Angling eel

Acne is possibly one of the most mysterious resident of our waters. It populates the rivers of Europe (Baltic, Mediterranean and also black sea basins). Extra common in the waters of Northern and North-Western Russia, the Baltic States as well as Belarus, a lot less in the southerly rivers of Russia and also Ukraine. In look, the eel is very similar to a serpent.

Its kind he has added to around your means of lots of tales as well as fables. Problems scientists acne made a lot of before therefore far no one has actually ever before seen the process of spawning women. Just in 20-e years of the last century took care of to establish the area of generating eels of all kinds.

This is the Sargasso sea in the Central Atlantic. Researchers were amazed and also the depth of tossing — — about 400 meters. Fry the eel is gotten by the effective current of the Gulf stream and concerning the mouths of the rivers of Europe. Having an innate capability to head to fresh water upstream little Prata (by the way, have clear vitreous body) increase up-stream, getting to a small river tributaries and also other water bodies.

Acne. Description

Adult acne has the body of 150-170 cm, weight 4-6 kg, the ranges at a little, barely visible, shade of the back brownish or dark eco-friendly, flanks yellowish, and the tummy is grayish-white. Eel is extremely unsafe due to the wealth of mucus on the skin. Fatty and also tender meat of the eel quite valued.

There are two types of the European eel: sharp head and also shirokogorloy. Researchers have actually found that it depends on the top quality of the forage base for eels. If its environment abound with fine feed(larvae, molluscs, crustaceans, etc ), the acne grows sharp head, and if he feeds generally on fish, that shirokogorova.

Acne. Where to look.

Eel alive as well as enhancing its weight in the various tanks. It remains in the winter months, when the water temperature drops listed below 10-12 levels, deeply buries itself in mud (sometimes up to 1-1. 5 meters) as well as sleeps.

The capability of eels to overcome hard challenges heading to the lakes and also rivers, where he gained weight and throughout the return movement when he (after 5 or 25 years) moving into the sea and also sent to spawn. In order to get rid of 4000-6000 kilometers to the Sargasso sea, it needs to have enough fat. All the eels generating, have a silver shade body. This shade identifies the existence in the body of the eel fat (occasionally with the share of about 40%).

Acne. Habits. Just how to catch. What to catch. Than to catch.

Eel is a predacious fish. Hidden in the bottom silt, it is awaiting target and does thrill to get their little, sharp teeth fish. It’s mostly little types of roach, perch, ruffe as well as stark. He does not shrink from a range of crustaceans, mollusks as well as larvae of marine bugs. Acne greedily sufficient available prey. Throughout weight gain as well as development of your body can eat sleeping fish, items of rotten meat, abattoir waste, and so on.

Using the greed for food, the fishermen, recognizing that eel is a nighttime predator, charge of bottom-fishing, seines and rotating zakidushki items of meat, entrails of animals, bunches of hearts (podlistnikov, manure and also rain) and also mount them on all night in the environments of acne. Which, as a rule, deep openings and ditches, with bountiful near-bottom layer of the silt, deep water, deep bays and also backwaters on rivers.

More probable to capture eel exists in locations beside hydraulic frameworks: dams, levees, floodgates, and so on. Acne can in a wet, awesome times to live without water for approximately 36 hours. This is facilitated by its small gills covered with mucus and has the ability to withstand extended dehydration. In an effort to overcome the challenge before him, the eel is able to crawl across a damp field or dry marsh regarding 2 miles. These are the residents of the Baltic States and Belarus.

They recognize these transshipment routes and also capture eels, called « bare hands»». Tidy bare hands the eel to keep. To do this with wet hands, must be sprinkled with sand or they need to put on unique rubber gloves with a rough surface area. Yet this type of fishing from the category of curiosities and exotics. Actual angling for eel is still fishing in his indigenous water component.

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