Angling for catfish in August

What is good fishing for catfish in August, so the reality that the period witnessed the height of activity of the largest freshwater predator. Simply put, in August in the extensive feeding catfish and also caught samplings considering over 15 kg.

And that angling for catfish in August had actually achieved success, it is essential initially to prepare for this solid and also high quality take on. Generally, in summer season catfish caught making use of spinning, Kwok and also bottom gear (if from shore).

Naturally, picking angling tackle for big fish, initially it is essential to take notice of the top quality of each of its aspects. It’s essential not to sell as well economical because affordable parts snap-on catfish work, generally no more than one period.

Tackle for catfish

The rod. It needs to be noted that fishing for catfish is usually gone along with by making use of the plug rod of length 3 meters for fishing from shore and 2.7 meters for angling on open water. When it come to examination, for the spinning rod it remains in the series of 100-150 grams, and also the situation of angling using natural ideas test will be 100-600 C.

Coil. It can take as bezynertsionnymi and also baitcasting. At the exact same time, I intend to draw your focus to the truth that angling line on the spool have to be not less than 200 m. it is Desirable to take the line thickness of 0.5 mm. also, it’s truly okay if all other parts of the reel are steel.

Fishing line. If you return to speaking about fishing line, for such a powerful fish like a catfish, I would certainly recommend to take a braided cable that can withstand a weight of 40-60 kg, and thickness 0.35-0.6 mm. will certainly fit a monoscaffold 0.5-0.7 mm.

Hook. When selecting a hook for catfish you must always focus on the fact that its size relies on the dimension of the lure. For real-time bait with a weight of 50-100 g will certainly need a hook № 8-10. For appeals like worms or meat coverings will fit perfectly hook No. 6. Well, in the case of utilizing big online bait I would advise to use a snap of both of hooks. For this, generally takes a set of Kevlar chains with a test of the gap 40 to 150 kg. as an alternative, you can take the line density of 0.8-1 mm.

Lure. As for lure, for capturing catfish in August is best frogs, roaches are tool in dimension as well as almost all little animals, pond, lived in by a killer. When angling for catfish on spinning well established sinking Wobbler. It is likewise feasible to utilize an elongated spoon.

The fishing area

When looking for locations, where there is som you need to keep in mind that catfish is a nighttime killer. Day, catfish comes out from hiding, regularly being assailed near its anchorage. And during the night, the killer moves to shallow water searching for victim. Parking soma it is necessary to consider locations with snag bottom and pitfalls, deep openings or pools of water near the dam as well as where there is a high cliff to the water.

Angling in August will certainly be efficient if you discover the supposed « somovu the ditch.» Is normally a deep undersea pit, where there is a weak existing. And below, I would certainly suggest to make use of an upright jigging spoon with a narrow size of 10 centimeters, outfitted with a solitary or treble hook. Frequently, to raise the weight of the spinner, it is soldered tin. Trolling for catfish ought to equally SIP as if relocate under and also developing a pale haze.

Is angling for catfish in August with the assistance of Kwok. Usually, this type of angling is done by two anglers. One regulates a watercraft, the 2nd controls the take on. The surface water is dealt three blows with a break of a few seconds. Kwok develops gurgling sounds that draw in catfish, requiring the killer to climb from the midsts. If the bite is not happening, then the shocks left or right of the previous location.

Typically, « somovu pit» find totally by coincidence on damage of the angling line when fishing with online bait or torn in the evening Donk. These are indications of the visibility of huge catfish in the angling area. You must recognize that « Somavia pit» is constantly downstream due to the fact that som is always on the quest versus the present. The very best time for capturing catfish goes to sunset and also evening. Especially for huge soms of sizes, smaller sized catfish can be captured throughout the day.

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