The types and characteristics of angling reels

Most reels for angling basically global and permit to utilize them for different types of angling. However we will certainly try to consider the types of reels for fishing as well as their features in more detail.

In the beginning of its history, the angling reel was planned only for hassle-free stowage of angling line on the fishing rod. Later, they became an integral component of nearly all the rods as well as are utilized for casting, playing a fish, as well as for the deal of lure in the water column (e.g., in angling spinning reel).

The sorts of angling reels:

Spinning reel

This sort of fishing reels most popular option amongst anglers as well as most flexible from spinnings.

In spinning the reel throughout the actors, the line simply jumps off the spindle that is fixed — — this allows you to make even more long and also exact casting.
Winding angling line on a spool is created by folding the arms (line bale).

Spinning reels are open, closed or semi-closed spindle.

Spinning fishing reels have a small imperfection — — they typically turn the line a little bit when winding, which brings about accelerated wear of the very same angling line, as well as decreases a little spreading distance. The impact of this scarcity on the knotted line a lot more.

The inertia reel

The simplest and also most economical of the coil. Generally, these coils are not equipped with a stopping system at the time of spreading. The anglers have to reduce down the spool with your finger throughout the actors to prevent unnecessary celebration of angling line as well as tangling.

Just a few models have a system of automatic stopping at the time of spreading, the fishing line exerts a stress on an unique lever, which subsequently «« controls » the brake mechanism. Also, there are models in which the angler himself can establish the braking pressure depending upon the weight throw lure, or delivery.

Baitcasting reel (animation animes) Though it is among the kinds of inertia reels, but their framework is various

they should be thought about individually. Currently, baitcasting fishing reels, integrity and also capacity are unequaled, and the casting distance and also simplicity, nearly equal to immediate.

Numerous designs have more capability: automated braking, automated winding lines, stopping, reverse and a lot more. Some coils even have a built-in computer system, a placing system using satellite navigation systems, etc.

Some baitcasting reels have a mild downside is the tiny diameter spindle for winding fishing line — — it is very important to remember this when purchasing, provided the conditions as well as techniques of the proposed fishing.

Angling reels — — types by objective:

Winter of the coil.

Used fishing pole for winter months fishing. Typically fishermen while ice angling, viviva the fish, put the fishing line onto the ice, where it likely has a chance to damage on the edge of the ice. Winter coil helps to prevent this. As well as on «« running » a snap, helps to draw out the larger fish on a slim angling line as well as chain.

For sheer blesneniya.

This kind nearly totally similar to the winter months coils, because the procedure of angling is extremely comparable to the winter season ice (e.g., vertical jigging from the watercraft).


Reels planned for fishing rotating.


In short, match the coil are made use of to «« float » fishing suit rods. This is a tiny, often little useful fishing reels that are mostly developed for easy coiling and also storage space of the angling line.

Ego substitute.

It is tiny and light versions without inertia as well as the inertia reels utilized for capturing vprovodku.


Unique coils that are made for fly fishing.


For catching fish by lower fishing rods. This consists of more «« traction » than the « speed » of the coil, with specific attributes that aid to prevent damage of the deal with, or leaping fish up until the angler reacts to the bite.

For sea fishing.

This kind of coils, basically, is worldly production, which is specifically immune to the composition of sea water, as well as toughness as well as power.

Main attributes of angling reels:

The variety of bearings.

A number that suggests the number of bearings in the system of the coil. Normally, 4-5 bearings enough for basically quality job coil. Enhancing the number of bearings enhances the weight as well as rate of the coil.

Do not fail to remember that the quality of European or Japanese bearings, is dramatically different from the Chinese top quality!

When picking, you require to recognize that not constantly «« even more = better ». We advise you to pay attention to the high quality, not quantity.

High-grade reels and also all fishing, to water and also electricity (angling deal with, attractions, accessories, fishing equipment, footwear as well as clothes) from the leading fishing brands, You can purchase top quality angling online shop

Gear ratio.

The proportion of the variety of changes of the manage to the number of changes of the spool.

Data «« a» 5.1-1 » would certainly suggest that one revolution of the handle, the spool will certainly do 5.1 turn over.

Friction brake.

The system which manages the braking pressure to hemorrhage the line with a coil that allows to extract the larger fish, without concern that the angling line breaks.

System long cast («« Long Cast » «, « Cast Gyper », «« Spool Match»»

)Coil layout, with the inscription, meant for the use of lengthy range casting. It is outfitted with details spool (cone-shaped) shape with the minimized height of the front of the edge, and are made of an unique composite material with a large web content of graphite is dramatically reduces for the line rubbing when casting.

System zero-reverse («« Соntinuоus anti-rеvеrsе»», « Ultrа Lоск»», « Operators Wау Сlutсh»»)

. System, which with a sharp jerk repairs the serious strikes to the gears of the coil, which stops their quick wear and also damage of the coil.

Anti-vibration system («« Dyna balance » «, « AVS »). A

system that stabilizes the coil, if used, to prevent oscillation of the spindle as well as resonances: handle with compensator, twin handles in proportion, balanced line bundle etc.

. Protivotankovaya system(« Anti-Twist », « Тwist Frее «Rоllеr»», « Роwеr Rоllеr»»)

. System that minimizes turning of the fishing line — — antitotema system.

The amount as well as type of spindle (capacity).

The raw materials for the manufacture of the spindle is plastic as well as metal. Plastic spools are lighter, yet metal is extra wear-resistant and offer you the chance to do even more lengthy casts.

The spindle may be discussed the ratio of the size of the line as well as its length (up spools relying on the size of the injury fishing line). For example: «« 0,2-100 0,125-150» » it will certainly suggest that You can reel 100 meters of angling line with a size of 0.2 mm or 150m angling line with a size of 0.125 mm.

Still, spools might vary in its form: some may be much longer, others much more extensive. For lengthy casts, you need to pay more interest to «« lengthy », or unique spools for distance casting.

Coil size for fishing.

Each spool suggest its size, yet, generally, this parameter relates to the characteristics of the coil, since the dimension of the spool on a straight line depends upon the size of the coil.

You need to bear in mind that the category of dimensions of the coils may vary from different makers.

500 — — tiny reel for fishing with ultralight;
1000-1500 is a tiny reel for angling light or ultralajtovogo rod;
2000-2500 is the average dimension of a coil (several fishermen believe the dimension of the global);
3000-4000 — — big grip coils;
more than 4,000 — — the biggest fishing reel.

The larger the coil, the more effective and also, consequently, the thicker the line on her reel

Some ideas for the treatment of fishing reel:

Do not neglect that the operation as well as transportation of the coil, you need to follow certain regulations that will certainly help protect the honesty of the coil.

It will certainly last much longer, delighting in each fishing!

  • Attempt to prevent the ingress of moisture and sand in the coil;
  • Avoid drops and also shocks coil;
  • The coil should be fastened snugly to the pole (if the coil will certainly hold on the rod, or significantly squeeze the place, it can harm the coil during operation);
  • Don’t forget a sturdy as well as trusted case for the coil throughout transport — — this will certainly help stay clear of obtaining dust into the coil as well as damages;
  • During long-term storage, a friction brake on the reel better relieve — — thus, all inner parts as well as pads would remain in the «« unstressed» » state, which will allow them to maintain their properties a lot longer.

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