Rotating for pike

An amateur angler it is better to utilize residential steel rotating. Its high tightness permit you to throw a big lure. Inspect the choke ring, with their poor quality line can immobilize one for fishing.

Lots of spinning for pike is 2.5– 6.0 kg. the length of the line has to do with 100 m, thickness— 0.5 mm. Essential and metal leash. For bait «make use of a variety of knickknacks. The most prominent is the so-called « universalka ». Gleaming as well as spinning in the water, it brings in the interest of pike.

Pike like to quest from ambush. She likes small bayous and pools, concealing behind rocks or in the yard. The lure should be well noticeable in the yard, so the attraction before angling, you need to grind literally to Shine.

When angling for huge pike must obtain a huge spoon– the so-called ««» salmon » or « spoon ». Such good trolling lower captured pike. Although, there are situations when big wheel were caught on the normal «« Universalna ».

To generate large pike frequently need to brush through a significant water space. Consequently, choosing pike, please not just spinning and spoon, but additionally perseverance and also perseverance.

Paternoster partially stops the appeal from the hooks, but increasing drag, minimizing the variety of the casts. The existence of the blades triggers Devon to topple in flight throughout the cast and also results in frequent solistam tee. Extra steady flight Devon shifted to the back side of the center of gravity, but it brings about incorrect inclined setting when uploading in the water.

Very typically Solisti tee from rewriters with the load-head, if bench is stifled gotten in touch with sinker spin; in this instance, does not aid also «« nahabedian » core cambrica ear tee.

When ramcity placed a swivel in between the cargo-head and the front loophole of the pole, the remedy was discovered. Because of the rise in the variety of levels of freedom of the stem, the flower and also the tee is pretty simple to find a remote area in the «« track» » flying in front of the weight, as well as it’s generally without zahlestov.

There are only two finest method to connect the spinner with the tons of own weight of heavy attractions with excellent lines and also cargo-head, coupled with a lure ramatam a swivel.

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