The Googan Squad Banger Vs The Googan Squad Flat Banger

Any time bass and shad are congregated on shallow flats loaded with logs or stumps, your best lure choice is a square expense crankbait for setting off reaction strikes.

The decision you require to make is whether to select the standard round squarebill such as the Googan Squad Banger or a flat-side square expense such as the Googan Squad Flat Banger.

The conventional round-bodied square costs is the popular option by numerous bass fishermens, including myself, however there are times when flat-side designs create much better. Both the Googan Squad Banger and also Googan Squad Flat Banger disperse well after the appeals are crashed cover to cause a reaction bite. Both models have a terrific swimming activity that looks like a swimming baitfish.

Although these appeals have some similarities, the baits likewise have differences that make each one efficient in particular situations. I normally base my square bill choices on water clarity as well as angling stress.

The Googan Squad Banger

I favor using the standard square expense in discolored to dirty water as well as on days when bass are holding limited to timber cover. The flat-side square costs functions much better for me in clear water and also days when bass are either cruising the flats or holding loosely around rocks.

The Googan Squad Flat Banger

I favor the flat-side in clear water due to the fact that it produces a limited shaking activity that bass appear to respond to much better in clear water. The typical square bill includes more of a large tottering action that generates a lot more water variation making it simpler for bass to determine in off-colored water.

A flat-side is a great square bill choice on waters where bass have seen countless basic square expenses melted past them. You can run the flat-side with its tighter swimming activity at a sluggish speed by cover to lure particular bass into attacking.

It’s All About Dem Angles

The angle of deflection you desire from your square bill also determines whether to use a flat-side or typical design. If you desire your square expense to make a difficult bang as well as deflect farther away from the cover, you need to select the Googan Squad Banger. After its bill accidents right into the cover, the attraction’s larger body additionally run into the cover and also pushes it further away from the timber.

The Googan Squad Flat Banger ought to be your selection if you desire the square costs to stay closer to the cover since the attraction’s flat body simply ticks the timber after its bill strikes the cover.

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