Zeiss Z-point reflex view Weaver

The finest instance of that is the hybrid power supply by battery as well as solar cell. This patented feeding technique for the first time worldwide applied by the firm Carl Zeiss: in daytime the power of the red reticle is generated by a solar cell, many thanks to prolonged battery life.

With the weakening of fluorescent light electronics automatically switches over to battery operation.

The initial reflex sight brand name Carl Zeiss is an cutting-edge device for aiming as well as equipped with the advanced optics and electronic devices. The «« Z-Point » is impressive with several remarkable residential properties that distinguish it from versions from other suppliers.

One more innovation in this sight — — auto brightness control red reticle factor depending upon ambient light, however, hands-on modification. Many thanks to the new patented plan of the source of light, the brightness of the red dot is not minimized also when watched at an angle.

This considerably helps with quick target discovery. Therefore, the view of the «« Z-Point » suitable for searching the surge, specifically on the narrow flooring. If both eyes are open, has the most significant.

Needless to state that the view of «« Z-Point» » fulfills all the demands of high-grade riflescopes. It is resistant to fire, impervious to moisture and also insensitive to shock and resonance.

Its housing is constructed from high-strength aluminium.

  • Sort of sight interior
  • Holographic view no
  • Mount range weaver
  • Nourishment CR 2032
  • A magnification of 1x
  • Change illumination immediately
  • Modification the aiming mark no
  • Adjustment of sighting mark’s illumination immediately
  • Suitable with evening vision no
  • Measurements, mm 45x36x63
  • Weight, g 160

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