Tips novice carpatica: attractants for carp

In this article I want to talk about the attractants used when fishing for carp, and how to use them. First, let’s define the terms so the word attractants comes from the Latin, aigamo — attract, means natural or synthetic substances that attract organisms.

Personally, I like the Russian word «attractive,» which, in my opinion, it is much easier perceived by English-speaking man. In this article, I will explain my own view as to the attractants and give them their own classification.

Perhaps my opinion on these issues for the most part does not coincide with conventional wisdom, but I’m not trying to impose it.

The attractants, in the direction of their impact on animals can be divided into several groups: substances that stimulate the reproduction; substances that stimulate the food, etc., of course, We are interested in attractant to attract fish to the fishing area and stimulating the nutrition of carp. In turn, the attractive can be divided into several groups according to the method of their impact on the senses of fish. Attention carp may be attracted by the colors of the bait and/or spray nozzles.

Fish can be effectively attracted due to the particles of the mixture having different degrees of buoyancy: some float, others sink, and others float in the middle layers of water surrounding the bait with a cloudlet of dregs, effectively attracting the attention of fish. This effect gives, for example, balls of a granular bait and a soluble version (photo 1). I would classify the colorants and dusting of bait to a group of visual attractive.

To a group of chemical attractive include food attractants, which can dissolve in water. With the help of the organs of smell carp can detect extremely small concentrations of various substances dissolved in water, and find their source by following a concentration gradient of attractive.

You should be aware that no matter how potent stimulators of food was not included in the composition of your bait and the nozzle, they will not be able to influence the fish until then, until you dissolve in water, are eaten by fish and analyzed using the organs of taste. Surely some of you have noticed that many boilies start to work immediately, but after a certain period of stay in the water. Most anglers connects it with the reduction of odor concentration emitted by the nozzle, reasonably believing that the overly strong smell of the nozzle may scare cautious fish.

In fact, the reason for the described phenomenon, most likely is not only this, but also in the fact that Boyle can’t immediately start to «give» in the water enclosed in it is attractive. In order to prevent water and bacteria made Boyle’s components dissolve in water, giving the fish a chemical signal, it takes time. It is this phenomenon explains the high efficiency of soluble boilies, start time in which the work is substantially lower than the usual cooked bits.

In a separate group of attractive, I would pick substance acting on the fish body during the process of metabolism after eating part of a bait. Such substances may not have good solubility in water, since starting to work from the inside of the body of the fish. I would call them internal priapically mi. Osnovnym internal p-release include flavor enhancers, boosters metabolism (metabolism) and appetite stimulants.

Attractants are used to solve the following tasks:

  • attracting fish to the fishing area (long-range attractive);
  • hold the fish in the fishing area (near the attractive);
  • stimulation of fish food (lighteners appetite and boosters metabolism);
  • attracting fish to the bait.

To perform each of these functions are used either different substances or the same substances but with different concentrations. Let’s take a closer look at the attractive, used when fishing for carp.


The nozzle and the bait can be given a different color using dyes (photo 2). For this purpose, such as food, and «special» dyes that are sold in fishing stores. Dyes are available in powder (photo 3) and liquid forms (photo 4). Mixing dyes of different colors, if necessary, you can achieve almost any shade.

With self-manufacturing boilies powder dyes can be made in the composition of the base mix and dissolve them in a liquid, which mix basic mixture. In the first case, the main difficulty is to evenly distribute the dye throughout the volume of the mixture. The second usually have problems related to poor solubility of the powder in the liquid. Powder dye is often taken lumps, dissolving almost impossible. So I would recommend to make powder dyes in the composition of the basic mixture with subsequent thorough mixing.

Liquid dyes can be mixed with the liquid components used in the manufacture of boilies. In this case, the problems associated with the dissolution of the dye and its uniform distribution throughout the volume of the mixture practically does not occur. Liquid dyes are more technologically advanced, but the powder usually have better coloring properties.

The staining of the granular bait powdered dye pre-mixed with groundbait and liquid, as in the case with the handle, add to the liquid, which will zameshivaetsya balls of bait. In the manufacture of a bait boilies and bait balls dosing of dyes should be very careful — their excessive amount may adversely affect the nutritional attraction of the bait. Specialized dyes always listed their recommended dosage.

To apply dyes in any kind of bait should only be the case when they are really needed. This should be done consciously, clearly aware of what effect you want to achieve with the dye, and not to your boilie bait look more aesthetically pleasing from a human point of view.

In the manufacture of Packed boilies compliance with the «right» dosage of the dye not so important, because fish will not eat them. Moreover, in the manufacture of soluble boilies excessive concentration of dye can give the additional effect of attracting fish due to the fact that Boyle is «dusting», coloring the water around him in vivid color. More intense staining is relatively Packed boilies, the bait may contribute to a further allocation of nozzles on a background of bait.

The special role of the color of the bait and the bait gets in the cold season, when the sensitivity of the olfactory receptors of fish greatly reduced, and while finding food, it focuses more To Sya on vision than on smell.

About which colors are the most attractive for carp, there are different opinions. I think that to a large extent determined by the characteristics of the particular reservoir and the current tastes of its inhabitants. As practice shows, good properties are attracting nozzles of the yellow-red colors. However, it is believed that when targeted fishing for large wary fish color nozzles should be as natural as possible, slightly stands out from the bottom. Often (especially when night fishing) a good effect gives the application a very bright nozzles, painted with fluorescent dyes. Mostly it is for floating boilies (photo 5) and artificial bits (photo 6).

To I would say the glowing baits and artificial bait (photo 7). Although their positive impact on the bite and not proven, but their use gives a further field experiment, to abandon which is probably not worth it. In General, the use of dyes provides ample space for creativity.

The visual attraction of fish due to the creation of in the area catching clouds of turbidity can be achieved in many different ways. One of the main ways is to use bait balls, which included components that could create a water suspension of small particles, and this forms a cloud of turbidity. The components include dry and condensed milk, semolina, different types of flour. Also interesting effect is the inclusion in the composition of the mixture of fine components that have positive or neutral buoyancy, e.g., ground in a coffee grinder dry gamarus, Daphnia or oatmeal.

British company Solar produces a series of dry bait mix Up&Down (photo 8), the components of which then float, then sink again, creating around a ball of bait circulation circulating in different water layers of the small particles, active thus attracting the attention of fish. The kit includes these baits liquid flavours with the corresponding odor. We strongly recommend to pay attention to this product, especially if you often catch with the use of method-tion feeders.

Everything said about granular baits can be safely attributed to the soluble bolam that, in fact, are more «long-playing» modification of small loose balls of groundbait.

When using grain baits can also be effective to attract the fish, creating a cloud of fragrant water turbidity. For this part of the grain mixture only should include cereals, together with grains you need to soak and cook. Welded grain, which included oatmeal, is surrounded by a viscous muddy substance absorbent of smells and also a good «giving» them in the water. To give the required grain mixture of the smell of the flavoring it is best to add to it when it is slightly cooled after boiling, but still warm. In this case, the components of the mixture absorb the flavors in the best way.


As we discussed above, the chemical attractive is the attractants, well able to dissolve in water, or a good spread in the form of small particles, such as fats and oils in warm water. Usually the best ability to dissolve liquid components or have the components before their introduction into the composition of the bait or the bait was pre-dissolved in any liquid. Chemical attractive can be attributed primarily to different carriers of the smell, there are flavors. In carp fishing there are various kinds of flavors.

For the manufacture of boilies are dedicated highly concentrated carriers of the smell produced by a large number of companies specializing in the production of carp feed and nozzle (photo 9).

As a rule, these flavors are made on the basis of liquids with a high capacity for dissolution in water (glycerin, ethyl alcohol). For warm water are better flavors on the glycerol based, and cold alcohol.

The next type of fragrances is used to impregnate the nozzles. The media smell called dips (from the English verb 1o SNR — to dip, to immerse, to dip) (photo 10). Dips for nozzles come in both liquid and gel (photo 11), and even powder (photo 12). The application of powder and gel dips allows not only to strengthen or change the smell of the nozzle, but give it a different color.

Way to use gel dressings in General all is clear, but regarding the powder carriers of smell have to listen to a lot of questions. I take this opportunity to describe a way of using powder dips. The bait should be wet (in water or any liquid attractant), then roll in the powder and let it dry. Repeating this procedure several times, you can create on the surface of the nozzle rather thick layer of powder dip. When immersed in water the powder turns into a gel, enveloping the nozzle. The application of gel and powder dips gives an additional effect, because they not only are a carrier of the smell, but to create the illusion of a soft nozzle. The fact that fish (especially large ones) prefer soft tips, are well known.

Prolonged soaking boilies in the liquid dips can also give special effect consists in a significant increasing of the hardness of the outer layer nozzle, which is useful, for example, when abundance in the pond of small fish. There are also special flavors for baits used mainly in the manufacture of bait balls (photo 13).

To bait flavors are carriers of odor, specially designed to work with PVA materials. These flavors are called boosters. As follows from their appointment, boosters don’t dissolve PVA materials and is intended for flavoring (or mixing) baits placed in PVA bags or sausages (photos 14-15).

The following kind of highly effective chemical attractants are various essential oils, e.g. oil of black pepper, geranium and eucalyptus oil, etc. (photo 16). Essential oils are readily soluble in water and able to perform the role as the near and far attractive.

Warm water good attractive properties of different fats and oils. These include, first of all, fish oils (salmon, paltusova, trout), hemp, flax and olive oil, and their blends (photo 17). Although fats and oils are practically insoluble in water, they can go into the warm water of the bait, giving the fish a strong enough chemical signal and drawing her to the place of fishing. As the cooling water efficiency of fats and oils is gradually reduced, to the extent that in very cold water their attractive properties can proceed in repulsive. Apply fats and oils should be very careful. They must be fresh, not oxidized. Spoiled rancid fats can permanently scare away the fish from your bait.

Modern carp industry offers a huge selection of different chemical attractnew, liquid and poroshkovyh, and not very effective, expensive and very expensive. Most often it is the amino acid-vitamin complexes and liquid extracts of natural nutrient components (seafood, seaweed, liver, etc.) (photo 18-19).

About aminocomplexes I would like to say separately. Primarily worried by the fact that, with rare exception, the packaging of amino acid attractants is not specified or the final expiration date or storage conditions. Would you buy in a drugstore a medicine, shelf life and storage conditions which are not known? You should be aware that the free amino acids in liquid form are highly unstable chemical compounds. Life in contact with oxygen of air is very small (as manufacturers somehow «forget» to warn us). So very cheap and highly effective aminocomplexes may be simply useless due to the fact that for too long stood on the shelf or have not been used within one to two weeks after opening the package.

If you do not plan to use the whole bottle of liquid amino complex during the week after its opening, immediately pour the liquid in a smaller airtight and opaque containers. At the same time try to in containers less air. Either pour the liquid to the bottle, or squeeze the largest possible amount of air before spinning the tube.

With self-manufacturing boilies I would not recommend to include liquid amino complexes for the above reasons. In addition, if we are talking about boiled Beulah what percentage of the amino acids survive the cooking process, known only to God. If you certainly want to use amino complex, it is better to impregnate them ready baits immediately before use. But liquid extracts of natural nutrient components can be used very effectively, especially if they will not be subjected to heat treatment. Unfortunately, hardly affordable prices of most liquid extracts, to put it mildly,difficult.

A good example of liquid natural attractive can serve corn liquor (CSL — Corn Steep Liquor) (photo 20). The recipe its self-production I’ve already cited earlier in one of his articles.

In certain circumstances, great powers possess such attractive inexpensive natural products like beet and corn molasses (photo 21), as well as products based on them, enriched with some attrac-tatami (photo 22). Do not forget that ordinary glucose included in the composition of the bait can also be very effective appeal. In the cold season, good results can be achieved using the aqueous extract of garlic (photo 23). One or two drops 14-butyric acid (photo 24) per kilogram of base mix can sometimes make your head almost «magical». Only use this ingredient to be very cautious. First, follow the recommended dosage. Secondly, do not add oil acid directly to the eggs, otherwise they will curdle. First dilute the acid in any liquid (for example, in the CSL or just in the water) and then add it to the eggs. Substitute butyric acid often success may be much more cheap and readily available citric acid.

In General, list all liquid chemical attractive is difficult enough, especially considering the fact that the market every day appear all new and new products. The choice of specific products depends on your imagination, knowledge and financial capabilities.


Perceived by the body of the fish after eating and inclusion in metabolic processes in the body. Interior attractive can, for example, to improve the taste of bait. For this purpose, various flavorings and natural food products, for example, ground shrimp and other seafood (photo 25), Bulacan (product of fermented shrimp) (photo 26), ground dried gamarus, Daphnia, bloodworms, powdered liver, dried seaweed, etc. (photo 27).

To improve the taste of bait with the help of such simple and relatively inexpensive products, such as chili, paprika and even using a regular table (or even better sea) salt (photo 28).

Among the most popular powder attractive include extract of green lipped mussels (Green Liped Mussel Extract ) (photo 29) and Red Robin (photo 30).

The latter is a mixture of different peppers and kaafila. Due to the strong smell, the ability to paint all around him in a bright red color and specific effects on the body fish,red Robin has good attraction properties (especially in cold water).

Interior attractive can help the carp to digest food and speed up the process of refining it, thereby stimulating fish to become more active feeding. It uses various enzymes and substances that stimulate the intestinal microflora. One of the most commonly used «improvers digestion», is undoubtedly betaine (photo 31).

Interior attractive can excite the appetite of fish. For this purpose, various substances, for example, can increase the amount of oxygen and reduce the amount of glucose in the blood of fish, which is a signal for the beginning of active feeding.

The company Nutrabaits produces a set of stimulating powder ingredients consisting of the appetite stimulator, flavor enhancer and accelerator of metabolism, in my opinion, appreciated by the fishermen sufficiently (photo 32).

Correctly using a wide range of visual, chemical and internal attractive, you will be able to achieve good results when fishing for carp, is consistently pursuing the objective of attracting fish to the fishing area, hold it there for more time and finally, forcing her again and again to take your head.

The use of attractants — a creative process in which each goes his own way. I would like to give only one advice-try not to use medicines, whose action on the fish you can’t predict and observe the dosage recommended by the manufacturers for their attractants. Otherwise a very high risk of harm to the health of the fish which we must protect, to have someone again and again to bring us the unforgettable joy of the harvested trophy. Ringing the woods!

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