Wobblers on a pike, do it on your own

Crankbaits for pike can be very diverse, as long as their game attracts a toothy killer.

You can make a wobbler with your very own hands from many materials; it is not necessary to buy something in the store for this. Many fisher-craftsmen make such baits from improvisated ways. The majority of self-made items do a superb task with this task, but they have both minuses and ands also.

  • inexpensive of products
  • catchability
  • the opportunity of developing extra devices as well as devices
  • possibility to make a wobbler according to your illustrations
  • production time
  • frailty
  • added use paint products
Materials for production

Self-made wobblers are made generally of a number of sorts of products, however craftsmen, if wanted, can adjust to this organization practically whatever that comes useful. The main point is to have a collection of devices as well as very few abilities to work with this or that product.

The lure will certainly turn out perceptible if an item of the heart is embedded in it. Each master, functioning, puts his component in the item, yet what product to pick is up to him alone. At the initial production, it is desirable to prepare in theory, and afterwards work to be executed under the guidance of a more skilled sidekick.


Most often, homemade wobblers are made from wood, for this it is not needed to be a joiner. Particular skills at the master might be lacking completely, the ability will certainly feature time.

It is on a wooden homemade wobbler you can work out all the needed aspects, due to the fact that such a material perfectly provides itself to processing with virtually any devices.

Wood is most often used by craftsmen:

  • limes;
  • consumed;
  • acacia.

Some artisans adjust an old balsa float to make a wobbler.


This material is most often used for the manufacture of two-and three-part wobblers. In the procedure of handling part of the bait as well as secure much easier, and also paint, and also add, if necessary, weights. In addition to composite wobblers, they likewise make poppers from foam plastic.

Foam rubber

This material is very easy in processing, but also a wobbler on a pike can be made fairly light from it. Additionally, such baits are equipped with noise capsules and also weights or magnetic systems.


Plastic wobblers are one of the most durable, they do not need to be further treated with varnishes and also paints, they do not get water, they do not start to rot without drying out.

The most basic instance of a wobbler of this type is an item made from the manage of an old toothbrush, as well as the attraction can even be made by a teenager.

Glue blend

From pencils for glue guns, you can also make catchable cranks. It suffices simply to melt the material and put it into a pre-prepared kind. It is advisable to promptly install bolts for hooks as well as sound pills, as with additional refining the workpiece is really easy to ruin.

Of these materials, the billet itself is usually created, which will certainly then need to end up being a wobbler. As a self-made enhancement to it is a shovel that manages the deepness of immersion of the fish. It is reduced from plexiglas or modern polycarbonate.

Suitable selection

In addition to planing the body and reducing of a wobbler for catchability, you must be able to equip it effectively.

Accessories for homemade wobblers must be:

  • strong;
  • reputable;
  • not excessively heavy item itself.

If just that homemade do not stick. Initial wooden rings are screwed right into wood, foam rubber, foam blanks. It is to them through the winding ring that the tees are currently affixed.

Essential! The size of the tees is chosen to make sure that they do not cling to each various other when publishing.

Clockwork rings

This aspect of accessories for a wobbler is extremely important, the tee will be placed specifically on it. The dimension should not be tiny, however not large.

The selection is to quit on stainless steel items, after that despite prolonged call with water, corrosion will certainly not be awful for them.

Noise pill

This part can be attributed to the additions as opposed to the devices. It is with its aid that one can capture even more pike per homemade wobbler.

The sound capsule is a plastic tiny round box, in the middle of which there are tiny metal rounds. With vibrations, they develop a noise result, which the toothed killer hurries at.


In very rare instances, a wobbler is outfitted with a solitary, fixed-hook hook, this is regular only for Croatian eggs. The rest of homemade items normally have two or 3 sharp tees on their bodies.

It is not essential to save money on hooks and take the least expensive, it is better to invest money as well as get products of top quality from a well-known brand, then the fish can be captured promptly.

Suggestion! Self-made wobblers can be equipped with hooks, nezatselyaykami, they vary from the common antennae, which cover the sting.


Products made of timber, foam and metal, it is preferable to paint, this way it will be possible to close most of the pores through which water will move right into the product. Unpainted material will swiftly become useless, start to rot and just disintegrate.

Painting is executed in a number of check outs:

  • tidy as well as pre-sand problem locations;
  • after that the item needs to be degreased;
  • the next action is to apply the base;
  • painting is performed in several approaches in order to qualitatively cover the product;
  • the final stage will be varnish.

You can not skip stages or alter locations, or else you’ll fail to attain the wanted result.

Suggestion! Some just degrease the surface, and afterwards paint it with spray paint, however after drying, the product must still be covered with a safety layer.

Completely dried out after paint, the wobbler is cleaned with a fabric and washed in a mild soap remedy. Offer entirely dry as well as fish.


Self-made lures are made use of on nearly any kind of reservoir, they are connected to the base with a chain, and also standard tackle is utilized.

Circuitry ought to be pursued each item individually:

  • for wooden crank any type of circuitry appropriates;
  • Foam rubber is made use of when angling for «« demolition»»;
  • Foam caught in the turf and also between the water lilies.

Besides the product itself, it is worth paying attention to the devices, the normal tee in the turf will instantly become overwhelmed.

Home-made wobblers for pike do it themselves many, especially the excitement is played out after the very first trophy for such a lure.

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