The Three Best Ways To Rig A Ribbontail Worm

Here are three methods you can gear the bow tail worm to capture either suspended bass or bottom-hugging bass.

The vibrant tail action of the ribbon tail from the BioSpawn ExoRibbon makes it one of the most flexible plastic worms. You can swim the worm, drag or jump a BioSpawn ExoRibbon along all-time low or lift and also drop it with branches of standing wood or sunken brush piles.

The worm’s one-of-a-kind tail activity also makes it ideal for night fishing due to the fact that bass can hone in on the worm’s shaking tail as it falls through the dark water.

Texas Rigging The ExoRibbon

This is the most conventional and also preferred means to gear the ExoRibbon will be a Texas Rig. The Texas rig includes bullet-shaped weight which can be fixed or unpegged and also a worm hook varying in sizes from 2/0 to 6/0 relying on the length of the bow tail worm.

You should peg the bullet sinker with some kind of securing tool or a toothpick when you intend to fish the worm in standing lumber or brush heaps to maintain the worm from hanging up in the tree arm or legs. If the weight is unpegged, when it rolls over a limb it drops quick while the worm stays beyond of the arm or leg which brings about problems. With the sinker pegged near to the worm, both the weight as well as worm fall with each other over the arm or legs to avoid the rig from hanging up in the timber.

When you want the worm to drop gradually and swim with the water column to catch put on hold bass, rigging the ExoRibbon with an unpegged sinker works best. The unpegged sinker falls much faster than the worm to allow the worm’s tail to move easily whereas a fixed sinker has a tendency to prevent the tail action of the worm.

Carolina Rig The ExoRibbon

A Carolina-rigged ExoRibbon functions best when bass are foraging on baitfish near to all-time low. Drag the worm behind a 3/4- or 1-ounce egg-shaped weight on a 2- to 3-foot leader line to obtain the most effective tail activity out of the worm.

Unstable Head Fishing The ExoRibbon

A straight tail finagle worm is the basic lure for a shaky head jig, yet often it’s finest to believe outside the box even when finesse angling. , if bass disregard your Texas-rigged worm, attempt integrating a 7-inch bow tail, like the BioSpawn Exoribbon and a 1/4-ounce unsteady head before scaling down to a straight tail finagle worm.

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