any , but I prefer homemade. Take the hook 12 rooms with a long forearm and a thin wire and insert a lead pellet near the ear, it is important that the eyelet of the hook have been fitted at 45 ° to the plane of the forearm. This is the easiest way. You can of course solder pellets, use tungsten beads trout, but it all takes more time and costs.

5. Bait.
As bait you can use anything. It can be pieces of rubber, specially designed for nanocage bait( I use CF Whitebait 0.8”, 1.2 CF Polaris”, CF Cruel leech, Angry spin, Nano minnow) . Amateur fishing is possible to use pieces of artificial motylja, oparysha.

About the tactics of fishing, the guides , the usefulness of this kind of fishing in the following article.

PS the article write only about your experience and your thoughts and no it does not impose.

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