Redring Gen2 for weapons 1001 collimator

Redring ®– the globe’s only optical gun sight is specially created as well as intended for shotguns. Healthy, with a reduced increase on the strap of the weapon, the sight Redring ® gives premium aiming.

It is developed for shotguns with a vertical plan of barrels and semi-auto. As a result of great layout Redring ®, you can begin shooting quickly after it is installed. Zeroing is not needed. All you need is to get a kick out of capturing with the Redring ®. Features: The lack of parallax Rapid discovery and aiming is very vital for any type of shooter.

For precise hit in the function

  • from all various other variables, probably the most important is a clear distortion-free image of the target in the sight. Redring ® arrow to any type of target picture without distortion and also to provide a comfortable setting aiming. Copyrighted technique of illumination measurement. Method of measurement of the light allows to identify the light degree in the area of goal and also quickly adjust the illumination of the intending mark in a red circle. Whatever the history illumination, red circle plainly noticeable on the target. The copyrighted style of the red circle. The dimension of the red circle on the target equal to the size Grabovogo sheaf at a distance of 20 metres. When the circle is aimed at the target, press the trigger. Reduced rise with a trademarked * technique of damping impact. Redring ® sets up directly into the band of the weapon
  • . Installation takes just a couple of minutes, after which the view awaits procedure. Revision of the weapon is not required. View– low-slung as well as light– has virtually no effect on the balance of the gun. Redring ® comes total with mendings, blanking out meant for guns with strap width from 5 to 11.5 mm. Weight, g 134 g.-sight,60-place Elevation, mm 45,7 mm Length mm 134 together with the install Case product and also taking care of Anodized aluminium(view as well as mount)Battery kind
  • AAAA 1.5 V Size, mm 44

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