Wobbler: analogues, copies, forges

This loss remained in search of more economical analogues of renowned appeals such as DEPS, OSP, ZIP BAITS, RAPALA as well as these searches proved to be effective. My boxes filled with new attractions, which are not substandard to the originals.

In the very first part we will take into consideration up big crankbaits(130 mm), particularly Rudra (Rudra OSP )as well as Balisong (Balisong DEPS). There is something to share…

… Rudra (Rudra OSP). Analogues, copies, phonies

This is the very first lure which replacement I began searching in the starting point. And it is clear. Wobbler, that «« did all the angling. » Wobbler, that « did the amateur specialist.»

» In the end, Wobbler, which assisted several renowned people in the angling globe to end up being Champions. Like someplace heard that is a favorite Wobbler Alexey Shanin. .

Price of Rudra concerning 20-25 bucks as well as if pull on the snag, the loss cheap.

Usami Ebisu The initial bait-a copy purchased on the suggestions of a reasonable vendor at the bait store. Expense about 8-10 bucks. Less expensive. Affordable. Regrettably, not much inferior to the original in the game at brief ranges and the high quality of the products, but it is not

essential. Meet, his name is USAMI. The very same 130 mm, the exact same shape, only the penetration is a bit different. On package asserted up to 1.8 meters. Angling alternately changing the initial Rudra and also her fake strong differences are not observed. Experienced yet four colors: acid, straight (verkhivka), straight (forelka) and also mattier. Checked for several angling, the outcome is: capture all.

The second lure is a copy of it is my merit. Her honor and praise. When I rejoiced USAMI, as I purchased the «« Flagship » for the familiar shape. I looked at the price tag, I really did not think. It’s only $ 5. I assumed, «« bing. s. », however took a sample. A miracle has occurred. This is one of the most sought perfect copy of Rudra.

Flagman. Flagman HellCat– roslavle the first actors. Of the minuses are: the quality of coverage and top quality of hooks (ideally replace ). And just how was my first shade I got, the lure has a split-level floorings. Leading paint beginning after the teeth of a pike a little shearing, and also under it was an additional great. Don’t even understand if you can call it a minus.

Gotten some more in various other colors, including mattier. Actually time for a thorough examination was not.

Struck by the cost on the HellCat, bought them and their buddies. Serious, for the rate of one Rudra can get five analogues from the Flagship. There is something to think about. Whether OSP overprice, whether the Flagship every so often decreases, hence, filling consumers.

Butterfly blade( Balisong DEPS )and also its forgery Along with the « OSP Rudra » they were wanting to change an additional pricey(20-25$)and the renowned lure of the Balisong from the company Deps. Lengthy search was not needed. Obviously the companies which create counterfeits, well-monitored top 10 ulovistye lures. USAMI is no exception.

Usami Naginata USAMI. When dug on the discussion forums, it turned out that this model of fishermens have currently had a good ground all the bones. At the same time a little laugh. As it ended up, the Chinese without a doubt copied the lure, however incorrectly gathered her stuffing. Much more precisely the system long cast. Now this is a copy of the balisong without receding back of the ball. Of course there are problems on the cast– constant somersaults and overlaps in the air. In some cases the state of mind is brought.

As a result of a flaw in the water appears completely various. USAMI is much quieter crazy drum-of the initial. This lure has brought me the most trophy fish. In the photo simply listed below pike of 7,5 kg caught this loss on it. My medical diagnosis: is worthy of a place in package. Catches fish. The rate is 8-10 bucks.

Kraken Flagman The following counterfeit is interested in parallel with the design’s Flagship HellCat (put up next to the home window). As You comprehend, we will certainly discuss an additional phlegmonously the bait. It’s gradually sinking fake Balisong with a wonderful cost of $ 5. Definitely no different from the initial. Hullabaloo, sound and noise is the most effective benefit energetic pike. Certainly good work near noisy places, particularly near the bridge, dam and tp.

The above mentioned lures-Minou different in audio as well as application. Remarkable complement each various other. Fantastic catch. Advised for acquisition, nevertheless not every rookie will certainly have the ability to smoothly handle the reflux of USAMI.

Now one paragraph concerning the pike fishing on the above-described bait. When I got my initial Balisong, I thought, «« Oh, if it was quieter…»… ». As his appreciation, yet the universal «« DEPS Balisong » is absolutely not called. When there’s no bites at all, there are days. USAMI in this regard much more dedicated. He captures when the initial is silent, yet might shed the original signal.

Verdict from the above do it on your own. Decide on your own. Shakespeare: «« to Be or not to be…»

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