Rotating for newbies

Start catching is possible with any type of existing equipment, not bothered on the variety of bearings in the coil and also modularity of carbon in the whip rotating.

But don’t apply honest Chinese scrap for 100 rubles. Tackle box for the beginner It is clear that even more enjoyable — and simpler to catch premium, well-balanced take on, but — for perch — seafarer needs one deal with for capturing fish from coast — is one more, and pike from a boat, yet on cumbersome lures– is the third. For a novice to have a bunch of rotating, still finding out just how to throw the appeal, of course, to anything. However to select the right spinning for novices additionally is not the last.

However even a solitary take on ought to be established, so if the center of gravity is geared up with a spinning reel is somewhat in advance of the coil, you can toss a long period of time without getting tired. It’s like a sword handle, a weight to the blade. And with knotted line, the sensitivity is much better than with traditional fishing line. Line prices 80 rubles., and cable, even a Chinese duplicate, 400.

All the success to newbie spinningists can be found in the quest for a killer in shallow water. And it’s not just perch– half Ling, but additionally fairly marketable pike. Catching «« short-circuited » to forgive and not cast, as well as unbalanced take on, as well as inadequate accuracy. Obviously, most of the catch will be perch.

Average ECOSOC at the coast will certainly seldom be larger than 300 g. bigger online much deeper. Perch is just one of one of the most slow-growing fish, also under favorable conditions grows to 200 grams, three or 4 years.

When selecting bait, keep in mind that perch are very curious as well as aggressive. The bait needs to be noisy, primary is a turning spinner («« rewriter »). They bring the fish generally and also frequently the first caught by the spinning fish, be it bass.

There are no policies without exceptions. I directly captured the very first pike, the second a Chub, however it was more than 10 years back. This is what I composed.

Turntables produce, the higher the number– the bigger the spoon. Bass better Nos. 1 to 3. There are distinctions in the size of attractions of different companies with the same numbers, however don’t actually require to pay attention to it.

Considering the counter of the angling shop, we notice that, with the incredible selection of turntables, they have comparable attributes. In the spinning globe made a decision to compare the shape of a petal with the equivalents of the French company Mepps.


  • Model Aglia. Throughout the turning of broad oval petals, departing extra from the axis (virtually 60 *), it produces a great deal of sound and also vibration, excellent feel in hand. Functions well in a quiet will and a mild stream. Ideal colors, in my silver, viewpoint as well as copper. Aglia TV– faceted selection of core as well as optional modification of tee, which is very convenient. You can quickly switch out the tee for dynarnic wearing ««» rubber » (such as Twister or vibrohvosta), or a fly.
  • Aglia Long. An incredibly popular appeal with a narrow flower kind «« willow fallen leave,» » a light (30 *) differing the axis when uploading. Hand really felt worse Aglii, however more effective. Dimensions — — No. 1,1 +,2. On the axis between the mass as well as the tee is a red bead, much rasskazyvaya perch. If to mask the tee beam of light of red wool, the effectiveness might increase considerably.
  • Comet Black Fury. «« Black witch» — » — a really reliable appeal. She may be crazy, a lot of minke whales, based on 3 conditions: shallow — — Sunny day– clear water. Red or yellow dots on a black background flicker on the wings of the «« moth» » with a bright grain, with a gold tee. Perch aligned. While there, they get the target, who onward.

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