The advantages as well as negative aspects of bezuslovnoi holds for braided cable

One of the significant troubles for fishing was the unreliability of connections in a snap. According to the producer, the tensile stamina of fishing line is significantly reduced on the nodes.

To preserve optimal tear toughness, the anglers came up with a set of nodes with marginal twists string. A beneficial gadget might be Bezuglova hold for braids. This aspect will certainly maintain the technological criteria of cable in addition to quicken the setup process a snap.

What is Bezuglova clasp «« Not a»knot »? Angling thing bezuslovna

To lower the variety of dropped lures, as well as to prevent the celebration of big fish aids bezuslovnoe link. With its compact and straightforward details do not need to remember the details of new knots to tie the bait to the angling line. The adapter is a wire gadget with special twists on the ends. For the manufacturing of this element is most typically made use of stainless-steel cord. Bezuslovna hold currently provide fishing trips a specialized shops. Easy to make wire and also fixture with your hands.

Not sufficient to get or make a smart hold. It is very important to discover to utilize this detail, incorporating braided cord with artificial lures.

Sometimes, using the connector degrade the efficiency of tools. For that reason, prior to installing a new accessory for the bait ought to be familiarized with the weaknesses as well as strengths bezuslovnogo link line.

Advantages and disadvantages of bezuglovka

To the main fishing line to connect the chain or appeal in 2 methods. Some fishermens remain to make use of the websites, others like I had Bezuglova clasp. Each of these methods has its own range, which is figured out by the staminas and also weak points of compounds.

The advantages of traditional nodes include:

  • the possibility of tying different lines and also braided;
  • open up the snap-in often takes place on the host.
  • on the breeze there are no additional elements.

The weaknesses of joint connections, you need to choose the drawback of the formation of the node as well as low toughness.

Idea! Nodes remain the primary technique of fastening hooks, vertluzhnoj, tiny lures as well as various other little accessories gear.

Have bezuslovnoi clasp has its own advantages as well as downsides.

  • Among the vital advantages of the connector «« Not a knot» » is to prevent abrasion of the cable throughout playing big wheel.
  • Cord component enables you to promptly alter or linking a lure or snap. Any type of angler setup takes 10-20 seconds. Time is particularly valued by the professional athletes during the competitors.
  • No knots do break very resilient, because it removes weak points.

Have bezuslovnoi clasps as well as some limitations.

Interest! Bezuglova hold need to be picked taking the thickness of the braided angling line. The product number need to resemble the diameter of the cable.

  • When you dead hook when you need to take out the snap-in holding the line, damage might occur at any point along the cable. It’s a pity to shed a long piece of costly thread.

The angler needs to figure out which installing technique finest matched for him. For spinning enthusiasts and also faleristov making use of the network, it will certainly work to utilize the connector. But for those that like float or ultralight more suitable is an average node.

How to make bezuslovna clasp

Independent manufacturing of cable element has its silver lining. The fishermen can make the clasp below the deal with, offered the thickness of the twine and also the size of the lure.

For the manufacture of details need to arm themselves with the adhering to devices:

  • pliers;
  • pliers;
  • file;
  • pliers.

The adapter can be made of steel cord with a size of 0.12-0.8 mm. Anglers usually make use of guitar strings or cables of steel ropes, cable televisions, chalok, etc.

Bezuglova squeeze their hands is done according to the adhering to system.

  1. Initially, one end of a cable is refined with a file or sandpaper, to avoid sharp sides.
  2. Pliers made by flexing the cord 180 levels. After about 5-7 mm of the pointer of the cord is once more rotated in the contrary instructions. Using pliers bends much better.
  3. Following is to reduce the excess cord with cord cutters. Burrs removed with a documents.
  4. Utilizing pliers made a loophole. The pointer of the wire is very important to flex to the main part of the connector making use of pliers.

Photo 1. For clarity, we made the clasp out of colored wire. Suggestion! To make the clasps established with different dimension loops, you can use nails with suitable thickness.

Exactly how to make use of bezuslovnoi

The link of the basket with the lure through the wire component as adheres to.

  1. Primarily, it is necessary to grab a thick cable the size of bezuglovka. Utilize an adapter with a thicker wire than fishing line.

    Photo 2. Sign up with the hold with a ring of the crank. In the initial stage the ring of the attraction is put in the loophole of the hold. Loop the main line (double-folded)cling to the hook adapter.

  2. After the tension create a double thread. Next off, a limited twist must be done 4-6 times around the cable of the hold.
  3. Remains to have the line ring cable aspect (lock), damp the cable and tighten. The protruding end of the fishing line need to be shortened.

Photo 3. Ready link.

If at the very first effort, the inquiry may develop, exactly how to knit bezuslovno, after that every replacement of attraction will take place faster and also less complicated.

The necessity of utilizing bezuslovnoi closure depend upon the method of angling. When it comes to the manufacturing of the connector does not call for any price, several of these products you can do with your hands and also place it in a fishing box. Possibly eventually, the hold will need and also will certainly assist the angler to remove from the water the desired prize.

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