Angling for burbot in fall

Not everybody knows such a burbot, earlier, at the beginning of the last century, this species of freshwater cod mined on an industrial range. The populace has actually declined greatly as well as currently it is an actual prize for the angler.

Catching burbot in the summer is an useless task, it does not tolerate warm, so it conceals in the depths and is quite problematic to tempt him out. When the temperature level of the air as well as water reductions, he will strongly search the shoals for food.

The best specials for the river dweller are:

  • small shellfishes;
  • shellfish;
  • small fish.

All these gastronomic choices are familiar to anglers, these are the options that are considered the ideal lure when fishing for burbot on little rivers and on the lake. In the north, a waterworm is utilized as a special to catch a cod rep, it is cleaned ahead of time and positioned on an incorporate numbers.

Where residence burbot

Before you prepare take on for burbot, you must recognize where to search for it.

Experienced anglers are advised to browse on such features of the river, which will definitely involve the taste of a cod representative:

  • rocky bottom, without sudden drops in the daytime;
  • sandy stretches of the river as well as rifts in the dark.

Burbot mainly prefers bottom locations of the tank, which is why it is recorded on lower gear.

Just how to catch burbot

Capturing burbot in the autumn on the river can take place in numerous ways, each selecting the most ideal appearance. It will certainly be necessary to properly outfit with quality elements so as not to miss out on the prize catch. On Vyatka, on Klyazma and also on the Neva, experienced fishermen use different equipment to catch the cod rep. If the bite of burbot is great, then regardless of what take on is made use of, it is better because situation to worry about the lure as well as attraction of the area.

One of the most typical equipments for catching a water resident are:

  • bottom gear;
  • rotating;
  • zherlitsy.

Each of them can bring a good catch, but a huge burbot, as technique shows, is finest tackled a donkey as well as zakodkushki.

The freshwater agent of cod is not extremely cautious; as a result, it is feasible to utilize much less fragile parts for tooling than for other river residents.

Donka and spinning are used from the coast, but it is required to position the stubs from the boat. In the autumn, the very first two versions of tooling work best.

Gear Items

Taking into consideration the environment of the burbot as well as recognizing its routines, it can be comprehended that you can safely utilize a monk or thicker cord, the hooks are additionally picked not tiny, which will certainly match both real-time bait as well as a bunch of worms.

Fishing pole

Capturing a burbot on a donk includes the use of a pole, its size depends upon the water body selected. The bigger the river, the longer the form is chosen. Angling for burbot on the Volga will call for a size of up to 3.9 m, 3-meter-long size is sufficient for little bodies of water. Angling on the Yenisei is usually carried out with a 3.6 m pole. It is suggested to utilize kinds made of composite products, they are light and also quite strong.

When getting a blank sheet, examine the rings well; they must be purely aligned along a single line without shifting. Such a flaw will certainly stop the line or cord from coming off easily.

Spinning rods are chosen as to which bait will be made use of. It is better to catch on swayer, this appeal most imitates an actual fish, which burbls a lot love Spinning, specifically, must have a spreading of 10 grams, since rewriters seldom have less weight. Rod length 2.4-2.7 m, it will certainly catch the essential water area without problems.


It is required to furnish the pole with a high-quality reel with a maximum gear ratio, so the fishing line or cord is tired quicker with a notch. On the feeder as well as bottom fishing pole, it is preferable to put a reel with a spool of 3,000– 4,000 in size with great strength indicators, at such a time another, more energetic river local might get on the hook.

Spinning gear up 2000-3000 coils, the primary line or cable which is enough for long casts.

It is not always necessary to need a pole and also reel for the poke. Some skilled fishermen favor to collect a donk for baking on a self-resetting, this is a plastic ring with a jumper between on which the fishing line with hooks is stored.

Cables and fishing lines

Fishing from a coast from a beach on the advice of skilled anglers will certainly be successful regardless of what the diameter of the fishing line on the reel. Blowing her is different caution, occasionally he can take thoughtlessly tossed lure on a large hook and totally absorb it into himself. As well thick sizes should not be utilized, it is ineffective.

A monk 0.25-0.35 mm thick is used for tooling, the cord is made use of an order of size thinner, 0.18-0.22 mm suffices. And it will already be an excellent supply also if the lure accidentally interests the catfish or an additional huge predator from this storage tank. For chains ideal ordinary fishing line, fluorocarbon does not make sense to place. For such objectives, 0.18-0.2 mm thickness suffices.

You need to not utilize the cable to form the chains; it is coarser than the fishing line and will not allow the zhivtsu to relocate proactively.

Hooks on burbot

Base tackle on burbot will not be full without hooks, their option must be thought about carefully.

Vital choice requirements will certainly be:

  • the existence of a lengthy lower arm;
  • preference is offered to items with thick cable;
  • sharpness needs to be excellent.

The size of the punctual is made complex, everything relies on the lure used. For a bundle of worms, 9-10 numbers according to the national category suffice. On the shrimp, as well as small minnow you require a live-grain double dimension 8. The same choices are used to outfit Zherlits.

Capturing bogs on the Yenisei will certainly need the use of larger hooks, they need to be picked up for bait.

It is much better to make use of products with serifs on the reverse side of the lower arm, then the lure will certainly not slip off the hook.


Devices zherlitsa performed fishing line, the density of which should be at least 0.3 mm, its circle wound very little, 10 meters will be fairly sufficient. This is adhered to by a leash, it is much better to utilize steel, it is stronger and will certainly be able to stand up to jerks as well as various other killers.

Lure as well as lure

Fishing for burbot in late autumn involves using a selection of lures as well as baits, experienced fish never fish with one species. Attractions as well as lure are utilized a selection, it all relies on the kind of angling.


Fishing for burbot in October is executed making use of spinning rewriters. Most importantly, the representative of cod responds to the lengthened variations of silver, they probably resemble a real fish. Appeals such as « Atom », « Goering » are considered the most memorable, and also they bite well on the wheel.

The weight of the rewriters ought to suffice to capture exactly the bottom layers of the reservoir, as a result, to provide choice to the very best choices much heavier. The most acceptable weight 10-28 g.


The most effective bait for capturing a burbot feeder is taken into consideration to be a worm, besides this, the important factor will be bait in the feeder, without it angling will not take shape. Catching a spell on the feeder is carried out with the obligatory use feed, but the acquired mixture will certainly not aid to entice the predator. Anglers on the Neva and also Klyazma utilize a homemade version, which is prepared directly on the coast.

To obtain every little thing needed:

  • a small number of little minnows, ruffs or other tiny fish;
  • several worms, which will then be utilized as lure;
  • ground from the pond, far better with clay and also sand.

Fish as well as worms cut in small pieces, mixed with dirt in a strong swelling. The resulting blend is packed into the trough without a base or thrown without her in the area where the hook is located.


Donka burbot involves making use of pet bait, usually the capture is accomplished on live lure. Capturing burbot on the Oka in the fall works on shrimp, which is pre-boiled. A good alternative would certainly be worms, bloodworm as well as maggots are not likely to bring in the focus of the cod representative.

Burbot will certainly never climb behind the recommended bait in the water, so the lures’ electrical wiring passes gradually, without sharp jerks. Placing tackle The set for burbot is set up by hand with no troubles, the constituent components are already understood. Now the main thing to collect everything properly.

There are two choices to collect equipment:

  1. How to make a catch yourself? The first alternative offers a deaf mount sinker at the end of the tackle, before that from the major line is a couple of leashes with hooks for the lure.
  2. Donka on burbot can be placed with a gliding lots. In this instance, the leash will certainly be one and it will be positioned after the sinker dealt with by the stops in a tiny section of the angling line so that when hooking it can relocate easily.

Leads preferable to knit to the major with the swivel, this alternative will help stay clear of overlaps when casting.

A deal with for spinning is assembled in a basic way, a chain is affixed to the primary one by means of a swivel, and a lure is secured to it via a bolt.

Catching burbot in the fall on the feeder is accomplished with this devices:

  • a feeder is attached to the major line; this can be performed in several means;
  • the trough is complied with by several baited leads.

In addition to the major parts, feeder assembly can be done with a counter fastener, a rocker or just a chain.

When and exactly how to capture burbot on ponds?

Depending on the selected technique of fishing, the capture of burbot is mostly performed from the coastline. The time for catching different approaches will certainly differ, but the areas coincide.


The catch of the water area is accomplished after sunset, however before dark, to make sure that you can see discolored traces of striking. The ideal places are sandbanded shallows and superficial depths with small pebbles off the coastline.


Throw tackle spend around the very same time, while it will certainly stand until the early morning. Normally a number of poles are used simultaneously, which are thrown at different distances relative to the coast. You can capture a large location for angling, thereby boosting the opportunities of a prize instance.

Feeder Catching with the feeder is carried out similarly just like a bite, right before casting right into the feeder, fresh prepared lure is stuffed. Occasionally it is essential to examine the availability of feed in the feeder and also fill once more to draw in the interest of fish.

It is necessary to increase the quantity of feed while damaging the attacks, in this way the rate of interest of burbot will certainly increase.

If within a hr after the casting of deals with there was not a solitary bite and the bait responsible is not touched, it is worth transforming the picked angling area.

Angling on the Irtysh burbot in the fall is carried out and vertical baiters, which are usually used for winter months fishing. The best option would be pilkera, lengthened shape with cut ends. Blading is accomplished with side rods from a boat, while the rigging is entirely the same to the rotating pole, only the pole is taken much shorter.

Angling for burbot does not stop in wintertime, it is efficiently fished in the beginning light up until mid-December, when the codfish start spawning. Up until February, burbot ends up being slow-moving, almost does not react to the proposed lure.

In spring, when the temperature of air as well as water surges, burbot mosts likely to deep pits and does not leave them up until mid-autumn.

Burbot is caught only in the great period, it does not tolerate cozy water. To capture a respectable option, ideally evening fishing burbot, in the daytime, this killer is resting in a private area.

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