Why Are There So Many More Blue and black Jigs Than Crankbaits?

The late wonderful pro bass fishermen Guido Hibdon as soon as told me he had a great deal of success on a dark lure with a tint of blue on it when he fished Ozark lakes in the autumn. When I fished with Major League Fishing Pro Mark Davison Kentucky Lake one loss, I witnessed Davis capturing bass on a black squarebill crankbait he tossed along a rock riprap financial institution.

Blue and black is one of the best color mixes for a bass jig, but the color combination has never truly captured on with lure producers of crankbaits. However, I have found the exploring pros have been making use of all black or black-and-blue crankbaits to capture bass in specific circumstances throughout the years.

The Bubonic Crankbait In Black And Blue

While looking into crawfish shade modifications, I uncovered Hibdon and Davis caught bass on those shades because some crawfish turn dark brown, dark blue or black when the water cools off in autumn.

I really did not have any black-and-blue crankbaits in my accumulation of lures so I had Table Rock Lake overview as well as popular appeal painter Tim Hughes repaint one of my Storm Lures Wiggle Wart crankbaits with a black back as well as blue stubborn belly. I have actually had modest success angling the crankbait in the clear waters of Lake of the Ozarks during the autumn. I have likewise captured some bass in the evening during the summer on a dark Norman Lures DD22 crankbait.

Bubonic Crankbaits Black And Blue Crankbaits: Water Clarity Is KEY Water shade and a crawfish’s diet plan are a couple of various other factors to consider for angling a darker crankbait. Crawfish living in muddy water and also reduced light problems are usually darker in color. Clear water crawfish are generally lighter in color, which explains why I have actually had restricted success on these colored lures in the more clear water I fish a Lake of the Ozarks.

I also figured out in looking into crawfish colors that mudbugs preying on decomposing plant material tend to be darker colored, while those eating zooplankton and also living plant material are usually a lot more orange. In that case, black-and-blue crankbaits are a lot more reliable in the fall on lakes full of passing away greenery as well as bayou locations of rivers where there are decaying lily pads and other brown weeds.

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