Recursive weapon Scorpio, also known as Jaguar, from Interloper

Relatively recursive crossbow «« Scorpion » produced by Russian firm Interloper, the web is a lot of conflicting information. It was touted as one of the least expensive, worth up to 5 thousand.

This is dated details, online shop Air Gun cost is already over nine thousand– two times much more costly versions of the same level Yarrow. It was influenced by the growth of the array supplied, which is currently part of the response sight.

Second of all, the name «« Scorpio » is typically obvious with the «« Jaguar PKG » or Jaguar. It’s the fact that the wood boxes from the Taiwanese company Poe Lang left the label ««»Jaguar », situated on the bed over the trigger guard. Finally, any kind of specifically innovative technical qualities it does not possess. This is a great recursive weapon medium level that (after the upgrade) you can hunt in Peru.

Device description
  • Recursive weapon with box poliestireno kind.
  • Rail, lower arm and also block are one piece, constructed from aluminium.
  • Bow one-piece, with 2 fight lines.
  • The stress in the supply option 43 kg, in an improved– 79 kg.
  • The butt of the Lodge and also the deal with can be plastic or made of timber. Of the exact same product pad on the lower arm.

There is a degree of weaver and also a pair of exterior aiming gadgets back sight (flexible in two airplanes) and also fly.

Disadvantages as well as advantages
  • The main benefit of this design is that foregrip as well as the guide arrow is one massive item, constructed from aluminium. This increases the survivability of tools in problems of hard operation– journeys of dropped trees, unintentional bumps and various other events occurring on sea hunts.
  • Pad for mounting a bow he has an enormous, metal, it is an integral part of the forearm. The shoulders themselves are missing within, so backlash is minimal. All this substantially increases the precision of the fight and its precision.
  • The fuse instantly, utilize this weapon is relatively safe. The checkbox is readily available in both left as well as best side. Planck weaver complemented by flexible in 2 airplanes totally and fly. They don’t have fiber-optic hairs that assist in the beginners aiming.
  • A crossbow is fairly light– only 3.1 kg, which is for throwing weapons quite a bit.
  • Defense can be upgrades. The shoulder stock can be changed by even more resistant, developing force at 79 kilos.
  • The trigger mechanism is basic, with one sear, as well as without the opportunity of the stroke change. The descent is hard and uninformative. For sniping it is not very appropriate.

Crossbow Scorpio PKG (picture)

Purpose In supply kind, the crossbow appropriates for target capturing at ranges up

  • to 30 meters. With reinforced shoulders, the crossbow, the Scorpion can be used to quest game birds, according to seekers.
  • Varieties
    • The bed can be plastic– black or camouflage coloring,
    • along with from all-natural walnut.

    Following are the qualities of the weapon Scorpio.

    Feature The worth
    Kind Recursive
    Bow One-piece, with dual fight bend shoulders
    Swing arms (centimeters) 67
    The tension pressure staff/modern. (kg) 43/79
    The program of the string (centimeters) 24,5
    The speed of the arrow’s flight (m/s) 74 (with enhanced shoulder)
    Sighting variety (m) 30/50
    Bed polupoltina
    The supply product Plastic+light weight aluminum or wood+aluminium
    Length with brace (cm) 88
    Weight kiver and the West. shafts (kg) 3,1
    Views Planck weaver, back sight, front sight.
    Gadget crossbow Scorpio
    • Recursive weapon with entire onions. Bed composite handguard and aluminium rails, handgun grip and butt supply made of wood or plastic.
    • Butt with high comb, recoil pad plastic box without gaskets, with rough notches. The wooden he of the depreciation rezinoplastik.
    • Handguard aluminum, with 3 vent intermediaries for relief. It has the pad for easy holding, made of the very same product as the bed. Shoe bow is massive, it is one piece with the forearm. In addition to her attached metal safety and security clip, which acts as the base of the fly. All-time low is a groove for safeguarding the spare quiver with 4 arrows.
    • The brace is affixed to the pad screws, it is constantly aiming forward.
    • The trigger system with one sear and uncontrolled development of the hook. Fuse auto, its choice is appropriate as well as available as well as left.
    • Above the trigger is a tag with the engraving. On the best side is the Jaguar, and the left– Jaguar.
    • The collection of discovery tools consists of a brace weaver and also flexible back sight with the front sight. The rear view is set up to make sure that it can not be gotten rid of when mounting optics. Fly, steel, open, without a fiber-optic strings.

    As ammo made use of arrows of length 14 and 16 inches.

    Choosing the recursive crossbow Scorpio (tree) is provided listed below.

    Packing as well as picking

    Firm Interloper customarily on the box lacks any type of photos. Just brownish packaging corrugated cardboard, as well as all. In the case of the maximum arrangement, inside there is a foam insert with recesses for details. The optimum package includes:

    • Lodge sword with strap weaver;
    • Luke (the force in the 43 kg);
    • stringer and stringer;
    • shako;
    • four aluminum shafts with a size of 14 inches;
    • containers with wax for massaging the bowstring;
    • collimator sight for crossbow Scorpio;
    • the belt (synthetic);
    • user’s manual with certificate (Russian).
    How to use

    The weapon is experiencing pictures from the encased directions. Utilized for capturing arrows of size 14 as well as 16 inches. They can be hollow light weight aluminum or carbon-fiber bodied.

    1. The bowstring is installed with stringer consisted of. The stress and generate a dealing with setting made by hand or bought separately cord-nateniyom. Taut bowstring catch tooth of the trigger exactly between.
    2. The boom is mounted on the guide to ensure that it relaxed against the back side of the string and the tail was under the clamping bracket. Tip shestnadtsatiletnego arrows ought to be under the front clip on Shoe bow.
    3. The discovery collimator sight is common equipment for this treatment with a series of rounds, compute the ordinary placement of the factor of effect and also displacement to the optical axis of the view to her.
    4. To eliminate parallax strap weaver has the changing screw in the form of «« lamb », situated on the best side. He’s tipping, one department to 10 meters. Zeroing is conducted at a distance of 10 meters. The screw is in setting «« 1 »– « lamb » flat. Even more thought about upgrading weapon Scorpio.

      Possible adjusting
      • The trigger system is made for risk-free retention of the bowstring when the tension of 79 extra pounds. In order to enhance the buildings of the crossbow on it, you can place reinforced shoulders.
      • The second area of tuning is to set up a various optical view having better features.

      Owner evaluations and also the price of the weapon Interloper Scorpio is given listed below.

      Reviews as well as prices

      The cost of the weapon in the minimum configuration begins with 4500 rubles. When the optimum extra components it increases to 9,500 rubles.

      The owners of the weapon kept in mind that his power provokes something to attempt on your own as a hunter of wild boar. When outfitted with a staff shoulders the distance of the reliable shooting does not go beyond 30 meters. With reinforced– 50. The ellipse of diffusion of arrows at this distance fits in a square with sides of 10 centimeters, Many think that the circuit box is as well small. To relocate him, as well as not to reject the sight, practically impossible.

      Similar designs

      Technical features– stress in tension as well as the stroke size of the string, the ability to mount optical sight on the weapon like a design. Yet that’s virtually its twin brother (just distinction remains in the variety of through-cutouts on the shank) is the weapon Man Kung Yarrow Model F. It is available in a minimal setup (2 arrowheads, a basic optical sight placed on the bar «« sync ») as well as prices 4,900 rubles.

      You can also take note of the adhering to recursive design:

      • MK-120;
      • Fox;
      • Mongoose;
      • MK-80;
      • MK-21;
      • Tarantula.

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