Top lures for pike Pike 3D Hybrid with compatible tails

Outside the window the start of springtime, however numerous lakes and rivers are still covered with ice. Despite the fact that we like to fih on the ice, eagerly anticipating good angling in may.

In prep work, and at the exact same time, memories from last period, I intend to show you an extremely fascinatinglure, copying the pike.

Welcome to checking the 3D Hybrid Pike lure from Savage Gear.

General features

3D Hybrid Pike is the sequel collection of attractions that resembles the all-natural substance. As before, the technology of 3D scanning has actually been used in the manufacturing procedure as long as possible, replicate every information of the anatomy of fish.

In this situation, as the base was made use of pike. Surprisingly, this appeal is a combination of an inflexible body with a soft tail. In the set we obtain one tail in the kind of a Twister — — very soft and also large, and also the 2nd a little shorter, finishing with the timeless hoof.

Manufacturer Savage Gear has launched two models of size 17 and 25 cm, with weights 45 g and also 130 g, respectively. This kind of lure is for large lures. One of the most ideal for the jerking, that is jerkbait angling

. Under dashboard wiring do not have a solid resistance to

water and well reduced small predator. Quality as well as performance The overall impression is bait for fishing with spinning, which flaunts a Savage Gear. We are additionally extremely closely comply with the lures of a 3D collection. The quantity of information and also realistic look is something wonderful. Each element of the lure is meticulously chosen as well as considered.

The tees are really sharp as well as match the lure size. Model 17 cm is equipped with one # 1, as well as the model 25 cm currently has 2 # 1/0 and also # 2/0. The paint top quality is great, absolutely nothing departs, as well as does not split, as well as after contact with a big pike continues to be just a tiny groove. The rubber tails are painted in the very same color as the body of the attraction. In a box they do not stain each other. Color gamma is in all-natural style, with the particular places of pike.


It is a decoy, produced primarily for catching big fish. In our waters primary is pike, as well as we require to focus on it. Crossbreed Pike is practically an universal jerk. We can quickly catch on it at depths of 1-5 m, and also for the more patient anglers — — up to 8 m. This is a sinking appeal, so you need to make a throw, await the accomplishment of the preferred deepness and start publishing.

At work

The biggest enigma and also the unknown was just how to work the interchangeable tails as well as appears like a replacement. It turned out that the maker has decided this concern is very simple and at the exact same time the excellent means. Of the body shell is the spiral, which is connected to the picked tail. Because of this the appeal has two various tasks.

With tail Twister draw the lazy, the body stalls, and a lengthy fleshy tail swings. Additionally, there are numerous manner ins which you can use in this decision. One we found — — just turn the tail 180 levels — — then the appeal at a continuous posting will rise. This technique is well fit for pike in shallow water.

The 2nd option is if you transform the tail 90 levels to the left or right, the lure will certainly go in one instructions or the various other — — suitable for pike from the coast. The remedy Twister and also more concerned us under jankovoy catch.

Tail with an unguis is one more solution. With it Hybrid Pike gets new life, the attraction comes to be a lot more hostile, the entire body swinging in the rhythm of work of the tail. This solution is much better matched for uniform deal or, for example, for trolling. At this stage it is additionally worth pointing out the location of the tee.

This bait idea is that after a take the fish captures mobile tee without destroying the lure with his teeth. In case of damages to the rubber tail can you buy it in the same color as the body. For this reason, there is no concern that the lure will certainly be unusable.


Prices on the attractions differ relying on where you purchase them. 3D Hybrid Pike in the quantity of 17 cm is 1150 rubles, and the design is 25 centimeters remains in the range of 1780 rubles. This is a good rate, but you must think about the sturdiness of the bait, which is very large. As long as we do not damage the jerk, it will certainly serve us for a long time.

General impact

3D Hybrid Pike is an interesting remedy for capturing big fish. Opportunities to fish at different midsts make an universal bait for capturing of a pike. You can safely utilize it for snagging as well as for the classic consistent circuitry.

We believe that it deserves to attempt these lures if you are choosing huge pike.

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