Want rainfall!

Sunday morning my other half and I remained in the top reaches of Kasinki, with the purpose to explore brand-new locations, yet the fish there honestly has not functioned, and also it was chosen to go back to Kashin.

After returning house, remove additional weight, in the kind of boots, tourist foams, and other things, I now no much longer need, as well as equipped with a rotating rod and also blasingame, move in the river is straight in the city, since it is required to fix up.

A little more about gear.

Came to me a week earlier, the parcel with the items of the firm Megabass. The firm is well-understood all your purchase today I will certainly not paint, will claim what you delighted in during the day. It is novelties 2018.

First-the rotating Megabass Evolution in Rostovka 2.13 m examination 3-10 according to the supplier, as developed for two areas — — trout fishing on ponds as well as Chub on tiny rivers.
With an eye on the Chub I took.

Well, and also blestki — — too developments. Took five items of both collection, 3 Indi Spoon and also two Cicadas Wing.

Indi Spoon — — a spoon with a weight of 3.2 grams

and a length of 32 mm Cicadas Wing — 2.5 grams and also 29 mm.

What can you state concerning the sensations after the first day of usage?. Spinning like, blestki easy carpal reflux sent out by 25-30 meters without effort. On the wiring — — you know: the spoon, however still this weight is not uporoty crank, what can I state? Right here get cranky as well as minagi, after that I recognize

Spinner. Indi Spoon on purchase devote large fluctuations with radio frequency at the Cicadas Wing at the very same speed of the deal, regularity considerably higher. In a frantic burlesque experience they had, however in the shallows of a stream maintain not out. Held them both upstream and also downstream — — the video game does not alter.

What fish? And also the fish — — sad … something I have on the Kashinka, Chub some serpuhove. «« Plop » today the whole Chub responded in panic! Either I «« flop» » is incorrect, or the bugs in the Kashinka do not drop.

The only sampling was captured, so I threw a little flock of small Golovlyov, of people 5, and also got the appeal in potbelly thickets surrounding the stream. The spoon dropped on top of the leaf, and when I carefully pulled out, felt an impact.

After that, I a number of times and also couldn’t duplicate a shot similar to this, as well as when I fell short once again, I’ve been on the lookout!

While photographing, let golawice to enter into the Bush, which included a number of unpleasant minutes, however ultimately whatever exercised.

Again, the feelings throughout the capturing, the rotating is absolutely nothing concrete to state — — it was too little instance annoyed.

Much more regrettably, this maneuver really did not function, neither here neither in various other locations.

I inform you, it was not so much. Or the sheer forest where the lure scary to quit,

or if there was at least a strip of clean water, this area was busy showering.

The people responsible, obviously, impossible. Still, by mid-day the temperature level increased to thirty levels, and also all looked for sanctuary at the water.

I want rainfall! I wish to fish, rather than aimlessly hanging around on the shore, trying to find locations devoid of vacationers.

Whereupon — — all No Tail, No Scales, and see you on the water.

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