With Seine internet for sturgeon. Fishing with bottom gear

In lots of water bodies of Russia sturgeon are enabled to be angling Amateur fishing methods. In some areas managed, just the variety of fish captured as well as its dimension. It is not an easy fish and also fly fishing requires a specific skill.

Often it is found in much deeper streams, where a market, despite having the load 120 and also 150 grams to get it is hard. For inevitably impacts the take on from the fairway. In such instances, it is sensible to use the Seine internet.

Kiddle (not to be puzzled with poaching gear «« samolovama », where sliding down the sturgeon mogritsa hooks without a nozzle) with a small number of hooks (usually approximately ten) allowed by the rules of Amateur fishing practically all over. As well as given that the setup of seines is happening with the watercraft, you can make use of the lots, which present is relocated or displaced somewhat. So, clearly fishing areas can be obnovleny.

Features catching sturgeon on the Seine.

Caught by seines, as transverse as well as longitudinal. Transverse setup technique involves making use of heavy major cargo and lighter extra shipments, journalism bring cord to the bottom. In the case of solid irregularities of the bottom topography leads Seine nets also delivered and also Dlinnaya. This technique of setup makes possible the multiple screening tackle for angling without removing it from the water totally. It is a lot more taxing alternative, aimed at fishing on the Seine.

More sophisticated looks to the longitudinal use Seine internet. It does not require an especially hefty main cargo as well as delivery staging of the cord. Generally rather small, one and a fifty percent kilos, support upstream, and also small end weight (200-300 gr.). The Seine lies along all-time low as well as lengthy leashes here as well, there is nothing that more simplifies the installation. Actually, it ends up podpack boosted with the tons at the end. And also poduska on sturgeon has actually always been just one of one of the most efficient methods of fishing.

Repeated checks of the Seine-prodolniy also possible, yet the supports then it is far better to obtain larger. However since it is captured mainly during the night, it is typically put on when. And also with an effectively chosen area, the outcome is better than in a transverse installation. Fry, worm or other lure over has less effect (not motilal), which contributes to bolshemu to protect the bait in an eye-catching problem. The cord always at the bottom, the wire itself can take a lot more refined. The cord does not produce resonance, terrifying the fish, as well as after the installation it is significantly much faster strategy to tackle.

When to capture sturgeon on the Seine.

As for «« coverage », «« reduced workspace» » is not so essential. Not the fish swims in a straight line that feed on leaves. More vital to choose the right time of the installation, because late evening is the time fish extremely various. So there is a risk of scoring rather than the sterlet in the morning a handful of ruffs or kilogram-eyed SOPs, which is not correct. You require to place in the late golden, on the edge of presence. That’s when generally a lot more active and also sturgeon as well as walleye, if that will certainly assist.

To make one of the most longitudinal Seine nets is not difficult. Even less complicated to get. In recent times, there are decent options such seines. Installment entails floating downstream and practice, you can take care of one, if the flow is not also rapid and a little anchor hold. Lengthy time not expensive, however reliable — — so it is feasible in General to define peremetnoe catch sterlet.

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