Introduction of pneumatically-driven Stechkin handgun from Umarex and Gletcher

Legendary Stechkin automatic gun is a crucial feature of weapons sergeants and also unique pressures soldiers and also police officers associated with combat. Popular has arms as well as pneumatic variations.

Version of the Stechkin handgun in Pneumatics style

Duplicates are made Stechkin different foreign producers. Among them Umarex (Germany) as well as Gletcher (USA). Think about the weapons of these firms in more information.

Qualities APS from Gletcher

The American variation of the Stechkin pistol is defined by:

  • Shooting speed (m/s): 120.
  • Store, designed for: 22 bullets.
  • Weight (kg): 1,040.
  • Dimensions (mm): total length 225.
  • The power source: cyndrical tube CO2 volume 12 G.
  • Caliber (mm): 4,5.
  • Kind of bullets: steel round centuries.
  • Product: steel.
  • Power (j): within 3.
  • Type of barrel: smooth birthed.
  • Open up adjustable gadgets for the view.
  • The average rate (p): 4800 (NBB) as well as 5500 (BB).

Air gun Gletcher APS Stechkin Modification When shooting( Blowback)there are 2 versions of this tool, depending on the accessibility of the feature reverse motion of the shutter. Choosing the most effective air rifle for searching Gletcher APS NBB variation List the functions of this tool are: A movable shutter in the lack of a Blowback system. A big the initial rate of the shot. Good performance precision. Lowering the expense of gas.

  • Gletcher APS variation of BB The instrument
  • is defined by: Identity
  • in regards to taking down the army original. Dual Action(trigger system dual action ), permitting you to fire with pre-cocked
    1. trigger and also using samutpada. The Blowback function supplying realistic usageof the weapons by imitating the recoil at the moment when the shutter steps. Working shutter lag. Disassembly To disassemble the tool, you
    2. must: Press the clip down SK(comparable to handgun ); hold it similar to this, take the screw back and also up. To convert the slide ahead and also eliminate it.
    3. Get rid of the ideal pad arm by getting rid of
    the screw. Loosen all the screws, raspolovinil case. What’s consisted of?


  • This tool features: Box black shade with the picture of the celebrity. Weapon Secret to change the gland screw.
  • Passport Advantages and drawbacks Analogue of the well-known Stechkin handgun has specific advantages:
  • Faithful reproduction of how the exterior setting
and the interior content tools.

The visibility of 2 adjustments,

  • both with Blowback( ensuring
  • the
  • realistic look of the shooting), and without it. Concealed in the pressing
    screw of the gas tank, adding to

    the resemblance to the weapon with the initial. The visibility

  • bar guard. The top quality of workmanship. The size and weight close to the fight
  • variation of the weapon. Nothing’s best. As well as this high quality Pneumatics has some disadvantages. Among them consist of: The narrow store. Short stroke the bolt. High rate. Feature pneumatic Stechkin pistol from Umarex Air handgun Umarex Stechkin APS This version is pneumatic APS
  • is a brand-new item from Legends collection, generated by the prominent
  • German business Umarex. The
    tool is defined by: Shooting rate(m/s

    ): 125. Magazine capacity(bullets

    ): 19. Quality (mm ): 4,5. Weight( kg): 0,991. Measurements (mm): the size of the barrel 142, with an overall length of 222. The power resource:

    • cyndrical tube CO2. Product: steel body
    • , plastic handle, barrel made from steel. Power(joules): not more than 3. Sort of bullets: steel shot centuries. Kind of barrel: smooth birthed. Sights: flexible band for taken care of sight and also taken care of front sight.Average rate: ~ 2800 R. Disassembly
    • The weapon is made of-cast piece of steel as well as has no relocating components, other than
    • for sham holder, the trigger and guard.
    • Consequently, unlike the combat of the original, disassembling it is exempt. In order to set up a storage tank of CO2 suffices to get rid of the left cheek of the take care of. Devices Includes Umarex APS is fairly basic
    • . The package in addition to the weapon consists of box
    as well as guidebook. Furthermore,

    you can purchase the initial butt-holster. Advantages and also negative aspects Umarex APS has particular benefits, among which: Full initial in weight as well as appearance. The inscription on the body « APS » in Russian. Budget friendly cost. Soft stroke of the trigger as well as guard. A steady speed of 125 m/s on a lengthy discovery line. Cost-effective usage of gas( at 80 shots of a single standard cartridge with a capability of 12 g). High accuracy of striking the target. There is a downsides as well as tools: Manual safety Capturing with samutpada. To

    puncture the gas container utilizes a twist and also not a boosted gland countersunk screw in the type of a hexagon.

  • The lack of inner architectural similarity with the original
  • . Thus, after mindful consideration of the qualities of a
  • pneumatic weapon Stechkin from 2 producers, we can see that from Gletcher APS has lots of benefits in the type of a collapsible sensible layout, feature, Blowback, the presence
  • of the gland screw, triggermechanism dual action as well as automated safety. While Umarex only wins in speed, which is above 5 m/s, as well as also the rate.

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