Angling for cockroach in July and August

But, despite the higher task of cockroach than in June, to be with the catch in the summertime period it is needed to select the right time, area and deal with for fishing, purchase or make your own lure combination, to generate prompt and determined the grazing of a specific area.

Fishing for roach in July and August, extra effective as well as interesting.

Fishing for roach in July on a float

In the July heat, the roach is still quite easy, feed is only active for a short period of time. In the day-time warm is in the deep holes, under high banks, Lily pads, submerged roots and snags.

Small species lie in the center and upper perspectives of the water, huge and also average feed at the surface area only at the early morning and also night dawn. All the remainder of the huge samplings considering are maintained in little groups or one by one near the bottom.

Where to capture roach in July

On rivers of numerous dimensions in July cockroach caught in such places as:

  • In « Windows » in between the grass and also water Lily
  • In the bayous, oxbow lakes rich in aquatic plant life
  • On the drop offs as well as channel edge within the reaches;
  • Near steep banks with sharp decrease offs
  • In the coast snags.

In still water the fish is maintained coastal thickets of water plants, flow between the lakes, locations with underwater plants and strong, pokryt a small layer of silt, sandy bottom.

When attacking cockroach in July

One of the most energetic attacking tool, and huge cockroach in July at the complying with times:

  • Early in the early morning– with the beginning of dawn and also sunset to 8-9 hours;
  • In the night the weakening of the heat to the sundown;
  • Very often caught cockroach as well as bream along with a silent and also windless night.

While early morning and evening to capture a cockroach in the surface, subsurface layer. During the day, a large roach catch middle or lower layers.

Tackle for catching cockroach
  • Drift take on;
  • Poledance– changed in regards to area of the float as well as weight sinkers drift take on
  • 3,6-3,9 -meter feeder with the test as much as 100-120.
  • Piker– a short feeder( size of the rod up to 3 meters) made use of for fishing on little and also medium distances.
Fishing for cockroach in August on a float

In August, the weaker the warmth of the cockroach begins to more proactively feed to prepare for the upcoming winter. Currently, the capturing roach is far better than June or July — — the fish are attacking not only at night and in the morning, yet in the light throughout the day.

At the exact same time in surface area as well as subsurface horizons together with the small circumstances start to feed as well as bigger. Towards completion of the month, the cockroach begins to much more actively peck at the nozzle of pet beginning.

Where to catch roach in August

For catching cockroach in August ideal for such locations as:

  • Space with clean water (««»window »)in the thickets of water plant life
  • Coastal inclines;
  • Channel edge;
  • Holes and leave with podkrucheno tihovolya parts of the rivers– stretches;
  • Long with a consistent deepness of a minimum of 2-2,5 meters undersea plateau(««»tables ») with a sandy base.
When catching roach in August

As in July an extra energetic biting cockroach in the early morning as well as late night. During the day the fish are fed with cozy, gloomy climate with rainfalls passing quickly.

Upon the incident of a drawn-out wet days with a cool North wind biting quits as well as resumes only when a consistent warming.

As in July in the previous month in August, energetic attacking cockroach and also during the night when fishing on the bottom gear of bream.

Snap-on roach in August
  • Float pole currently making use of 6-7 foot lengthy Bologna or 5-6 metre waving rods, match angling take on.
  • Feeder– utilize this take on when angling for cockroach in tool as well as large rivers, storage tanks as well as large lakes
  • Poledance– deal with, venture out when you draw the float close to the rod tip. Functioned well when angling for cockroach in August at low flow at a depth not less than 1,5-2,0 meters.
Snap-in float fishing rod for catching roach in July as well as August

Float rod is one of the most offered as well as straightforward to every fishermen deal with for catching roach. Capture her this fish, as in the present, and also in stationary water, which enforces its own needs to the setup as well as characteristics of equipment made use of in particular problems.

On the flow behind a cockroach

When angling on the course use the Bologna 5-7 foot pole with tiny spinning reels on which is wound tooling, containing:

  • 20 — — 30 metre reserve manolescu section 0,16-0,18 mm.;
  • Float with bochkoobraznye or spindle-shaped body, lengthy antenna and also a carrying capacity of not much less than 4 oz.;
  • Shipping contains a gliding sinker (concerning 80% of the delivery) olives as well as guard(20 % delivery);
  • A leash with a size of 20-25 cm from monolescu cross-section 0,12-014 mm with hook NoNo10-12.
In stagnant water

For catching in stationary water applied centrifugal and also Bolognese pole size of 5-6 meters with a snap, including:

  • The primary line cross-section 0,12-0, 14 mm.;
  • Spindle-shaped bobber ogruzka 2-2,5 GRS.;
  • Shipping consists of a major cargo and situated him a guard at the distance of 20-25 cm.
  • Leash length of 15-20 centimeters from manolescu a cross section of 0.1 mm with hook NoNo 12-14

Additionally, when angling in water bodies without current passes for a distance of over 20-30 meters used suit fishing take on. It includes:

  • unique match poles with a size of 3.6-4.2 m.;
  • suit reel with shallow spool 3000 dimension
  • Snap — — sinking manolescu cross-section 0,14-0,16 mm, big float with lugging capacity of 6-8 to 16-18 Gy, long (50-80 centimeters) chain of manolescu a thickness of 0.1-0.12 mm with hook NoNo12-14.
What bite roach in June, August

Attack cockroach in July and August, both on the plant ideas as well as bait. Among vegetable nozzles cockroach favors such as:

  • Boiled barley;
  • Semolina Prater Park;
  • Bread crumb;
  • Dough;
  • Pea gruel (« Mastyrka»»);
  • Filamentous green algae (mulberry);
  • Boiled barley;
  • Pea seeds;

The major bait for capturing roach in July and also August are:

  • Motyl;
  • Maggot;
  • The Nightcrawlers;
  • The larva of the caddis (Shitik);
  • Different sort of grasshoppers;
  • The steed leech.
Bait for cockroach in July as well as August

The independently manufactured for capturing cockroach right now the bait add elements such as:

  • Base — — bread crumbs, smashed shortbread cookies, sunflower dish, completely dry milk, semolina. All the components of the basis combined with boiled elements aft in a dry kind. The overall weight of the mix basis must be around 75-80%.
  • Aft (25-20% by weight of the entire mix), boiled barley, millet, peas;
  • Flavors– honey, coriander, dill, molasses.

Ballast (weighting)– red clay or of sand in the dirt.

Helpful ideas
  • In the waters near the fields as well as hayfields, water-meadows with the look of insects extremely efficient catch to the bait by removing the bulk of the shipping and setting up the light-weight pen float. The lure with this method of capturing sinks gradually, bring in the focus of roach, which takes it virtually on the fly.
  • When fishing in still water lure weighted with clay or soil rolled into tiny spheres or toss loose
  • To weight of bait need to not be utilized sand, the lure ball with this ballast will certainly start to break down in the top layers of the water and also attract the various other and also grim tiny fish.
  • When fishing for lure necessarily rolled into balls with a diameter of 5-8 centimeters, the Density of the sphere depends upon the stamina of the currents– the stronger it is the tighter ought to be the lure ball.
  • When fishing for cockroach on bloodworm and also maggots, not to much damage to the lure as well as keep it appealing to fish appearance, you need to apply the hooks to the little dimension NoNo12-14 of thin solid cord.
  • When fishing in mid-late August in the lure combination added a small bloodworms and also maggots.

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