Ultra-light rotating. Ultralight

Small synthetic rotating lures — — crankbaits, spinners, rubber imitations are typically less than 6 centimeters in size and consider much less than 6 g. the Length of the smallest — — 3 centimeters, weight 1-3 g, they are created for chubs, ides, Krasnoperov, little and also medium-sized perch, trout, grayling, Dace, small as well as medium-sized pike. Most often it is imitatsiyasini or small fish such as roach, smelt, grim, perch, gudgeon, crucian carp.

Several anglers spetsializiruyutsya for fishing with baits on ultra-light spinning rod, using a really delicate pole as well as deal with. Rod should be the size of 240-280 cm from 0-10 g. the test is a Very crucial aspect is sensitive vershinka that transfers the slightest motion of fish. With simple spinning demand to utilize a light reel with a fixed spindle, small size.

One more essential component of deal with, fishing line. It is best to use fishing line diameter 0.10-018 mm. the Anglers who utilize fishing line size 0.10 mm, catch with convenience, due to the fact that with a fishing line easier to cast and also maintain the bait. The high danger of shedding lures and also fish in if it assaults a big Chub, trout, or barbel. An important component of this take on is also microsilica no more than 6-7 mm. It allows you to quickly change a lure, and also as a result of its little dimension and also weight, it does not influence the activity of the lure.

When angling spring chubs or forecase simply doing cross casts slightly upstream of the river and also attempting to draw the bait with a tight line, to feel the bite and hooking a fish. Larger lures — — 3-6 centimeters in length and a weight of 4-8 g. Such efficient bait for bigger fish: big Chub, trout, grayling, ASP medium dimension, perches, pikes, Zanders, catfish or trout. Their shape and shades they mimic, as an example, a minnow, sculpin, roach, bleak, carp, smelt, perch.

Fascinating microfinance (see picture), which lately showed up in the sale is a Wobbler with a size of 4 cm and a weight of 2 g. This bait runs shallow, descends to a depth of 0.6 m, it used some fascinating solutions not discovered in other lures. In a real estate constructed from synthetic products, integrated mini ratchet, furthermore involving fish.

Surround eyes on the body visible from a distance. Wobbler has a very sharp tee 7 mm as well as glows under water, because constructed from fluorescent products. Advised for catching roach, Chub, IDE, grayling and also trout.

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