Tackle for winter season angling. Gear for wintertime pike

On some waters pike fishing after the New year can be a lot more rewarding than in December. Prizes, naturally, catches are smaller sized, but they are a lot larger.

In deep lakes of Novgorod , Tver as well as Pskov areas the big pike caught in January and also February is better than in December or March, I Think this phenomenon comes from the truth that during this period big pike periodically appears of the deep openings to feed the shore along well-established paths.

And if you understand the time structure and electrical outlet places, you can even catch a specimen, which is not ashamed to boast to your friends anglers.

The selection of tank

To fishing was productive, you need to select a pond that you will certainly see all winter season. Strategies of continuous change is inadequate buddies of reservoirs will not cause success. Generally the pike concentrated in specific areas and also fed upon timetable. If you end up being familiar with routes, areas as well as time of launch of the killer for feeding in the exact same location you can fish until the last of the ice.

I choose the pond, based only on the experience of capturing it in the period of open water. Naturally, choice must be provided to the flow-through lakes, ideally deep. Excellent flow characteristics of the reservoir begins to especially affect the oxygen regime at the end of February. The most effective will certainly be the lake in which the water drainage passes through the fish pond or a lot of it.

For example, I usually captured a pike in the lake near the terminal Rudieva Dmitrovsky location of Moscow suburbs, yet just up until completion of January. Came Zamora, in spite of the truth that the lake streams a river tidy sufficient Kochalka. The fact is that the range between the confluence of the river and also its outlet from the lake is only a few tens of meters as well as all the lake is in fact a deep Bay superficial river.

The lack of oxygen — — the primary reason Zamora. A comparable scenario is observed in the quarries that are «« appendixes » of the rivers, such as in the Pure job in Strogino. As an example, a great oxygen program can lead to a chain of lakes on the river Berezayka. Right here Zamora is neither in summer season neither in wintertime.

The choice of a place of catching

The option of angling area mainly depends on the tactics of angling and also the tackle utilized by the angler. For littered, overgrown and snag it is much better to select a spoon or balancer, In some lakes, formed at the expenditure of dikes and dams, in places it is a fencing from the swamped trees that make use of imitation fish is simply difficult. Pike after the initial throw will inevitably entangle snap. In such locations it makes good sense to pre-drill a great deal of openings with a distance of not greater than 5 m. a Chain of holes along the coast should be preserved in functioning order to capture daily. This hole cover with plywood and also snow.

If you select the place where hooks is not likely, it is much more effective to use replica fish Can be arranged on a large square with a lots snap-ins and also wait for the fish to attack. When you utilize the spinners will need to read each hole, as well as given that the departure of the pike on the internship usually lasts only half a hr, then without recognizing the exact area, you just don’t have time to locate that opening, underneath which is a hunting route of the killer. Then, catching pike by trolling in the winter months can only afford Fisher, precisely that understands the place, course as well as time of predator searching. To do this, you need to capture daily.

Experienced in the literary works define a really effective pike fishing attraction ice «« swoop » I refer to those occasions when pike in the pond simply a lot and also due to the competitors it becomes a little choosy in selecting a food item. Although in fairness I have to state that the instances achieve excellent outcomes when fishing on spinners (as well as often with balancers) ends up being each year increasingly more. The most probable route of activity of a predator is near coastal capes. The capes pike frequently enters throughout the wintertime. Typically the pike find around the seamounts, but on the top of an undersea hill or ridge pike out hardly ever.

Very good are the brows, along the aquatic plants. If the altitude of the reservoir is level, then seek the pike makes good sense from the coast of the Cape in the direction of deepness, since the predator might be anywhere. All winter months you can efficiently capture in the seaside shallows free of greenery. Angling at a deepness of 1820 centimeters for a very long time was known only to a few fishermen. In the end the secret is disclosed. It specified that, as joking is among my buddy, angling on replica fish on the rocks it is essential to prevent due to its domicilios. But not all so is basic, as in superficial water to capture likewise need to be able to.

The complexity of such fishing is that the pike goes stranded, not just at specific hrs, yet in the specific factor. As well as outputs these just happen a couple of times a month. These raids entailed just a couple of killers of all pikethat are maintained depth. And also as soon as you capture them, will certainly have to discover brand-new locations. I must state that fishing on the rocks efficient anywhere. Waters with greatly disordered seaside plants (Elodea or pondweed) to catch pike in superficial water is usually unlikely. But on the boundary of reeds, on a rocky or sandy shallows of the probability of being caught is extremely high.

In little places, where the pike comes out to feed, makes good sense except Gerlich to make use of equilibrium weights.


All the «« employees » design zherlits decreased to the standard scheme, which involves making use of four components: racks, reels and also line, signifying gadget for the fish to bite as well as snap. The classic stand of the imitation fish is either an item of wood, or an account cut from aluminum. Using metal misbehaves in that it froze the fingers. The spool of angling line usually made from plastic. Signaller of bite is from a wide a clockwise or a twisted cable springtime.

The most dependable and sensible has been examined by years of replica fish, which for lots of years produces the residential sector. They support base is a metal ring. On the one hand, a disadvantage, since the hole remains open, and also with another — — the replica fish is very easy to install anywhere as well as on any ice and also just as simple to eliminate. One only needs to turn on the walk of the assistance ring as it is freed from the frozen ice. Well shown style, in which the base is made in the kind of covering the hole with plastic pad.

Snap any kind of replica fish contains hook, line as well as sinker. Without going into details as well as descriptions, I will certainly claim that I’ve been stopped at a breeze of monolescu 0,300,35 mm diameter, solitary hook number 1 or 1/0, leash from the line, 0.5 mm (if the things is capturing a big pike, I utilized fishing line 0.6 mm) as well as gliding sinkers from round cartechini. It is a round weight is much less most likely salesthese line during reducing breeze under the ice. It is very important to pick the ideal weight sinkers. It should be marginal, so after a take not to stand up to the predator. However, the sinker has to counteract the efforts of bait fish conceal in the local sanctuary.

As for balancers as well as lures, the last ought to be liked. Great rocker « magic » of size (9 centimeters) operates at depths of 0.5 as well as 8 m Practice reveals that stranded is better to make use of balancers green, brown and silver colors, as well as the deepness work blue and also well purple lure.


The selection of bait is really essential, In lots of shops now sell carp. They can prepare themselves in the fall. Carp for fairly a long period of time saved in standard containers the dimension of jacuzzis or barrel. Carp are not the ideal, or rather, not the global lure. In numerous storage tanks, especially where there is a lot of roach or perch, pike did not pay attention to carp. To specific online lure ought to likewise be referred Rotana. Where pike are not knowledgeable about it, it’s typically at it takes. However Rotana you can catch huge perch. Versatile as well as extremely great live lure is the minnow. This fish is practically damaged in numerous suv rivers the loggers live bait for sale.

I believe the very best perch bait. Consistently needed to face the truth that pike refused to cockroach and also carp, however took a perch. As online lure is more suitable to a perch straight before the district establishing Gerlich. It is just necessary to note that a very tiny perch long on the snap will certainly not make it through, And perch weighing more than 30 g can be released after angling.

In the middle of winter, throughout an extremely sluggish fish, aids verkhivka. It is feasible to catch a huge killer in one of the most ««» loathsome » days. Many anglers have noted an intriguing pattern. If you want to catch the truly huge pike and also fish on a deep running body of water, it makes sense to use a sinking lure. Huge bottom pike consumes night at depths of more than 6-7 m. If all-time low is rough or sandy, yet not muddy, I suggest you to take as lure drowning a perch or a cockroach evaluating concerning 100 g of Bait ought to be put on the bottom.

In pure and also chilly spring water you can not transform the nozzle during the week. For catching on a bait as the equipment is less complicated to make use of the typical «« Postavsky ». Design «« postawski » is easy: the angling line tied to a stick that lay throughout the hole. All fishing is designed so that the predator will certainly get the bait as well as will certainly converge itself. The angler demand only to wait as well as select the ideal area, when the killer captured. As a whole, not angling, as well as rybakovka.

Strategies for capturing

Appropriately picked tactics of fishing — — the main component of the success of the fishing. When using zherlits most of fishermen make use of easy gears: establish the gear and also awaiting the fish to attack. Such a tactic is warranted only when definitely sure known course of exit of the pike on the search. Skilled «« shchukarev» » beginning active prep work for angling at night. Better to capture a team of 3 or 4 individuals, but I’m fairly qualified one. It gets on the replica fish I such as to fish in seclusion: perhaps due to the fact that catching up on lost in the timbers key lakes.

At the area of pierced holes with a distance of 5-15 m. When getting rid of the hole of ice chips propounded the left of the opening, if the wind is blowing from behind. This is performed in order that the side on which to get the angling line when drawing fish was smooth. While some ready hole and also exact bottom topography and various other members of the team prepare local redfish on real-time lure. It is important to have time to catch online bait prior to the sun. From experience I understand that to begin preparing for the angling to concerning 2 hours before sunset. If done in time, it makes sense to put replica fish in the evening either on the rocks or on the slopes of the coastal side.

And after that you can go to sleep or wait for a possible evening bite. The truth that in some tanks the pike out of deep water to the shore to feed about 20 hrs. In other waters, the killer increases to the sunup. The results occur in the evening and in the early morning. Always on the ice requirement to be at least a hr before dawn. Such strategies are shown in the quest for large pike. I utilized a different method of capturing when there is no possibility or wish to hunt a large killer. Concern the reservoir before dawn, drill openings, put imitation fish as well as most likely to shore to gather lure fish.

Once a perch is captured, quickly charge the first replica fish, after that the rest. It is normally feasible to charge all imitation fish prior to daybreak. Now begins the fishing. Twenty minutes after dawn drilled another hole. If you currently had a bite, make a hole to the deepness of the pit, trench or shoal. If bites do not bydo, after that drill the hole over the various other perspective, in my viewpoint, the place. In a few mins removed from the initial replica fish, inspect the condition of real-time bait as well as take on bring into the brand-new opening.

Slowly make the opening in which the 2nd transfer imitation fish, and more until the first bite. The very first bite shows not only the leave area of the predator, yet most importantly, the functioning deepness of fishing. Normally on the lakes the pike is a certain depth horizon. As well as today it can prey on the leading side, as well as tomorrow — — on the bottom. Nothing weird in this. Everything relies on the climate as well as the behavior of little fish.

Important after you prepare the following opening to examination making use of finder, at what degree is the fish. It takes place that in January there is a lack of oxygen in the lower layers as well as the fish climbs. After that the bait needs to be put that of water and even greater. I have had situations where the lure had to drop by simply 1 m listed below the ice side over a deepness of 6-8 m.

Active techniques is often warranted while catching small pike, which might feed throughout the day. It is only necessary that the bait remained in front of her nose. When fishing for large killers is still better to use passive techniques with well thought out advancement prep work.

Active techniques of fishing is great when there is enough space for the search of a killer, but it so occurs that this area is restricted. In such instances it is feasible to integrate angling on imitation fish with the trolling. Replica fish move numerous times, however as quickly as it ends up being clear that the transfer gear is no place, I take out the established with a balancer as well as bypass all existing neighboring wells. In some cases it brings success, particularly in the evening.

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