Angling for taimen in Mongolia

In Mongolia, there are several nature gets, where there is paid fishing for taimen. Because this fish is thought about a landmark of the country, it is provided in the Red Book and also has a limitation in capturing.

On paid angling, a place is offered, take on(if there is none), a briefing on how much and what sort of fish you can catch. Also, areas outfitted with whatever you require to relax. Do fishing in Mongolia — this thinking inexperienced fisherman. In Mongolia, an actual angling heaven for experts. However you require to imagine a place with fish where individuals do not fish and do not even recognize the taste of fish captured in their homeland.

According to the tales, we provide Mongolia as a limitless steppe, with herds of shepherds and horses. After that the steppe efficiently enters the countless Gobi desert with sands — — what kind of angling can there be!. ?. !? But you can visualize an additional picture: a buzzing river streams, not a heart about, the water in the river relocates from the plethora of fish. The fish does not swim away to the depth, discovering motion externally of the water, and views you with interest. Such places remain in Mongolia. Angling for taimen is just one of the top concerns in these vibrant areas.

The country is 4 times the location for Ukraine, as well as the variety of people living there does not go beyond three million. Villages are much apart, yurts and residences can stand close-by. In the cities as it should be skyscrapers, and also outside the city, in the steppes, built residences. We represent the steppe country, as well as here there are highlands, woodland tracts and rivers full of non-intimidated fish.

Individuals of Mongolia started to capture and consume fish only lately, however faith did not permit it before. As well as up to the here and now time, couple of people have genuine take on; they capture fish on an angling line and a hook straight with their hands. Rather than a fishing pole, you can see a straightforward stick, to which a fishing line of incomprehensible quality is affixed, as well as instead of a weight, a nut or bolt. An insect is put on the hook as well as the “fishing pole” is included a manner in which the Mongols throw a rope on the equines. Yet despite having this primitive technique, the catch is assured. That are such poachers, they do not know and do not recognize the significance of the word.

The rivers are full of fish and it is a satisfaction to capture them. There are few varieties such as ours, however there are few, but cupids, carps and silver carps grow to huge dimensions. Most importantly in the lakes and rivers there is Mongolian fish Taimen. It is required to fish in the summer season, in the winter the frost reaches minus 40 degrees, as well as in the spring it is prohibited to capture because of spawning, and the weather condition is unsteady in the springtime, as in the summer month of August. This month it rainfalls mostly all the moment and also angling runs out the inquiry.

After the rains from the hills commonly came down, you need to be extremely mindful on the river, which is located near these mountains. There are seasons when solid winds impact, as a result it is necessary to find out about all weather conditions ahead of time.

Angling in Yakutia on taimen

Taimen is the biggest fish located in freshwater bodies of water and also expands in length up to 2 meters as well as weighs up to 80kg. Taimen lives in the northern rivers of Yakutia. Fishermen understand such a good-looking guy and imagine going fishing in Yakutia. It is best to catch him from a watercraft, rafting along the river. Near the coasts in the rocks, the jamb of the trout keeps itself apart as well as does not endure next-door neighbors of other species. One of the most shady river is the Lena River and the rivers that flow right into it.

For angling trout must be strong rotating due to the fact that such a fish can barely be beat with frail take on. The line ought to be taken woven and also multicolored in size. Also if there is already a fish responsible, it will still defend freedom for a very long time. Even pulling it into area, she wraps herself in an angling line and, when she touches it, can jump for the last time, tearing the fishing line to damage free.

Suches as taimen trendy water as well as lives most in the northern rivers, on the shallows. Fishing starts in August after generating. Huge baits are made use of, rewriters, which have a rising and fall rhythm. The bait “mouse” (this is a foam trimmed with dark hair) is extremely reliable during the night. Fish bite at this lure due to the fact that real computer mice typically swim across the river at night and come to be victim. The lure does not require to be engaged extensive, you require to drift externally of the water.

For angling from the shore on a fisherman, garments ought to not stand out from the history of plants, the trout can be very cautious, as well as with the smallest movement of darkness on the water it leaves. If one person is captured, don’t remain in a rush to alter the area, there are a few more comparable in weight and also height. Do not gather a lot of fish in shop, tomorrow will certainly be the same angling.

Fishing on the Yenisei

The Yenisei River itself is taken into consideration the most gorgeous and most filled with water and also fish. Angling on the Yenisey is available all year round. The river does not ice up also in winter season due to the impact of the hydroelectric terminal, which lies in the upper reaches of the river, for that reason the water temperature in frost is constantly over absolutely no. Fishing is best on the storage tanks or near the towns found on the shore. The lure for fish is a jig.

In the summer season you can catch large pikes, they live here in volume since there are a lot of tiny fish in the coastal overgrown shores of which their food is composed. You can fish both from the shore and from a watercraft, near the shore. The catch will certainly be superb in any area, the fish does not go much from locations of feeding. In the early morning, the fish is caught rotating for real-time food( a worm, moldy worm ), and in the evening or in the evening at the feeder.

In the autumn, when the waters of the rivers are renewed as a result of frequent rainfalls, you can fish at any moment of the day and with different lures. Prior to winter months, she gains weight as well as grabs whatever. You can obtain large in weight and also elevation of fish, yet do not forget about the weight limitation of the catch.

In position far from the HES, where the river freezes with in wintertime, you can fish in the ice-hole. Now the fish does not come across such a huge size, large samplings lazily lie on the base, feeding on fat in the fall. In the spring, generating begins, because angling is allowed only for one fishing pole and catch of a particular weight. Because of the fact that the river does not ice up in all locations, you need to make use of the solution of an overview. He will certainly indicate an area where you can take place the ice and not hesitate that the ice might fracture under your feet, and also where a good catch is feasible.

Tours to rest on the Yenisei

One of the most attractive places on the middle stretch of the river. However you can just capture the fish that are allowed. The taimen is noted in the Red Book, as well as if it accidentally struck the bait, you need to let it go. And also such fish as pike, perch as well as other white fish are enabled to catch. In the headwaters of the river, where there is wildlife, angling is superb, however you can only reach the location by all-terrain lorry or helicopter.

Excursion representatives supply locations where the tent camp is organized, they will certainly satisfy and also take you to the area. Experienced teacher will certainly show the angling and inform place, will certainly provide all the equipment. If you are not satisfied with living in a camping tent, you can schedule a scenic tour to the base, which lies on Lake Vivi. Comfortable spaces, yummy food, an overview that will aid and come with. You can additionally lease equipment, a watercraft, all sort of bait, as well as also a mobile phone.

Another location — — the dream of a fisherman, is the river Moiero. Wildlife, exceptional angling, yet you can just manage helicopter. You just need to take a sleeping bag with you — — the remainder will certainly be provided by the tour coordinator. Angling in these places has no limitations and also the nature right here is virgin indescribable. You can stockpile not just capture, yet also lovely pictures and videos. Impacts of the elegances you see will certainly accompany you throughout the season, as well as you will certainly wish to go back to the same areas.

Fishing in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The top place where the fishermen quit is the environments of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir. Environment-friendly coastlines, beautiful nature, clear water, but angling favor various other places in seclusion. More drawn in to peaceful locations where smaller sized fishermen as well as bigger fish. On the storage tank itself, you can fish from a boat, with attractions of light shades, and also with a bait — — donku. Wolf Lake is popular for its tidy water and also huge samplings of fish.

It is needed to cast a fishing rod to the base, where big fish hides in the pits. You can likewise catch from the shore, yet you require to be cautious with deals with, coastal locations that are heavily thick with lawn and also a slim fishing line is quickly puzzled and also removed. The depth of the lake reaches 6 meters, the bottom is sandy with the islands of shells, yet the shore is flat as well as it is a pleasure to capture near the shore.

Tunguska Night Fishing

The Tunguska River is wealthy and also the circulation in it is fairly fast. All-time low is rocky with shallows occupied by large schools of fish. The river freezes over a meter deep in winter season, so winter season angling below provides specific troubles. It is best to get to the places on the boat, go out of the Yenisei River to Tunguska, which is a tributary as well as renews its waters. You can likewise when arranging a tour for fishing zip helicopter.

As quickly as the name of the river is recalled, questions concerning the Tunguska meteor are immediately increased, but fishing remains in a completely different location. Tunguska is Ugryum-river, which arrived for a movie based upon Shishkov’s novel. The area here is semi-wild, there are really few negotiations and it is most likely that you will be alone for a hundred kilometers. Guides accompany the locations where a meteorite has actually fallen, and in this area you can see and also take a lot of interesting pictures.

Extremely distant areas from world in the north and, living in their little villages, people primarily eat fish and also victim from searching. In ancient times, there were big state ranches for the manufacturing of furs. Moody — — the river in the old days was accessible. A lot of freight was floated and carried along it, as well as now you can see half-destroyed structures as well as rusty barges along the shore. On the banks there are lonesome searching huts, where you can, if essential, wait out the night and also get angling.

Fishing during the night has the downside of having here several species of mosquitoes — — blood-sucking. When you fish in this area, it would certainly be great to stock up with a net or mosquito repellent. If you fish in the middle of the river, on the watercraft, there are practically no mosquitoes. The river itself in its origins is really picky as well as bubbling. However in its middle component it passes into a vast surface, where bursts of big fish show up. The bottom of the river is rocky, there are pits where big shoals hide. Well captured taimen wiring for heavy attraction and also the « computer mouse»». Night angling becomes prize. In the evening, you can catch a huge taimen, it’s a pity that you require to let this fish back into the river.

The difficulties of fishing Mongolia

When mosting likely to Mongolia for angling there are no special troubles. You simply require to plan everything beforehand:

  • when you can catch big fish — — taimen, and also do you agree to other sorts of fish;
  • when it rainfalls and impassable roads (have to be collaborated with the organization of the flight);
  • come to terms with the fact that for hundreds of kilometers you will be alone (there are places where an individual’s foot has actually not tipped);
  • stock up with tackles and baits, ideal clothing, a sleeping bag, anti-mosquito medicines.

Despite having such hassles as a helicopter flight, going on UAZ as well as all-terrain automobiles, insect assaults as well as the fear of loneliness, fishermen have a tendency to go fishing in Mongolia.

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